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Coronation Street apologise for Bethany court mistake

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Coronation Street has issued an apology after Monday night's depiction of Bethany Platt's court case. It all centres around the drawing which the court artist did.

In the UK, artists are prohibited from sketching people in court as part of the 1925 Criminal Justice Act. The artists have to make notes during the hearings and then draw their impressions from memory.

A Coronation Street spokesperson said yesterday: “In last night’s episode we showed a court artist at work sketching Bethany during her trial. We accept this wasn’t a true representation of court procedure and we apologise for including it.

“The artist was solely used to illustrate the passing of time, and we devoted multiple scenes to the fact that Bethany’s anonymity is a priority for the court. We repeatedly focused on details regarding screens and video links, and support for victims throughout the court process, which we hope would encourage anyone watching to recognise the fact they would be in a safe place when giving evidence.“

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Oct. 9 - 13

Voices of Reason: Gail and Audrey didn't trust Mel at all. With good reason as it happens. Liz, for resolving conflict in the pub the old fashioned way. Banging heads together (metaphorically). It worked.

Changed your Tune award: Liz is seeing a less-Ice-Queen side of Moira.

Missing in Action award: Adam asked Todd to make the tea for a client. Where's Rosie?

Selfish award: Sean sure wasted no time swooping in on the medical centre receptionist job, not letting any of the other recently unemployed factory "friends" about it, you know, the ones that don't have a second job to fall back on?

Volatile combination award: Vulnerable woman, wine, petulant car crash of a man.

Lines of the week:
Michelle 'I didn't know you could fight like that" Steve "only when it's something worth fighting for" (oh please don't get back together!)
Steve "Yesterday, I saved my last ex-wife from a psychopath"
Anna "Famous last words" Gary "I know what I'm doing" (Phrase of Doom, anyone?)
Todd to Adam "You need to work on your poker face"
Liz "You nail a lid on top of your feelings, you slap a smile on your face and you get on with it!"
Gary "I'm a car crash in human form" (I'd go along with that)
Sarah "Were you with someone else last night?" Gary "No" (no, it was about 45 minutes ago, actually)
Norris about Colin "That man is going to drive me to an early grave. He's mind-numbingly dull"
Bethany to Mel "He kept you around to make the rest of us feel safer. He used you!" (Bingo!)

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Celebrating two years of Johnny Connor

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog October 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post from Rachel Doyle who is on Twitter @Rachel_Doyle72  and @JohnnyC_Corrie    

On 5th October 2015 Johnny Connor burst into the factory and onto our screens. Demanding his money back from son Aidan, who had stole £100,000 from him, this was our first glimpse of the future boss of ‘Underworld’.

Now, two years down the line it’s been quite a journey for Mr Connor who amongst other things found out he was the father of Carla Connor after secretly doing a DNA test. This caused quite a stir within the Connor clan with his son Aidan virtually disowning him. Thankfully all came good in the end and the family became a strong unit once more.

What hasn’t been good for poor Johnny though was his recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis which came as a real shock for Johnny, his family and girlfriend (now wife) Jenny Bradley.

Richard Hawley who plays Johnny did lots of research into MS and worked with the MS Society to make the storyline more realistic. He also met with Richard Bones who suffers from MS to gain more knowledge of the condition.

After his diagnosis Johnny broke up with Jenny as he didn’t want her to end up becoming his carer if his health started to deteriorate. Viewers thought they may never tie the knot but in September they did just that albeit in a hospital at Rita’s bedside who was very ill. They found out poor Rita was suffering a brain tumour.

Johnny has brought lots of fun moments to The Street and lots of drama too in the two years he’s been on our screens. Richard Hawley is a fantastic actor and he plays the part of Johnny perfectly.

I've been lucky enough to meet Richard. He's brilliant, a really interesting guy. I'm thrilled he joined 'Coronation Street'. I've been watching Corrie for 37 years now and Johnny Connor is my favourite character by far! Long may he walk the streets of Weatherfield!

