Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday Comments, May 31

Lines of the week:
  • Blanche to Ken "I see the latest whim is still going strong"
  • Blanche about Ken going to check the rubbish "A bit of fresh air will do him good"
  • Jerry about David "Talk about dead man walking"
  • Gail to David "You job, your sickie"
  • Deirdre to Ken "If round here is so bloody awful, why did you never have the guts to leave?" "It's always been somebody else holding you back, hasn't it? Not you! Never you!" (i.e. it's you holding you back)
  • Deirdre to Eileen "As long as you don't expect intelligent conversation" Eileen "Don't worry. I got Jason for that"
  • Tyrone "I suppose i could do with another "sauce" of income!"
  • Blanche "You're no Barbara TAylor Bradford" Ken "That's possibly the nicest thing you ever said to me!"
  • Ken "I can finally embrace my mediocrity... it was all about me" Deirdre "Yes, Ken. It was. Maybe it always has been" (you finally got that right!)
  • Teresa "Kiddies and mold, don't make good bedfellows" Finlay "This bread's moldy" Teresa "It's pennicillin, it's good for you!"
  • Becky to Michelle about her singing career "What did you sing?" Michelle "Covers" Becky "Sorry. That's a really bad name for a song"

Ken's now obsessed wiht his novel, the one he started nearly 50 years ago. He's disheveled, he's not shaved for days. I'm also curious to know why Deirdre is vacuuming and tidying up when she should be at work. Ken wasn't best pleased at her efforts but to make matters worse, Blanche read the draft and Deirdre thought he was writing about her! How on earth he could if he'd started the book when he was 21 and hadn't met her for another 20 years but it still reads like it could be about her. Deirdre's very good at putting words in Ken's mouth and he's very good at saying everything except what he means. Blanche is no help either. Ken says it's fiction but he also says it's drawn on real life. He and Deirdre really had it out and she told him a few home truths. He is the only one that has kept him from persuing other things, from making *something* of himself. He told her a few too, he really does think he married beneath himself. But it's not just her. Every one of his wives, it's the same thing. Maybe he marries them so that he has the excuse not to look at himself in the mirror and he can blame someone else.

Deirdre spoke a lot of truths to Eileen. Ken does have regard for her but he still does think he married down no matter how much he'll deny it. And they really don't have a lot in common. Never understood why they were attracted in the first place. Blanche told him a few truths too. Try measuring himself by what he *did* do, Blanche told him and he doesn't see much to look at there either. Warned him that Deirdre could very well pack her bags and he seemed to think on that. Thing is, Blanche told him it wasn't all that good and really, he could see it after that and it all went up in smoke. Literally. He might be ready to settle for what's left with the rest of his life but even then, he makes Deirdre feel like he's settling for her too. ha! Nice call back to history, wh en she said he'd grabbed her like that before and she's not forgotten it. *and* she said it was too bad she didn't have Mike to go to this time. Well at least they've made it up. Notice she talked about a book about a "Salford girl" when techincally, in the realms of the show, they live in Weatherfield which is the Corrie version of real life Salford. I wonder if it was a slip up or not? I've had a nice long rant about Ken over here if you're interested

Now what do we think of Joe, Tina's dad? He and Gail seem to be kind of keen on each other. Let's hope he's not another psycho. Mind you, if David finds out his mother is dating his girlfriend's father, there could be trouble. Daft Darryl slipped up and let the cat out of the bag and both he and David are up the creek. David is dumped but Joe has a cunning plan! Bowling! It didn't work but Gail and Joe had fun at least.

Audrey is obviously of the "But can we still be friends" club. Bill doesn't seem inclined. He wants her back once Ted pointed out the error of his ways but it's no use. Pam is taking over the wedding planning. With wedding magazines she nicked from the medical centre. It sounds like Molly's going to have a job reigning Pam in from all her wild ideas. Molly just wants a basic, quiet wedding. Uh oh, Pam is touching up Tyrone for cash to invest in one of her dodgey deals and is wooing him with the promise of a profit for the wedding fund. Loved her remarks about Billy Three Fingers.

I do think Jason has a point. Sean moved Marcus in all of a sudden but Becky moved in, now Eileen's wondering how long she's staying! Even Ryan thinks Michelle is crossing the mark for chucking Steve out of his own pub. Steve keeps giving Becky looks though, and someone's going to guess. Even Jason caught something though he's not too bright and just thought Steve was going to sack her. All Steve wants is to find a way to get Michelle back. In the meantime, Becky, Sean, Marcus and Michelle had a raucous night out and Michelle met up with an old bandmate and waved him under Steve's nose. But it seems a bit odd that they'd all go for a raucous night out and go to a karaoke bar, don't you think? Anyway, Steve is terrified Becky will get drunk and spill the beans. Then he and Michelle get arguing in front of Amy who fake-cries and what do they do? keep doing it! They all had fun on their night out, though didn't they? But Michelle is not just punishing Steve, she's playing games. She isn't interested in actually, permanently breaking up, she just wants him to pay and pay hard and then she'll allow him back. She better be careful, he might just get fed up with playing her games. You know, i'm rapidly losing any "like" i ever had for her. No i tell a lie. That went out with the Alex storyline. And speaking of whom, it looks like that whole episode has been forgotten. Alex who?

Now, Tony is bullying an old man because he want his house, last holdout to a new development. Mr. Stone. Long time viewers will recognize him as Kenneth Cope who played Jed Stone in the early 1960s and this is the same character!!!! Nice to see him stand up to Tony even if it was a bit of bravado. Tony wasn't done with him though. Teresa is going through Jerry's pills, overloading him like nobody's business.

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