Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Comments, April 12

Lines of the week:

  • Kevin "The girls can use the garden to sunbathe in" Jerry "Darryl will like that" Sally "need a higher fence!"
  • Steve "Men can have bezzy mates as well you know"
  • Kevin "You need some serious mental help, you"
  • Liam "if only i'd have invented the shoehorn.... I'd have called it a heel spoon"
  • Lloyd "Steve's as white (pure/honest) as those tulips on the bar" (they're lilies aren't they?)
  • Lloyd to Becky "There's a woman coming after us with a butterfly net and you, me and Steve are the butterflies"
  • Ted "What's the worst that could happen?" Audrey "With David? Mass Genocide!"
  • Teresa about Rosie "And what's that supposed to be? The floor show?"
So the house move is on. It doesn't take long for transactions to complete on television does it! I laughed at Kirk getting the colours of the boxes right but trying to put them back in the same house! Sally and Claire are in organizational overdrive and Claire is being even more of a pain than Sally is, making them wait in the street with their boxes until everything was dotted and crossed. Well nobody gets in Betty Williams' way! She says jump, you say how high!! Best way to pass the time? Street football! Doesn't Sally just grate on your last nerve sometimes? Imagine unscrewing the light fixtures! I thought she was going to throw the keys at Claire! Ashley sure got a shock, literally!! Kevin and Sally think it might have been Sally's fault that the house needs rewiring so the Peacocks and Websters are going to share a house!!! They're going to have to stack the kids in the conservatory!

Claire found treasures in the Webster attic and it's finder's keepers. She thinks she's got hold of a Lowry original. Turns out to be a little bit of Coronation Street history which is lovely! Supposedly Irma Ogden painted it when she was young. Don't forget, Number 13 was the Ogden residence from 1964 until about 87 when Sally and Kevin bought it from Hilda. Now, we never saw Irma with a paintbrush in her hand, though Ken says she used to paint. Doesn't matter, i don't care if they rewrote history this time, it was a nice way to bring the Street history back in the story for a few episodes. If it was a real Lowry, you just know Sally would insist on sharing the money since the house was hers for years. She is the one that forgot to clear out the loft or the one that forgot to make Kevin do it. Still, Sally did say Finder's Keepers. She may live to regret that! ;)))

I'm surprised Liam hasn't talked over the sale of the factory with his wife, you know, the one he promised to be honest with from now on? Oh right. She's also the one he has cheated on. Rosie is being bribed to keep Carla's secret. Hmmm... seems Rosie has a copy of the incriminating video on the computer! Keep that in mind, people. Liam wants minimum 200,000 pounds for his share of the factory that's worth even more. He damn sure didn't pay that when he bought it off Adam, he and Paul got it dirt cheap, much less than the 180,000 Tony's offering! They must be doing good business! Of course he sold in the end because he's got Carla breathing down his neck. Makes a nice change, i suppose ;))) It's all revenge for him not wanting her, though isn't it? Liam tried to sell it to Maria as a way of getting Carla out of their hair but she was hurt that he'd done it all behind her back and worse, that she'd heard it from Carla first! Well all i can say is... if the factory bees thought Mike Baldwin was a tough boss, I think they're going to wish him back once Tony gets hold. Already he's treating Rosie like his personal assistant even though the work she's doing is on behalf of his other business. Carla may end up wishing she'd kept Liam on! Now Liam doesn't know what to do with himself so he's going to drive Maria round the twist.

David hoped his grandmother would write him a reference. Well really, it's the least she could do considering she's family and she *says* she wants to help him stand on his own two feet. He's not going to be able to do that without a job and he can't get one of them without a reference from the only place he's ever worked. She did but it was a double edged sword. Good thing the lovely Ted, newly minted Granddad stepped in and he got the job! Audrey's face fell. She thought her mediocre reference would have held him back! She can be quite spiteful, yet she already told David earlier that she didn't hire him back so that he could stand on his own two feet. Well by ruining the new job for him, how's that helping him? Especially since he didn't ask Ted to fake the letter, Ted did it on his own impetus. Ted trusts David. David wasn't the problem at the party, it was everyone else! As always, parties often get out of control when there's strangers that crash.

Steve headed for the sunny hills of Spain to get out of the heat. Cause after his fling with Becky, it's cooler in Spain than it is in Weatherfield! Typical flaming Vernon making Liz carry the drums! Lazy to the bone that one. Liz says she's not a jealous person anymore. The reason for that is, she doesn't care about Vernon enough to be jealous. Vernon loves Liz to bits and he can see her moving away further and further and he doesn't know if he can stop it from happening. Even from Spain he's sucking up, sending flowers and calling her. Michelle knows darn well he's up to something and Lloyd is no match for a woman on a mission. Be careful what you wish for, Michelle, you just might find out. Carla winding her up didn't help but she figures Steve cheated on her and she's right, of course. So how is he going to get out of it? Is she going to figure out Becky was the one? Is she going to badger anyone and everyone until she finds out?

Now i was just waiting for Teresa to work Jerry into allowing her to stay. Lloyd thinks the dates fit for Finlay's conception. Well that's only because Teresa says so. Thick is right! Altogether now... We Told You So! She is pretending to be a broken hearted mother who didn't have a choice but to leave her kids, blaming it all on her boyfriend. Jerry nearly gave in until Mel pushed him back but that just means Teresa's going to try another way. Spousal/partner abuse always works. Jerry's such a nice guy and you'd think he'd know not to believe a word out of her mouth but I guess he just didn't want to take the chance. I'll tell you something though, Rosie looked ridiculous and I was cheering when Teresa dragged her out by the hair. They've got quite a lot of cleaning to do, what with Amber sick all over the walls and God knows what kind of shape the carpet is in.

You notice the artful shots of Claire behind shrubbery and boxes and just the high camera shots? The actress is pregnant! Did you notice shouting that sounded like it was coming through the walls when Maria and Liam were arguing about the factory sale? Claire's wrong, cold water is better for burns than cream.


Lori said...

Happy Easter! Just a quick thank you for all the fantastic write ups this week! How lucky you were! Now, back to the show!

Tvor said...

Thanks Lori! Happy Easter!

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