I also hope that Johnny and Jenny will stay together and become one of the Streets golden couples. They are both fantastic characters and there could be so many twists and turns in their married life especially with Jenny being so feisty. I hope the characters get the storylines they deserve.

Rachel Doyle

@Rachel_Doyle72  (Twitter)

@JohnnyC_Corrie   (My Johnny Connor Fan Account, Twitter)

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State of the Street - September 2017

Reposted from State of the Street with permission. 

Sally's running for Mayor. I thought in the UK you already had to be on the town council before being elected mayor by your council peers, not by the general public. I have heard, though, that a few cities and towns are changing their policy so perhaps it is correct that Sally can run a public campaign for mayor. If it was the old way, she wouldn't have to do that, just lobby her peers on council. As far as I was aware, Sally quit the council during the trolling storyline and didn't manage to get reinstated. Anyway, we now get another round of hilarity with Sally on the campaign trail. It was a funny storyline last time, but of course there is a twist this time. Why do a repeat otherwise?

That twist is the grass roots campaign for Kirk as Mayor after he got the job of  a big bee as mascot for Weatherfield County. Kirk is gaining support, mainly for his humour and down to earth point of view, even if it isn't really very politically deft. It would be twice as humiliating if you're Sally Metcalfe, especially if you lose to someone as daft as Kirk Sutherland! It seems a bit too surreal to even contemplate the possibility of Kirk being Mayor of Weatherfield, let alone Beth as Mayoress (and by the way, did she ever get divorced? I don't recall hearing about it and that means they aren't remarried. Surely that would stand against him in a political campaign?) I think Kirk is just going along for the ride, but the main reason for all this seems to be Gina's involvement, backing Kirk instead of her sister. The old sibling rivalry and resentment that Gina seems to have for Sally is the driving force.

Kate finds a new girlfriend while she and Rana were out on a girls' night at the Bistro. Not really the place I'd have thought would be a pickup joint. Do singles go there for a drink on the off chance of finding someone else that's only there for a drink and a look-see? Apparently so, even though it's main mission statement is as a restaurant. Rana came over all jealous which was a bit strange. Ok, feeling like a third wheel isn't fun but it went on longer than that. Is this the beginning of a new storyline for Rana? Something to actually make her interesting? Is Rana bisexual and actually jealous of Kate because she fancies her? Time will tell. If that's the case, Zeedan is in for a shock. I suppose he already was aware that she's not the traditional Muslim he always thought his future wife would be. She wasn't a virgin and she drinks alcohol and has been a bit of a live wire.

Rita's memory loss became more obvious, at least to Gemma who got more and more concerned. Jenny was in Bride mode so fiercely, adding on top of her dislike for Gemma, that she wasn't giving Gemma any part of her attention so Gemma leaned on Rosie Webster who is being an absolute star. I like the two of them as friends. Poor Gemma hasn't had any friends her own age since becoming a refugee from the estate. I think this could work.

Back to business. Gemma finally impressed on Rita that she should look into the problem and she did but evaded telling the doctor what the problem really was until she eventually collapsed in hte pub. So, with tests, the diagnosis is a small brain tumour. What will happen? Does Barbara Knox want to retire? Perhaps, and it would be a good exit story for her. The injection of the obnoxious Colin, the sponsor of the Mr. and Mrs. competition that Mary and Norris entered (causing them to get married) might be something to consider. He wants to buy the Kabin from Norris and the flat from Rita and at month's end, seems to have a verbal agreement for both. But he's only a temporary character so your guess as to where this is going is as good as mine.

All of this came out on the week that we had the big double wedding of Aidan and Eva, Johnny and Jenny. Both brides looked really gorgeous, with dressed perfectly fitting each one's personality. Aidan confessed his infidelity, then waited to see if Eva would marry him anyway. She did or she tried to. But Maria showed up to try to ruin it all and she succeeded. Aidan knows the truth and though Eva nearly managed to get him to try to work it out, once he found out that the factory had been emptied and figured out Eva had a hand in it, she was dumped well and truly.

