Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Comments, March 15

Lines of the week:

  • Jack to Paul "Do the time. Wipe the slate clean. Start afresh"
  • Blanche "You can't rush ablutions at my age. Ask Ken!"
  • Claire "How come men never see mess?"
  • Gail "I think i'm a daddy's girl"
  • Darryl to his dad "You're not going to drop are you" (oh, i guess he is!)
  • Ken "Whoever coined the phrase Home Sweet Home must have been a bachelor"

I can't blame Sally in one way for getting upset. As much as she's been a snob about everything, Claire really was an instigator. Sally called the whole thing off but you know it's probably just a ruse. You had to know the sensible men would take them in hand and sort things out. Or try. Trust Claire to throw another wrench into it and was quite pleased when Sally saw the house hunters leaving. Too bad the Kabin robbery put off the house hunters. That was a cute scene with Rita, Emily and Norris watching the footage of the cctv and criticizing themselves and trying to decide on a detective agency name.

Good heavens. Not only did the photo shop whiten Vernon's suit, they made his teeth luminous to the point where they probably glow in the dark and she made them both all tan and removed his little goat tuft. Norris is all het up on security now. Understandable but you know Norris, he'll drive Rita and Emily to the bring of taking his security systems and giving them back to him where the sun don't shine. Now these trouble makers... you know you can tell they are, because they look all angry and they hang around smoking on corners.

Oh dear. Hoodlums on our Street!!! And just in time to bring the Mortons out of the closet. Not seen them for yonks! Kayleigh is hot to see some lad called Kenzie who must be the same Kenzie that beat Chesney out for the lead in the play. Kenzie and the lovely Kayleigh may have something to do with Chesney's teenage moods, do you think? But back to the hoodlums, lads with nothing better to do than terrorize local businessmen like Norris and Roy. (Mind you, with the attitude Norris usually takes with his customers, and after the robbery, with his friends and neighbours too, i would almost say he had it coming!) Jerry got all upset and then when they did try it on, he wasn't afraid of them but it didn't do him any favours when he collapsed from a heart attack! Wouldn't you think that pub employees or taxi drivers should take first aid? Where's Roy when you need him! Still, Kayleigh has a pretty good idea of who did the robbery, will she come clean? What *is* this world coming to!

Who cares if Paul is going? Well... did Jack bail him out and will lose the bail money? Ok Jack will be upset but i certainly won't. Molly is too soft. I wonder if Paul is still young enough to straighten himself out. He might not get to be as hardened as Terry but he'll always have trouble snapping at his heels. Jack does have faith in him and to his credit, he feels bad he's let his granddad down. I guess Jack decided if he couldn't talk him into staying, he couldn't see him without money but offered him even more if he stays and serves his sentence. He did show that he isn't completely his father's son. He ran but didn't take the money. Good bye Paul.

Boy Clarissa sure does know how to lead Bookie senior around. She's probably got quite a temper, just wait until she finds out he's been sniffing around brassy Liz. Ooh and Tina's dad, Joe, has shown up and immediately, Gail's eyes sparkled, did you notice? Awwww, Did you see Kirk, Fiz and Julie watching Chesney talk to Kayleigh through the window? LOL! Loved Kirk and Chesney's chat but then Julie just had to stick her neb in! Did you notice? Kirk telling Chesney about Jessica Sykes, his school crush was the same one that was in the paper as winning the lottery!

So Leanne is working in the bar, working in the betting shop and selling posh flats on the side. She always was a worker, that one. Blanche is trying very hard to keep Roger on his toes but Ken has discovered a kindred spirit. I thought that new bathroom was going to take awhile but apparently the need for speed upped the price. I'm sure Roger didn't charge for the time he was sat down yakking and it *was* a bank holiday.

It seems like David is recovering his cocky attitude now that Tina's coming around again. I seriously doubt that visiting orders are so hard to come by that David's father couldn't go but his sometimes girlfriend and a last minute visit by his never before met grandfather could get in.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the teeth on Vern, and seriously thought my tv was on the blink, lol. Glad I wasn't imagining it!

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