Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The elastic walls of the Rovers Return Inn

Anyone that's been watching the show a long time will have seen many changes over the years at the Rovers. I always watch with interest to see how a new owner decorates the back room, to see how it reflects their tastes. The main bar has changed little since the fire in 1986 gutted it. It was rebuilt and the inside of the bar changed considerably. Before, there was the main "Public" bar, the small Snug and the Select, which was a small function room. Then there was the back living quarters and a kitchen. Granted, the public bar was small, very small, though even then they had room for a dart board and players.

After the fire, the Snug and the Select were all knocked into one large bar with the rest of the pub. The pub now looks larger with a larger bar as well. The dart board is still there but on the far left wall of the room as you come in the front door. There's still living quarters and a kitchen but the stairway to upstairs leads up beside the back door instead of leading away from the doorway into the bar.

The real elasticity comes from the upstairs living quarters. I think it must have at least three bedrooms because the Walkers brought up their two children there, a boy and a girl, and presumably they didn't share a bedroom. There is also an inside bathroom/toilet. During the 1990's, though, at one point, there were four people staying there, each with their own room apparently. Bet, Vicky and Raquel were in residence and i think Bet offered B&B accomodation to Ken Barlow for a short time when he was in between flats.

Then there's the controversy about the toilets in the bar. For years people wondered if the toilets were actually in the front room of next door, No. 1. Eventualy, they changed the look of the outside to show a narrow alleyway or ginnel between the Rovers and No.1 so you could assume the toilet part of the building is there. I can't see it, myself. There still wouldn't be enough room for two sets of toilets.

Ah well. It's all television. We aren't supposed to be so pedantic! I do wish the main bar would get a redecorating, though. The wallpaper is 20 years old and the carpet on the floor must reek of beer and cigs!

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