Jenny and Johnny had to race to the wedding venue on the backs of motorcycles driving by Hells' Angels. In the end, though, Jenny couldn't get married without Rita so the wedding was brought to her hospital room. Jenny Bradley is now Jenny Connor. The wind was taken out of her sails, however, when the potential for being a partner in Underworld was undercut by the complete devastation in the aftermath of the factory burgulary, where even part of the roof was removed. That makes no sense at all and even less sense when you know there's a whole neighbourhood of people coming and going. Ok, many of them were at the wedding but a number of them including the Platts and Nazirs were not, and they live right next door! The corner shop was open as well and nobody at all noticed? I don't buy it.

Gary is still working away at that security job and his post traumatic stress is really kicking off after an incident where he had to hold a gun to someone's head. He's defensive, he's aggressive, he's touchy and volatile. His temper is on edge all the time when he's home. He met Nicola in a bar one night and she's licking her wounds after breaking up with her boyfriend and she's a sympathetic ear. But when he finds out she's Phelan's daughter, he doesn't want to know her. Except when he's in another fit of "freak out", they end up sharing wine and talking. Sometimes it's easier to confide in someone you don't know. A vulnerable woman, a car crash of a man and wine. Bad combination and the inevitable happens, quite quickly from what it seemed like. And if we pay attention to soap law, another inevitable is sure to be revealed in a few weeks. At least he's confessed all to Sarah, about the job not being as safe as he pretended. He loves her but it's all going to hit the fan.

Billy and Todd are still finding their feet where Summer is concerned. The actress is quite good and they've had her interacting with Amy and Asha so that's good. I think she and Amy will be quite the duo if they let them. Todd also figured out about Adam's involvement in the factory break in so he's got something to hold over him if need be. Todd isn't above a bit of industrial espionage, though. He doesn't exactly approve but he doesn't really see the problem, either.

Liz has managed to get back behind the bar due to a misunderstanding over a note Peter sent to Steve as an apology. Neither Peter nor Toyah could tell her it wasn't an invitation to be re-hired. This isn't going to end well, is it? And what to do with Moira, the office manager at the medical centre? She's showing a more vulnerable side but she's still a control freak. I'm not sure where they're going with that, whether she's a permanent character or not.

At the end of September, we're just about to Nathan's trial which will start in the next week. Bethany is scared and worried and Nathan's former cohort, Mel, has shown up. Bethany is trying to get Mel to testify with her to bring Nathan down but Mel keeps saying she's not up to it and that she probably would get torn apart on the stand and be no help at all. Of course she won't, she's still under Nathan's influence and is under orders to keep Bethany away from the trial altogether. Still, you could see that when Bethany tried to convince her, assuming she believed about Nathan the same thing Bethany did, that Mel was a bit conflicted. I think she knows down deep that Bethany is right and all the damning things about Nathan and what he does is true but she's so far into it and under his thumb that she can't see a way out even if she wanted to.

Phelan still has Andy in the cellar. He nearly let Andy go but it was a test to see if he could trust him and he failed. It's a no-win situation and Phelan is going to get to the point of having to do something about Andy before someone finds out. Peter and Toyah are going to use a surrogate. Why do I get the feeling this is going to turn out stalkerish? Speaking of which...

Michelle finally discovered that Will is the stalker and I still have a problem with that. He supposedly carried a torch for her all those years. Then she led him on and then dumped him when Steve came back. After her marriage to Steve went up the spout, she didn't go back to Will, she jumped into Robert's bed and that seems to have turned Will into a psycopath stalker. I found it difficult to believe and it was painful to watch. Even after she figured it out, he was hot and cold, threatening then pleading and then violent, it was just ludicrous. It's got Michelle and Leanne speaking again and while they'll never be friends, I suppose they'll be able to be civil to each other.

October should be interesting, with the trial to start us off and then waiting to see if the truth about the factory will come out.

