Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday Comments, October 14

Lines of the week:

  • Amber about Dev "He always gets a bit touchy when an ex-girlfriend turns out to be a murderer"
  • Blanche "The one thing a trial has over a funeral. The element of doubt"
  • Blanche "Did i miss something? I fell asleep in the bath!"
  • Rita "How many weeks do they owe?" Norris "Five!"
  • Tracy to Charlie "Do everyone a favour. Hurry up and die!"
  • Chesney about Becky "She's scary!"
  • Ken "She has a lawyer" (I thought they were called solicitors?) Deidre "Not anyone she knows" (she doesn't *know* any lawywers!)

wow! what a week! After Charlie taunting Tracy last week, that seems to have steeled her resolve. Tracy was right, Charlie is all about mind control, not violence as such. His games had very different effects on Shelley and Tracy, didn't they? Tracy wouldn't be controlled and gave as good as she got most of the time. She really expected him to be sent down. Poor Claire! Claire really hasn't a clue and she didn't realize that what she was urging Tracy to do today that she couldn't do yesterday was kill Charlie, not leave him and that plus Tracy's anger at his release fueled her resolve and boy did she whack him upside the head! Funny, though, i never noticed that statue in the house before! She was worried when he didn't die straight away but he did and she knows she'll be arrested. She just thinks she will get off because of how she's set it all up. The character of Tracy has hit the wall now, though. Moral statutes dictate that she must be punished. The only deaths where the killer gets off are accidental ones and *real* self defence ones.

I think Tracy's reaction was really good too. First the hissing and venom and then one more whack. She shuddered and was dazed a bit and then when Amy cried out for her, she seemed to come out of it again and started thinking on her feet. Tracy put the knife in Charlie's left hand. Is he left handed? or her cutting her own hand, it might have been the one she would have hit him with yet there won't be any blood on the statue. One of those will be the mistake that's going to do her in. It would have been difficult for her to reach and hit him hard enough if he was coming at her with a knife. His reach is longer than hers.

A bit ironic that Steve was the one that drives Charlie to the court. Jason and Maria were probably the only ones that genuinely cared that Charlie was dead. I wonder if anyone called Bev and Shelley to let them know? Shelley at least will rest easier knowing the father of her baby is not around. The scene with Tracy and Claire was really good, wasn't it! I think Tracy was actually sincere and not putting on a big story for Claire's benefit either. only Claire was at cross purposes and didn't know it. She seemed to spend all day there though unless Charlie's court appearance was later in the afternoon anyway. Apparently Amy was actually in the house yet up to that night, we hadn't seen hide nor hair of her for days although Ken and Deirdre had her at one point. She's awfully small for Tracy to be leaving her unsupervised in her room so much but then, nobody was going to give Tracy a Mother of the Year award.

Norris was being pulled to that door like a magnet, he was nearly weeing himself to get in and have a nose around! Badgering Claire and the police. Poor Claire was beside herself. And Deirdre is so beside herself she's blaming everyone for her not following her instincts. So is Steve. Haven't i been banging on about him not seeming to be bothered even though it seemed Tracy was being abused? Tracy really gave the police the answers she thought they wanted to hear and probably rehearsed it all night in her cell. She's out on bail and they say she can't go see Charlie so i guess that means she can't go unplug him either lol! Jason is gutted, and even Maria is pretty shakey. At least he'll have two people that will mourn him. I say that and it sounds sympathetic, but really, as bad as he was, he didn't deserve this and everyone should have someone that cares enough to mourn their death.

I don't know why Tracy was so worried about if Charlie was dead or not, if he had died, they would have changed the charges to murder or manslaughter which they did. Tracy got her way, though, and sneaked into the hospital to put on a performance in front of her mother. Everyone is giving the police the story she wants them too but they haven't talked to Jason yet. Well at least Tracy doesn't have to worry about Charlie waking up and telling the truth but it looks like it's going to be a very tangled web indeed. I wonder if Tracy is going to use Steve's sympathy as a fall-back fella. She didn't seem to mind cozying up to him when he went to see her. But her performance in reaction to their revealing that they knew about Maria and suggesting that she was angry enough to kill him rang false to me and probably to the cops. It took her by surprise, too. I don't think she expected that she'd actually be charged with his murder in the end.

Hmmm. Not much else going on but it looks like Kelly put the fork in Becky's new relationship. Or at least she tried. Too bad Becky was so defensive about it. She was the one that pushed him away in the end. He looked a nice fella too. Looks like Les is about as useless as a chocolate teapot, at least when he's supposed to be minding Chesney anyway. Wonder how long Cilla will be gone? She's got a good long holiday on that bit of money he raised. I guess he's working all the hours to pay everyone back. Ever get the feeling that Michelle's Sonny is a bit too good to be true? Steve managed yet again to put the brakes on a romantic evening for Sonny and Michelle by encouraging Carla's curiosity.

Yay! Amber's back on screen and delivering one of the best lines of the week! And she's nearly as nosy as Norris! Bill's back again. I didn't know he'd left! Amber asked Dev was Tracy violent? She slashed all his clothes! A fact that Amber didn't waste any time telling the police. Wait a minute. Amy was playing with Adam? We haven't seen hide nor fuzzy eyebrows of him in months until today!!

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