Saturday, 24 February 2018

Canadian Coronation Street schedule back to normal

The Winter Olympics have drawn to a close and Coronation Street is back to the normal viewing schedule this week, with the omnibus back on screen on Sunday, March 4. That means TWO episodes on Mondays with one each on the rest of the week days and a 3 hour omnibus.

Even though we didn't get a sixth episode airing these past two weeks, the storyline is still only about 2 weeks behind the UK air dates. For Monday, February 26, we are seeing one episode that aired in the UK on February 12 and one from the 14th. I know we all still shudder with the memories of the dark days when we were nearly 11 months behind. Thanks to CBC for pulling us out of the hole. Two weeks give or take, I can take it. The closest we ever were before was about six weeks difference so two weeks was beyond my wildest imagination and I'm quite happy with it!

Sunday Comments return on Sunday March 4. 

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Is this the beginning of the end for Peter and Toyah?

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ever since her return, it has been evident that Peter has been seriously rattled by Carla’s presence. And that was even before Carla began going out with Daniel, Peter’s much younger brother. That must rankle. It does, but why? Isn’t Peter with Toyah now, the love of his life, running a pub together with everything going so well? Well, apparently not. Even before the return of Carla, in physical form, she loomed large in Toyah’s consciousness, and she will be watching Peter’s reaction to Carla’s presence, fearing that he still has feelings for her.

Carla and Peter, in the short time she has been back, have developed a kind of warring relationship, both determined to show the other that they could not give a damn. Protesting too much? I’ll say! Carla was particularly vituperative towards Peter, telling him that if he was the last man on earth, she wouldn’t give him a second look – or at least, words to that effect.

Toyah is no fool – she can see what is going on…Peter and Carla - both a little wild, unconventional and with plenty of history, do seem to be a threat to the stability of Toyah and Peter.

Peter and Toyah have never seemed particularly well matched – despite the words we hear the two characters say. We’ve talked here on the blog several times about their lack of spark and credibility as a couple. And it doesn’t get any better;  in fact it feels as if whatever shine there was, is now becoming tarnished.

To want a baby desperately and not to be able to conceive one, must be heart breaking, but at the same time, it can put a dreadful strain on a relationship. Peter was never over-keen on producing another child, but he did it for Toyah. Surrogate Jackie seemed to offer the solution, but it was revealed that she lost the baby. As luck would have it, for Toyah at least, if not for Eva, Eva became pregnant with a baby she did not want. It wouldn’t take a genius to see that possibly something could be worked out, despite practical difficulties.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that as yet, Toyah hasn’t told Peter that Jackie has had a miscarriage. Does that mean that the state of Peter and Toyah’s relationship isn’t as good as it could be? Toyah then is no stranger to deception and of course, Peter has previous form in the deception stakes. Peter will surely discover at some point that Jackie is no longer pregnant, so will wonder where the baby has come from. He might use the discovery of the baby’s having been Eva’s and Toyah’s consequent deception, as an excuse to leave her. Maybe though, as Toyah will be so engrossed in having a baby to look after,  Peter’s leaving will not be such a big deal as it might once have been.

If then Peter does still have feelings for Carla, how will he cope as she lies in hospital in desperate need of a kidney. Yes, all being well, Aidan will provide, but it's risky and even a friend would be concerned, so Peter may well struggle to keep his feelings at bay.

This is all speculation of course, and there’s nothing wrong in that. Time, as ever, will tell.

By Ruth Owen, twitter: @ruth1722

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Conversation Street Podcast 294

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the  episodes that aired up to last night's Canadian Corrie can be heard here.

Welcome to Episode 294 of the podcast. Our top discussion point in Street Talk this week is Zeedan's contract with the Habeebs - it's a shady deal for sure, but is it about honour-based abuse as much as some people are making out? Also this week, there's a surprising match for Carla's kidney (well, surprising for us at least, as we didn't think it'd be this simple!) and Pat puts the frighteners on Steph. Next up, we do a classic character profile on Concepta Regan (warning - contains terrible and probably insensitive attempts at Irish accents!) then find out about a couple of new book releases that may be of interest to Corrie viewers in The Kabin. We round things off with some musical musings from Morgan in the feedback sections.

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Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

(This post was originally posted by Scott Willison on the Coronation Street Blog in February 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Sinead is like a good racer - or maybe a BMX.  How dare you Brian!  I think you'll find Maria is the Weatherfield bike.  She worked hard to get that trophy (admittedly she was lying down most of the time) and I won't have you take it away from her.  Sinead's more of a unicycle; largely useless, really annoying and only ridden by clowns.