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Sunday Comments October 15

Steve has got out of Will's house but Leanne has to hide. Will hides his bedside photo of Michelle as she comes running in and Michelle tries to convince Will that it's Rich that's got in to warn Will like he was warning Robert. She leads him back downstairs, pretending to be scared, with him promising to look after her. Finally he admits it was him, the one that was following her. Outside Steve is calling the police. Michelle calls him on everything he did and all he can say is he's sorry. He says he would never rape her, she knows that. But she didn't know it was him, did she? He proclaims his devotion. Upstairs, Leanne hears it all and Will catches Michelle glance up at her.

That's it. He turns. He grabs her by the heck and drags her upstairs. He throws Michelle to the floor and Leanne fights to get by him with a well placed kick. She nearly does but he grabs her foot and she tumbles down the stairs and lies there, bleeding. Michelle fights Will off and runs through the upstairs, managing to lock herself in the loo. He breaks down the door. Outside Steve is waiting for the police. Will is delusional, insisting there can still be an "Us". Steve comes in and punches Will really hard and leads her out, finding Leanne at the landing and acting like he didn't know she was there though he'd have had to jump over her body on the way upstairs.

At the police station, Michelle makes her statement. The detective does have the grace to apologize even though they didn't have enough evidence before to charge Will. Michelle is touched that Steve stayed to take her home. He tells her Leanne is ok but they're keeping her in overnight. Michelle says Will is going to be charged and makes sure Steve knows to tell Leanne the next day that he's staying put behind bars. Michelle commiserates with Robert and she thinks she can help get him out of prison due to circumstances. But he's right, he did attack someone even if it was the wrong guy. Looks like all is right with their world, though.

Leanne is out of the hospital and isn't going to be charged with break and entering and she's feeling very guilty. She thinks she put herself in great danger and she's a terrible mother. She wants a simple life for her and her kids. Robert is asking Michelle to be the business partner at the Bistro and they want Leanne to come back to work as manager. She says she needs to get away for awhile and clear her head.

Sinead, Gina and Kirk join the band of workers who relay the possibility that Eva knows something but nobody wants to ask her. Todd and Adam come into the pub and finally the workers confront Eva about the factory. She doesn't give them a straight answer at first and some leave but she tells Sean she had nothing to do with the factory breakin. Adam reminds them all it will be slander if they tell people she was the one behind it. Todd is suspicious that Adam might be more involved than he's letting on.

Outside Aidan sees Maria who wants to avoid him but doesn't. She offers him a shoulder to cry on, against her better judgement. He feels bad he's hurt so many people. She thinks he'll get everything sorted in time and admits she doesn't hate him. He moves in for a snuggle and she knows he's trying to implement a back up plan since he's not got Eva anymore and she tells him to do one.

When Johnny and Jenny come in, Eva tries to serve them but Jenny gives her a mouthful. Eva slinks to the back room, Adam defends her and Toyah serves J&J herself. Todd asks Adam what this all has to do with him and Toyah has overheard the question as well.

Eva's not looking her usual glamourous self, I notice. Dark colours, hair tied back, not a lot of makeup. I think she's trying to keep as low a profile as she can because even if everyone can't prove she had a hand in the downfall of the factory, the suspicions are swirling all around her. She and Sean are at each other's throats and Toyah doesn't seem to be able to steer them to a reconciliation with her councillor conflict management techniques. It wasn't working and Liz couldn't stand by any longer. Metaphorically, she told them to suck it up and get on with it and keep their feelings out of it while they're at work.

Moira's heartbroken. Liz advises her to get rid of him. She tries to pull herself together and goes back to work. Later, Liz relaxes at home with a glass of wine when the buzzer sounds. It's Moira with her bags. She's left her husband and is happy sleeping on the sofa, thank you very much. After all, Moira points out, leaving Stewart was all Liz's idea. what can she say after that? She seems to have no regrets leaving Stewart either even if Steve is thrown down hints about forgiveness. She's got her feet firmly under the table and has taken it on herself to rearrange and sanitize the food storage areas, much to Steve's chagrin.

Liz decided to quit the medical centre and didn't tell Moira beforehand. I guess Moira's idea of them being BFFs isn't quite how it is. The reason she jacked in her job is due to that note she got about "all is forgiven" and she accepted Toyah's offer of a job. A job offer that Toyah knew nothing about. Peter didn't know either. Turns out the note was meant for Steve to un-bar him, i.e. "come back we miss you" but it wasn't addressed to Steve specifically so naturally, after sorting out a pub problem, Liz thought it was for her. Peter's not finding it easy to figure out the words. Toyah had to do it in the end, or at least try. She couldn't break Liz's heart but I don't think it's going to go well, do you?

Sean wasn't long finding out that there was an opening at the medical centre. He snapped up that job quickly, obviously not letting any of the other recently unemployed factory workers about it, you know, the ones that don't have a second job to fall back on like he does?

Colin is still schmoozing Norris over the sale of the Kabin. As he's supposed to be a temporary character, I don't think the sale will go through in the end but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. In any case, Colin is driving Norris mad with boredom with his wittering on and on. In the Kabin, in the pub, he follows him around.

Rita seems intent on spending all her money since you can't take it with you. She is meeting with the doctor tomorrow and seems to be quite sure the outcome isn't going to be good. She's offering Gemma a shopping trip and a splash up lunch. She does have a doctor's appointment ahead of further investigation tomorrow, so she says and she's acting like it's all ok.

Bethany tells Audrey she wishes she had the courage to confront Nathan in court instead of by video link and worries that the jury won't believe her. Later on, Craig comes in the salon, having been summoned. She needs a guinea pig. For a manicure. Craig goes home with long acrylic nails painted all colours. His family tease him and he explains that he helped Bethany practice. They all urge him to ask her out but he doesn't think Bethany's interested in him. They push more so he says he'll ask her to get them off his back. Bethany thanks Audrey for helping but we can tell she's being watched by someone across the road.

There's less than a week before the trial date. Bethany is clearly a bundle of nerves. Craig has taken on advice and made a reservation for two at the Bistro. In the salon, Bethany is already making waves, encouraging discounts to build up her clientele and trying to modernise things. Craig comes in and asks her to lunch, on him, to celebrate her new job. Audrey and Sarah are delighted!

But Bethany is sidetracked. Remember we thought someone was watching her? It was Mel and she is in a state. Bethany wants her to testify but she's afraid for her life. Poor Craig waits in vain in the Bistro. We get a bit more insight into Mel and Nathan's relationship and it wasn't pretty. She seems to have gained Bethany's sympathy, at least even if Sarah doesn't trust her. It does sound like Mel wouldn't be much help to Bethany's case considering all the things she's done. She might be able to corroborate but she'd be a very unreliable witness, too. She still doesn't really see Nathan for what he is. She still is on his side, at least partly, even though she says she doesn't know how to break free of Nathan. Or so she says.

Gail and Audrey don't trust Mel and rightly so as it happens. She got invited to stay for the night, and called Nathan and it was clear they're in cahoots. Well, I say cahoots but really he's manipulating her as he always has and she's just as much brainwashed as ever by him. Bethany really does think she can talk Mel to her side and Mel is schmoozing Bethany to keep her away from the trial. The thing is, sometimes I really think Mel takes what Bethany says against Nathan to heart, like she's torn but Nathan still has too much of a hold on her. All the things Bethany says seem to make Mel uncomfortable but she still doesn't think her testimony would help and she tells Bethany she isn't strong enough to face Nathan. Because, of course, she doesn't want to.

Poor Craig is all at sixes and sevens, worried and fretting about Bethany. Kirk reckons Bethany just needs a friend at the moment. He goes to see her but when he sees Mel they both freak out. She gets Craig to promise not to say anything but he doesn't like it. Bethany and Sarah meet with the detective who gives all the options for testifying, whatever makes Bethany the most comfortable is going to be the best option for giving her testimony. Mel didn't do a runner and she starts preying on Bethany's fears.

