Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Comments, July 26

Lines of the week:
  • David "I'm no longer the baddest kid on the street. Respect to Rosie!"
  • Sally to Kevin "You think i'm a trophe wife, you do" (Um, that's probably the last thing he thinks you are)
  • Tony to Liam "I took one look at Carla and i thought of you" (I just bet you did)
  • Jason "Becky. We need to talk"
  • Becky "Hey, Grimshaw. Anyone ever tell you you're a waste of paint?"
  • Becky to Janice "Says the biggest gob on the street" (that's debatable really)
  • John to Fiz "Why couldn't you have said something before" (trust me, you'll remember that statement)
  • Becky sobbing in Roy's arms "You're the only man i love that deserves it" (awwww)
  • Leanne to Dan "You remind me of me Dad. The way you look me straight in the eye while lying through your back teeth!"
I write these comments, already knowing what's going to happen because i follow the UK storylines. It's not always easy trying to be spoiler free and sometimes i drop a hint. This week... one of the more difficult weeks not to drop lots of hints!! But all i can say, is don't miss the next few weeks of Corrie!!

Good old Roy, willing to help Becky find her own way. Problem is, Jason thinks Sarah might come home but didn't have the nerve to tell Becky who is exitedly busy painting and moving stuff in to their new flat only to find out on the day. But didn't you love the scene with Becky, Michelle and Kirk having fun moving the stuff in and pretending they were characters from Friends? Anyway, back to Jason mooning over Sarah, no wonder Becky went so out of control. It's not as if it's the first time he's waffled over Becky vs Sarah so she probably feels stupid along with very hurt, especially when he was too cowardly to tell her himself. She probably feels like second best, too. And when Becky lashes out she does it spectacularly, getting drunk, nicking someone's wallet with a lot of people standing inches from her, smashing shop and car windows. It's the mark of a good actor if they can play drunk believably and Katherine Kelly sure can! Steve was the one that managed to get her off the streets and poured into bed.

And after running off to Italy to try to see if Sarah really wanted him back, Jason found out that Sarah was only making noises about getting back together because she broke up with her boyfriend. Typical. So she's back with her boyfriend and Becky won't have anything to do with him either.

Poor Sophie is still suffering for attention. It's all Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. Rita gave her a hard time, too. She's such a clever kid but she IS still just a kid. The Websters are so worried that they're bickering and blaming each other now, for Rosie's disappearance and apparent disregard for her family. Carla is being very kind to Sally, proves that Carla does have a heart deep inside that cowy shell.

As truly awful as Janice can be, she does have a conscience. I'm not so sure Leanne does. Janice identifies with Sally, a rare occurrence but she does know what it feels like to have a child missing. Now they're stuck with the money and can't spend it because the police think Rosie stole it from the lottery winners and are freezing the account. Poor Sally is going crazy with worry, and the gossip drove her out of work in the middle of the day. So why was Kevin home?

Well now the truth is out about the lottery, maybe the police will start looking for her again. Will the factory bees ever forgive Janice for nicking their lottery win? Will they get it back? Janice did one good thing, she kept Leanne's name out of it but her schemes have cost her Roger, the one decent man she's ever been involved with.

Pam has finagled Tyrone into helping her sell her dodgey gear and lo and behold, he's actually good at it. He's too gormless looking for people to think he's cheating them.

So Theresa didn't get very far and Darryl of course, is going to feel sorry for her. She's got her feet back under the table and that's driven Mel out and away. If Tony's a self made man, so is Liam. With a little help from Paul. But Tony is far more ambitious than Liam. Wonder why we never saw John's Gran's cat during those few days that Fiz stayed with him there? Fiz certainly acts like she has never seen the cat before but John seems obsessed with it. And why did John seem a bit perturbed when Fiz said she'd have him back? Well they're back together and nobody is happy with it.

Odd Leanne didn't think it was strange that Steve and Dan were all of a sudden pally and going out drinking together. I didn't think they had too much to say to each other after that whole episode where Steve locked Dan in the cellar.

Tony's booked a posh weekend for he, Carla, Liam and Maria, mainly so he could keep a close eye on the rapport between Liam and Carla. He then terrified poor Liam in the caves and you know he probably has a healthy fear of heights and edges after falling off that mountain. All for asking him to be his best man! Tony's enjoying this, you can tell. He's making both Liam and Carla squirm. LOL he called Maria and Liam "Malaria" Bwaahahahaha Well it's clear Liam's mind is not on babymaking anymore, it's fully on Carla and she's marrying Tony.

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