Monday, 26 March 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards March 19 - 23

Ironic Man award: Tim. Sally wanted to move house to get away from Phelan and Tim then ends up saving Phelan's life. And Tim was the one that then outed Phelan's admission to the old Calcutta Street flat scam. He really is a super hero, Tim!

Peaked Blinders award: Eileen has been blinded to Phelan's true nature by her need to have her man.

Pants on Fire award: Phelan told Mona that his wife was ill then told his wife that he quit because too much work ruined his last marraige. Then he promises Eileen no more lies!

Fashionista Award: Mary was wearing a really pretty dress. Loved the colours.

Lines of the week:
Kate "I actually felt horrible for not feeling more horrible"
Rosie to Sophie "I'm the stupid one, remember?"
Tim to Phelan "I might not be a genius, and I might have saved your life last night, but I'll not let you get away with this"
Tim to Eileen "If he's lied about them flats, what else has he lied about eh?"
Phelan "I'm a fool for love and I regret it" (shocked at the lengths he goes!)
Tim "He's just around the corner.... well it's a very large corner"
Eileen "I just don't think he's that bad a man" (if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...)
David "Talking's overrated"
Eva "Thank your lucky stars I don't phone the police" Lee "Lucky stars? What's one of them?" (true, he's probably not seen very many in his life)
Eva "Scum of the earth is a flippin' insult to scum of the earth"
Audrey "Oh David. It's the other side of the world, not the end of it" David "You been practicing that?"

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