We reach the day of the trial. Nathan really pours it on with Mel, promising her the world and all her wildest domestic dreams. She asks him if he loves her and he does a quick step and a huge avoidance complete with a bit of passive aggressiveness before getting gentle and telling her she's the only one for him. You and me always, baby. As long as she stops Bethany from getting to court. His control over her is complete in spite of her occasionally showing cracks in the facade when she seems to be nearly convinced by Bethany but she's going to do as ordered. She pretends she will go to the police and make a statement and insists Bethany come with her but only Bethany, nobody else, getting very nervous when Sarah offers to drive them in Audrey's car.

Audrey's car still gets used (I think it's Audrey's car, whose else could it be?) because Mel drives them off after Craig checks up on Bethany. but she drives to a deserted area by a rail track and attacks the younger girl, threatening her with a crowbar and dragging her off.

The next thing we hear is that the trial start is delayed because the Judge was on a train that's been delayed because of a fatality on the train line. Sarah paces at the courthouse waiting for Bethany. Where is she? Craig is with the police that are attending the incident and they show him a woman's necklace and it looks very much like Bethany's. Surely his heart drops but we viewers know that Nathan gave the same necklace to every one of his girls and women. Is it Mel's or Bethany's? Did she and Bethany fight, with Mel ending up dead? Craig comes back from viewing the teenage body and vomits. Oh dear.

No, Mel apparently dragged Bethany into a deserted shack and was keeping her there. Bethany tried to get her to see that Nathan kept her with him, not because he loves her but to use her to keep all the other girls in line and make them feel safe, reel them in. Mel has Bethany's phone and keeps rejecting calls from Craig. She won't hear Bethany, she's determined that Nathan will always take care of her. Bethany's tearful attempts at getting through to her seem like they might be working in spite of Mel's denials. Maybe she's crumbling. She finally listens to one of Craig's messages. The dead girl was Lara, the 14 year old Bethany tried to get to testify against Nathan. It looks like she jumped in front of the train and killed herself. Mel's resolve seems to crack. She pulls Bethany out of the shack, saying "This wasn't supposed to happen".

In other Platt news, Gary arrives home, much to Sarah's delight. He's come home to support Bethany and Sarah during the trial. He does look a bit uncomfortable when Nicola comes into the cafe and is a bit short tempered. Nicola is still hurting from her breakup with her boyfriend but it's nice to see that Seb seems to be sorting himself out. I'd say Nicola is in a vulnerable place and that might not be a good thing, for soap purposes. Gary is getting grief from his mother, too, because she saw his latest round of bruises that he'd been hiding and even though he tried to lie his way out of it, Anna knew darn well it was job related. She's not having it but Gary, even while admitting there are risks, insists he knows what he's doing. Uh huh.

Gary lashed out at Craig who was asking after Bethany and then wasn't happy that Sarah blew him off so that they could keep Mel on board and try to win her trust. In the mood and state Gary's been in, he didn't take it well.

Nicola is still struggling post-breakup and is in a vulnerable state of mind. Enter Gary, equally unravelled. Nicola tried to talk to Gary but he was really defensive, very defensive and he's keeping his distance from Sarah due to the bruises. It puts Anna on the spot having to lie for his whereabouts. I think Gary's definitely showing signs of his PTSD and Anna's right to be worried. Gary's answer? Buy Sarah an eternity ring. At least he apologized to Craig for snapping at him. He also apologized, almost groveled to Sarah and invited her out to dinner.

But he hasn't really settled down and is still quite volatile. He got snippy with the lads after a darts game when they wouldn't play for money and Sarah suggested he calm down. That only set him off. A conversation in the smoking yard lit the fuse. Gary shuts down. Sarah is frantic. Nicola finds him hiding in the ginnel after her aborted attempt and helping Summer with her project. Vulnerable woman, wine, petulant car crash of a man. Volatile combination. They share stories of their pasts, ups and downs. The inevitable happens and they both regret it instantly. And my guess is, after an accidental one night stand, a further inevitable is going to happen. It's soap law. He runs back to Sarah and finally told her about the job risks and the nightmares. He does love her, though. But the answer to her question of whether he was with someone last night was true. No. it wasn't last night, it was about 45 minutes ago.

