Thursday, 30 August 2007

What's Tracy up to?

Forget for a moment that i read all the spoilers from the UK. Clearly she's got a plan. She's staging loud fights, locking herself in a room, pretending to be afraid of Charlie. She's making the neighbours think Charlie is up to his old tricks again. It can't be a plan to make him look bad, he's already got that reputation and nothing happened after the Shelley thing to redeem him. My friend, also a Tracey, thinks she's planning to get her hands on his house and money. She's already threatened his life in front of her mother so it seems she's going for the abused woman/self defence ploy. Will she actually go through with it? She's nasty, she's evil and manipulative, she doesn't have too much of a conscience, but does she have the nerve to actually kill someone in cold blood with a plan like this? Not a lot of everyday people on the street do.

The thing is, if Tracy is planning to kill Charlie, then she thinks she's got the perfect murder planned. The problem with this plan is, Tracy isn't *that* smart though she thinks she is. Oh she knows her mother will believe her. Deirdre's pretty dim overall. She knows Tracy can be an evil cow but buries it in self denial most of the time. (What is it about Corrie mothers? that's a common theme, isn't it?) Charlie's reputation will precede him and most people will think it's likely, too. Logically, comparing Tracy to Shelley, Tracy would be the one to kick back and lash out rather than be beaten down into a quivering heap like Shelley was.

I actually believe that Tracy did love Charlie, as far as she's able to love anyone. I'm sure she loves Amy but that's instinct, innit? Motherhood doesn't come easy or naturally to Tracy. She probably does love her parents but the thing is, she's got a chip on her shoulder the size of the space shuttle. She's had years of resentment built up with one thing and another. Some people think she had a personality transplant. Not really. She turned into a stroppy teenager after Ken and Deirdre divorced. She never really got over the fact that her father, Ray, just upped and left her when she was a child. After the divorce, she seemed to take it out on everyone and was determined to do whatever she wanted, nobody could tell her what to do. Clearly she wasn't faithful to her husband which was too bad because he seemed like a nice bloke. Anyway, she went from bad to worse on her return and this is where she's ended up.

Tracy and Charlie really were suited to each other, though. