Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday Comments, July 13

Lines of the week:

  • Cilla "Waste good money on a pile of old bricks?"
  • Cilla to Chesney "From now on i want you in bed by half 11!" (erm, he's 13, isn't that a bit late?)
  • sally about John "He can reach out to the most ordinary person and not sound patronizing" (Take a few lessons there, Sal.
  • Kevin "I promised Sal I'd stay off the booze" Jerry "And I'm starting ballet lessons next week"
  • Molly to Paul's face "WHACK" (Yay!)
  • Doreen "Problem is, i still think i'm 25" (as do we all, luv)
  • Sarah "Great. The happiest day of my life and the catering will be done by a hooker!"
  • Maria "I keep waiting for him to find out there's a lot less to me than meets the eye" (um, that's about the size of it sweetie!)

Chesney wonders how he's going to feed Schmeichel? Why should *he* have to? I laughed at Cilla, celebrating with beer. Man i'd have the champers popped in a New York (or Vegas) minute! Fiz really thinks Cilla will throw it all away but she's sat there trying to figure out what to spend it all on! Surprise, surprise! She decided to move to Las Vegas, and with Chesney's blessing. He probably will be better off with Kirk and Fiz though i'm not sure Kirk will be much good at being a parent stand in, even if Cilla is the worst mother ever. She didn't even think about taking Chesney to Vegas before Kirk reminded her of his existence. What a little prince is Chesney. And ttey even think Les will be back soon. I got news for them. Cilla didn't waste any time, did she! seemed like it was the very next day she was off! In spite of her being not much of a mother, I think Cilla does have a soft spot for her baby. I'm very surprised she even bothered asking people for a good bye party in the pub. They only went for the free drinks. They didn't realize she was going for good. It's too bad they didn't show the softer side of Cilla before, at least regarding how she felt about being a terrible mother. It was still all about her in the end, though. And hell, she didn't even give him a last hug goodbye. As a result, nobody's going to be sad she's gone though i must say, she was a fun character in her obnoxiousness.

I don't know why Fiz would want any of Cilla's money. Is it very realistic that teeny tiny Gail would have bought nearly the same outfit as tall curvy Eileen? And they'd just finished having a planning session a few days ago. Surely Gail would have told Eileen what she'd bought to wear so they wouldn't clash. Looks like Kirk started as he means to go on. Serving Chesney cold beef curry from a tin for breakfast. Fiz nearly went through the roof at the state of the place. She's going to give them a chance but i can't help thinking it's not going to go well. Funny little exchange in the cafe between Becky and Stape over Becky's gossiping!

Roger's getting on my nerves whinging about the money he lent Leanne and whining about money in general. It seems like she's making regular payments so what's the problem? Ooh Yay Doreen's back! Did you notice Rita was browsing the same Cheshire magazine that Cilla was looking at? Ah, so Todd has passed his uni degree. David's too young to be going bar hopping with the stag do crowd anyway! You know i really don't understand why Kelly seems to have an ongoing nasty on for Vicki but at least Vicki stands right up to her. I am intrigued by Vicky, too. We keep hearing all these little vignettes about her past life. Affair with a married teacher and having to change colleges was this week's little gem.

Did you see the look Jack gave Paul after he scuppered the nice tea and toast that Tyrone made for Vera? I wonder if he is starting to realize how manipulative Paul is. Hmmm maybe not. Now that Vera and Jack are going to have a little break in Blackpool, i'm not sure Ty and Paul are going to be able to live in the same house without one of them killing the other one! At least Molly is on Tyrone's side now. I don't know why Ty and Molly are having so much trouble finding a flat. I'm sure both of the flats over the bookies are empty. Well, one anyway, if the current owner is in one. And isn't there still a flat over Jerry's that's empty? Or one of them. There's three there, Janice has one, Roy and Hayley have one and there was another one that Martin lived in. Seems like they've decided to stay and be as much a thorn in Paul's side as he is in theirs. He didn't like it much when he found out they weren't taking the flat they saw. None too soon either. It seems Paul has been keeping some very dodgey company in his past. Money from the till and shagging the owner's wife! Well, Tyrone has him right where he wants him. The tables are turned and Paul owes Tyrone now.

Lloyd and Jodie finally managed to get together for a drink, even if it's at the Rovers, and Jerry and Eileen still horned in on it. I wondered if Jerry was going to wait until the last minute to tell Jodie he was going away the weekend. I wonder if Eileen is going to start realizing how selfish Jerry really is. Rosie doesn't think school can teach her about talking to clients, working with databases etc. Well it can if it's the right school.

John Stape seems to be changing his image. No shaggy hair. No specs. He cleans up quite nicely and it looks like Sally appreciates it too! She's hoping he's going to persuade Rosie into going back to school. Sally's crush is getting pretty obvious. So is Rosie's on Liam to the point where she foolishly didn't pass on a message from Maria and hid Liam's phone. She's going to get a rollocking for that!

So the wedding of the year gets closer. Todd has been in touch and arrives just in time for the stag do!
What a shock for Sarah and there's David chuckling across the road waiting for the fireworks. As much as Sarah's really ticking me off with her attitude which is just as childish as David's, she did the right thing and made out like it was all ok and thus David's plan was foiled. Candice isn't coming after all and Sarah's nearly having a nervous breakdown. And really, there was no need to be so mean to Eileen was there? At least they were all civil during the dress-refitting, which was also a disaster. I laughed at the wine spilled on it and Eileen just chucked another glass at it too. And Sally is getting more and more insufferable and i just love it! Things just went from bad to worse when Gail tore the dress and then Jason came back and saw her in it. You know what? I think she's right. The wedding *is* jinxed! Stay tuned next week and see if more disaster strikes.

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