Gary and Nicola cross paths in the cafe a few days later and he apologizes for being a bit of a twit the other day. Love 'em and leave 'em Windass. He makes sure she knows he loves Sarah and that's who is important in his life. Nicola also regrets what happened between them and will keep their dirty little secret.

Anna's handing Seb cafe leftovers, I see. All is forgiven. Except for deadly looks when Phelan looks in to hurry Seb along. Andy is still in the basement. Andy's been thinking. He's decided he could be released and commit a crime. Then he and Phelan have something on each other. Andy's idea is to go after someone like Nathan and that would be a replacement for him in the cellar. Phelan laughs. You've got to be kidding! Not gonna happen. Desperation isn't pretty. Andy isn't going to convince Phelan that mutual blackmail keeps them both out of trouble, with someone to replace Andy in the cellar. Too many complications. But Phelan can't go on keeping Andy indefinitely, either. The thing it does do is make Phelan realize it.

Anna is still looking out for Seb and his siblings secretly, supplying them with groceries, washing bedsheets and lying to Faye about it. Seb doesn't tell Faye, either, not wanting his home life to be public even to someone that's supposedly his girlfriend. Anna takes the groceries and supplies to Seb's mother Abi who looks a bit bedraggled and in the kitchen she hides a flask of booze in her dressing gown pocket before coming back to the lounge. She heads upstairs for a nap while Anna is there but Anna sees the bottle and gives her a hard time for drinking while looking after her kids. Like water off a duck's back, criticism to this woman. It helps her sleep, that's all. Anna is shocked at her behaviour.

She later gives Abi a mouthful of grief about her lifestle but Abi is unrepentant. Seb gets home and shows concern for the children. After Abi decides a bath is in order, Seb tells Anna that his mother is or was a heroin addict and he's seen her dealer hanging around. He's scared she's not going to stay clean. Oh, great.

Todd is investigating the business accounts and they don't add up yet new furniture is arriving for the office. Adam says the money came from a payment owed to him from his Canada days. But Todd called the office Adam mentioned and they don't trust him as far as they can throw him. so where did the money come from? Well, we know but Todd doesn't. And where's Rosie? Why wasn't she on duty as tea girl? Todd figured out that Adam had a hand in the factory downfall. Bingo! Adam claims he was helping Eva and the cash was a bonus. Todd's devious enough not to turn him in. Todd does tell Billy what he discovered.

Todd and Billy discover that Summer could spend a Friday evening with Nicola for her Religious Education project. Summer looks less than impressed. Nicola was game but Summer really didn't want to be there. Perhaps that project was just a lie or an excuse for something else? Whatever it was, she ended up cutting herself and needing stitches which cut that short.

Jackie, the surrogate, is being implanted with all the necessaries. Will it work? No way to know yet. Steve still seems to harbour a bit of anger towards Peter. It's worse after Peter and Toyah send Liz a lovely note after she sorted out the staffing aggro. I see Toyah's name on her own is over the door. Steve and Michelle had theirs together. Peter doesn't have a criminal conviction does he? Oh yes, he does have that bigamy thing and probably not enough time has passed.

Apparently, Rana is still all out of sorts and Zeedan thinks it's all about her falling out with Kate. Sounds like Imogen is very fond of Kate, texting her a lot and Zeedan is trying to help make peace between Rana and Kate. Doesn't sound like either one is budging. Alya has a plan. A dinner party with all the Friends. Tensions rise. One is just as bad as the other. It goes ok for awhile but kicks off again. But a drunken Rana's apologies are not accepted.

