Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Comments, February 8

Lines of the week:
  • Rick "A walking talking creamcake" (All over your face)
  • Audrey to Gail "One day darling, one of them (relationships) will stick"
  • Becky "Tripod. Dog. Three legs"
  • Dan about the bread "White. Thick sliced. Like me"
  • Roger "The place is a burned out hollow shell!" Leanne "You always look on the bad side!"
  • Leanne "I always land on me feet" (you hope!)
  • Gail to David "I forgive you" (well you never thought she wouldn't!)
  • Dev to Betty "Would you say i'm more like a choclate eclair or a marshmallow?" Betty "Neither! A bar of fruit and nut!"
  • Kirk to Fiz "Why would i want to get back wi'you?" (um, up to 2 weeks ago it's all you wanted!)
  • Julie "I'd been batting off lounge lizards all night (looks at Dev) No offence!" (*snork*)
David's gone down and Gail's turned 50! What a day! Claire and Deirdre bringing the party to Gail? Strange pair. I think it was kind of insensitive to schedule a party on that day when it was almost a certainly that David would be convicted. Even stranger that Eileen would be invited and a few other of the guests seemed out of place too. I mean... Dev? But he was the one that got her to smile when it was all done and dusted. And the most obvious person that should have been there was not to be seen. Sally, Gail's best friend! Gail's probably right, if she did swan off to Milan, David would take it very personally. Sarah getting mother's attention yet again, getting one up on him. Audrey thought she should stay there overnight in case Gail got drunk, as she poured herself another drink and made her own drunken speech and put her foot right in it. Meanwhile David is using his one phone call to leave a message on Tina's answering machine. At the end of the day it was Gail consoling Audrey and David was in tears in the dark.

The new cellmate, Graeme, seems a bit "sandwich short of a picnic" doesn't he? Is he really a psycho or is he just winding David up? You wouldn't think Gail would be allowed to visit the very next day that David was incarcerated. Nice of Jerry to rescue her from a lack of a cab even if he nearly gassed her with the stench of onions in the car! I like Jerry and Gail, they could be good mates. David actually seemed genuinely glad to see his mother, too. It was pretty emotional and then it was over and Gail was in the house all by herself. No David, no mother, no half-hearted partiers. David also seems to have had his eyes opened quite sharply, hasn't he? He seems to genuinely realize that though he's had some rough times (Hillman, divorced parents) he really hasn't had it all that bad and it seems like he really does realize he has to take responsibility. His apologies seem genuine. Something tells me he's not going to be a completely changed person mind you, but we won't see the out of control David of old I don't think.

Harry keeps has these acrimonious phone calls with is ex-wife. I wonder if we're ever going to meet this woman that seems to be able to tie Harry up in knots all the time. Paul's got a new job. Frying in a kitchen. It's made him even more angry at Leanne for robbing him of a good job. She shouldn't have pretended "it just didn't work out" meaning her and him as a couple when it wasn't even on the table to start with. it was insulting to him, really. Mistake! He's demanding all of the insurance payout! He figures he has Leanne up against a hard place. Dan wasn't helping matters, goading him so he's made the call. Talk about throwing your rattle out of the pram! I don't think you're going to see big things out of that actor that plays Paul Clayton. I don't know what annoys me more, his eye rolling or the way he turns his head and looks sideways at the person in front of him. Anyway, Molly's figured out Paul has feelings for Leanne. Tyrone isn't bothered.

Oh heck. That bloke Becky's "dating" has a girlfriend and a kid but at least he told Becky. She acted like it was none of his business but boy didn't she give him a good pasting! or Cream caking! It looks pretty clear that Becky and Jason still like each other. Audrey's skeptical, but it doesn't look like Sarah is coming back. Still, Becky could be Jason's rebound and she could get hurt just the same. Leave it to Betty to hit the nail on the head every time. What the heck is it with Dev these days fawning all over everyone???

Tony finally gave in to Roy and contributed 10,000 to a preservation society. Liam and Carla seem to be getting along well. Having a laugh and all that. Kirk came back from the sun and it's Fiz that has a tan. Fiz was so worried about Kirk coming back and look! He's got a new girl! And she seems to think Kirk is deep, clever, dry sense of humour.... and if you didn't know he was like that you might think... um... well she's going to realize it sooner or later but she genuinely seems to like him for his good heart and that he does have.

Ryan doesn't want to share the family holiday with Michelle and Alex. I just want them to go away. Vernon is still whinging. Cold sores. and lets everyone know. There has to be a better way of getting his wife's attention. He's offering to work? Vernon? Or just want to redesign the menu. He's on a roll. Is he developing a gambling problem? Or just giving Liz another excuse, i.e. gambling, losing and then making sure nobody tells Liz. And i'm surprised that Dan lets Lloyd in the shop after he had all that trouble getting Lloyd to pay up when they first took over the shop. I'm surprised Lloyd would want to give them his business. He's all over town in a cab all day, it's not as if he couldn't find another bookies to use. Conveniently forgotten i guess. Liz and Harry are doing some heavy flirting, too.

Ted Page, an old flame of Audrey's from 50 years back. Gail's 50. We have already heard that name before when Audrey told her that was her father's name. Looks like we're finally going to meet him! His name sure had ruffled Audrey's feathers. Ted never knew Audrey was pregnant. Boy is he going to get a surprise. Audrey's telling Rita and she's telling Maria but not told Gail yet so she'd better do it herself or it's going to get back to Gail anyway.

Tony's going to China. He doesn't figure Jason and Becky are a good match. Becky's got no class? Maybe that's the attraction! Anyway, he's invited Liam and Maria to dinner. Huh? Liam and Maria both looked a bit taken aback at that. Dev's a marshmallow, all fluffy and no substance. A fluffy ditherer. I'm with Amber. He's exactly that. We did get an update on Sunita and the twins. Blooming and 2 and a quarter year old. So now there's a basketball net in the Rovers back yard, a kiddie table and chairs and a smoking shelter. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Horrible news this week, twice over, for some of the actors on Corrie. How sad for William Roache and Kim Ryder.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I did that, I meant Kym Marsh.

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