Tintin's turned to the Dark Side.  I suppose he's got to find some way to fill time now the movies have dried up, but I wouldn't have thought the hero of Destination Moon would spend his Monday nights laughing at the working classes.  Someone get Captain Haddock to take him home before he sticks the Castafiore Emerald in the jukebox.

Even the announcers are sick of Weatherfield General.  "You can join Carla in hospital in half an hour" sighed the continuity man at the end of Wednesday's first episode.  His "hey, at least you can turn it off" was implied but unvoiced.  I'm starting to wonder if the crisis in the NHS is entirely down to the residents of Coronation Street cycling in and out of the wards.  It'd be cheaper for Jeremy Hunt to carpet bomb Weatherfield and wipe it off the map than keep funding their endless rounds of operations and ambulances.

Zeedan has the constitution of an ox.  When I was sixteen, at a party, I was dared to drink a pint of whisky in one go.  I did it because as I say, I was sixteen.  Four hours later I regained consciousness in a bathtub with my shirt missing and the percussion section of the London Philharmonic beginning an epic rehearsal inside my skull that would last for the next two days.  Zeedan - who has been teetotal his whole life - knocked back a whole bottle of single malt, maybe two, and woke up next morning with a bit of a head.  One round of toast later and he was well enough to cause snarling havoc with the in-laws.  In reality he'd have spent most of that day crouched over the porcelain praying for death.

They're just putting the trailers in the show now. "Guess what!" said Liz to Toyah. "They've asked me back at the Medical Centre."  She later added, "apparently they've got a new doctor... word is, he's quite hot."  Then she turned to the camera and said "There'll be all sorts of hilarious hi-jinks, plus a shocking secret is revealed!  Monday at seven thirty."

@merseytart would willingly put up with a little bit of abject humiliation if it meant he got to snog Henry.  He may have self-esteem issues.  

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Corrie Canada Sneak Peeks Feb. 26 - March 2

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on next week's Corrie in Canada.
Coronation Street on CBC is back to the normal schedule this week.

Sarah dates Aidan. Billy struggles with his addiction and reaches out to someone from his past. Robert proposes to Michelle. Michelle's shocked to see her biological son Alex. Craig's obsessions are affecting his love life. David has a new BFF in Josh. Carla wants to help Daniel get Sinead back. Aidan and Carla have their operations.

For these and more detail, see the Moosejaw Mercury on

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

New Corrie book out today! Mother's Day on Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There is a brand new Coronation Street Book out today!

Full of Coronation Street’s trademark humour and warmth, it’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s 1942 and Annie Walker is the landlady of the Rovers Return on Coronation Street. With her husband Jack away fighting for King and Country, Annie must juggle lone motherhood with keeping the regulars happy.

Gracie Ashton works behind the bar at the Rovers and scoffs at the daft girls who are having their heads turned by the American soldiers flooding into Weatherfield. But when she finds herself thrown together with the handsome GI, Chuck Dawson, Gracie wonders if she has her own head screwed on right.

With rationing, air raids and blackouts, the wives and mothers of Coronation Street are determined to count their blessings, but when an unwelcome face from the past turns up at the Rovers it looks like Annie will have more to worry about than Hitler’s bombs…

Author Maggie Sullivan loves to travel, is an avid reader - never going without her Kindle - and her abiding love is watching football. She is an active member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association and for several years edited their journal. She is also a freelance university lecturer and has a keen interest in drama and theatre. Maggie was born and brought up in Manchester, where she acquired a lifelong passion for Coronation Street and its legendary matriarchs. After living abroad for several years, she settled in London where she still lives.


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Brooke Vincent on Sophie, #Kana and Dancing on Ice

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster in Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Loose Women today about her move from the street to the skating rink. Brooke will be starring in Dancing on Ice which begins this coming Sunday on ITV.

She talks to Loose Women about the training for Dancing on Ice which is proving difficult as she's been covered in bruises from falling over all the time.

Brooke also talks about taking a break from Corrie to do Dancing on Ice. She mentioned that her character Sophie goes after Kate, but can't understand why Kate isn't as struck on this idea as Sophie is. Obviously, we know that Kate is after Rana, but Sophie is none the wiser.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Carla's Return - how is it going so far?

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I loved Carla. When the news came out that she was going, I thought that one of Coronation Street’s very best characters was leaving and that she would be missed terribly. Her couldn’t care less what you think of me attitude, quite rare in women, was so brilliantly expressed in Carla as she clicked down the cobbles in her heels, her car keys jangling in her hand. As is so often the case though, I adjusted, as we all do. Her absence was nowhere near as unbearable as I’d feared. Various storylines were absorbing, involving various excellent actors and Carla was almost forgotten.