Unemployment is not good and all the factory girls are getting bored. They spend their time drinking tap water in the pub or watching daytime tv. Fiz comes up with an idea of making head scarves for children out of fun patterned material. Sounds like a good idea. Alya suggests setting up one of those online crowd funding schemes to raise money for the supplies. Apparently if you don't meet your target, you get nothing. Sounds like a good idea but when Eva offers to donate on Beth's suggestion,Adam sticks an oar in where it doesn't belong, accusing them of bullying Eva.

Daniel is apparently working part time for the newspaper as a freelance journalist but he's not having much luck. Freelance means you find your own work so why is he complaining that the editor isn't giving him any assignments? Anyway, in the cafe, Phelan overhears Daniel moan and mentions about a former Bistro worker that wrote vampire fiction. How does he know that? Oops! He offers the excuse that he was his landlord. Doesn't really follow but Daniel seems to have accepted it. Later, he overhears Yasmeen make a caustic remark to Phelan about the development scam and his "mate" Vinny. Daniel finds out more detail from Zeedan. Looks like his curiosity is piqued and he might just follow that thread a bit and see where it takes him. That does not bode well.

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Guest blog post: In praise of Lucy Fallon

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Since Lucy Fallon arrived on Corrie in 2015 her character Bethany has been through more than you can imagine. Her debut was quite surprising and shown Bethany's personality straight away which I loved. I knew she would be a character that everyone loves and she will definitely make cobbles history.

The Platts are a family that if you'r a part of, you have signed up for a life full of distress, drama and difficulties but they all come together to fight each others battles which then causes more drama - they just can't help it. The Platts will never be the same without Kylie, her death was a twist that shocked the nation.

Lucy Fallon has had about 3 huge storylines and has been a part of a Tina O’Briens (Sarah Platt) mental health storyline. These storylines has been Bullying, Taking Dodgy Diet Pills, Callum and her recent huge one Grooming. The way she has portrayed the grooming storyline has been just absolutely incredible and she has done justice to so many people all over the world who has been through it. I have to say there have been scenes where I've just not been able to stop crying because I felt her emotion and it just broke my heart knowing it happens to people.

Lucy Fallon and her soap bosses worked very closely with the NSPCC every step of the way, during her research and she was introduced to a very very brave girl called Lucie a survivor of grooming and she said softly “it was hard”... it just shows why it's so important that Corrie reflect on this. Lucy has just made us all so proud.

Lucy mentioned in an interview about a bad time in her life where she went off the rails and how she was so uninspired that she just couldn’t do it anymore and that she was close to giving it all up. But her headteacher at the Barbra Jackson Theatre Arts Centre convinced her to go for her Corrie audition. Years on, her life couldn’t be more different as she's now getting into was of the biggest storylines in soap history and has been nominated for best actress twice and is up for an Inside Soap award with Colson Smith (Craig Tinker) for best on-screen partnership. This year is going to be her year - she has honestly been so amazing and I'm so so proud of her and everything she has achieved. I really hope she knows that

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Remembering Anne Malone in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog October 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Anne Malone's death in the Frescho Freezer was my top favourite grisly death in Coronation Street. You can read my top 10 favourite grisly deaths here.

And moving on to a less ghoulish note.... the actress who played Anne Malone in Coronation Street is called Eve Steele. Eve is currently touring in a "one-man show" she has written called Life By The Throat, and I'm going to see it tonight at a venue local to me.

Life By The Throat is, according to the preview,  A celebration of the men Eve Steele has known, loved and wanted to punch in the face. Based on a combination of lived experience and interviews with bank robbers, thieves and addicts, multi award-winning writer/performer Eve Steele channels the life of this remarkable individual in a performance that is visceral, funny and heart-wrenching.

You can watch a trailer of the show here:

It really does sound incredible and I'll be writing a review about the show tomorrow.

Did you know that it was this week, October 11th in 1998 when the frozen, dead body of Anne Malone was discovered in the freezer stockroom at Freshco's! How time flies when you're having fun in the freezer.

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