Then we heard she was coming back. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see her and learn what she had been up to. The spoilers before her onscreen return suggested that Carla was coming back to Weatherfield with a secret. Ooh what could that be? I was really keen to find out and did wonder too, if Carla might have realised that her heart belonged to Peter.

When it was revealed that Carla had kidney disease, I was so disappointed that this was her ‘secret’ – which is not to say I have no humanity. Of course, it’s sad when a person has a serious disease, especially when that person is not old, as in Carla’s case.

Obviously, a serious disease affects a person deeply. They’ll be more anxious, more aware of their mortality and worried as to whether the disease will seriously curtail their life expectancy.

But, despite a couple of emotional scenes with Roy, to my mind, Carla has not been the Carla I remember. (Except for the time in The Rovers when she hurled insults at Peter). That may change. She’s older now, and though maturity doesn’t necessarily accompany age, maybe with Carla, age and experience has softened her. Maybe now she’s not so sparky, not quite so dynamic and energetic. But since when has she been so concerned about family? Is it her illness that’s done that? She feels alone and needs the support of family? Maybe she wants one of their kidneys.

And what of her feud with Tracy? Never to be best mates, we could at least be treated to a few cruel, spiteful comments, from both women. Have they just got bored with goading and attacking each other? Well, nothing stays the same, so we might just have to accept that one of the best enmities in soap is now over.

What is in wait for Carla is an affair with Daniel. Yes, with Daniel, Daniel Osbourne. Surely this will affect Peter, and let’s not forget Sinead. We saw Daniel and Carla interact on Sinead and Chesney’s wedding day. Carla told Daniel that he should do something to stop the wedding. In the end he didn’t need to as Chesney did that for him, and it was Carla who brought the news to Daniel that the wedding did not go ahead.

I cannot help but think that Carla and Daniel are ill-matched. But then who am I, or anybody else, to pronounce? It’s their business as two consenting adults. I don’t believe it will be long before we see the affair played out and all its repercussions. Perhaps it's Carla holding on, literally, to youth.

I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have the Carla of old, but have to accept that we grow, change, and develop. We’re seeing a gentler, more feeling, more sensitive Carla and hopefully, with the sublime acting skills of Alison King, we’ll like this incarnation of Carla just as much as we did the original.

It’s taken her realisation that she is not immortal to crack open her carapace and expose the more vulnerable side of Carla Connor.

By Ruth Owen, @ruth1722 

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Monday, 19 February 2018

Living in Weatherfield

(This post was originally posted by Michael Adams on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

My new home - MediaCityUK in Salford
In September I headed off to university in Manchester; a brand new life on the other side of the country. The thought of living away from home was daunting for me - hailing from quiet little County Durham in the North East where really nothing much happens, everyone talks to one another and life is just generally canny, I just didn't know if I'd fit in. I was wrong.

Luckily for me, half of my friends from sixth form college also moved down with me to the exact same uni. What are the chances? Secondly, a good proportion of people I've met at uni are also from the North East, meaning that Manchester really is home from home. Although there is a general lack of Greggs stores and a whole lot of Southerners who think they're "in the North" (anywhere below Middlesbrough is the South), it's pretty much fantastic.

I can't believe I've reached the third paragraph without mentioning the most important thing about moving to the North West. I am now on Coronation Street's doorstep! I live in Salford, the city where "Weatherfield" is, and my uni campus is at MediaCity, meaning I see those famous chimney tops and the fa├žade of Victoria Court across the quays on a daily basis.

I've met Pat Phel...Connor McIntyre, not once, but twice. And he's a legend.
Out and about in town, I can see why articles like this one are very true, because despite the tram crashes, yearly arson attacks, murders, rapes, car crashes and robberies, Weatherfield has nothing on Salford's crime rate. The shopping centre is rife on a nighttime, and sometimes quite frightening, and you see some eye-opening sights.

There's the dodgy types like Callum and his gang hanging around in the dark alleyways behind the derelict working mens clubs, the brassy Carla Connor types stocking up on wine then driving off in their posh cars back to the swanky quayside, and even a woman who is a double of Beth Tinker working in Savers. She is an icon.

Across my morning commute I pass the ACTUAL Coronation Street, home of Salford Lads Club and
the location of this legendary LP cover (though sadly the terraced street in the background behind wor Rita is no longer). Everything is just far too exciting for this Corrie fan, and I'm loving it.

You can follow me on Twitter if you want, I'm @MichaelAdamsUk
Living in Weatherfield

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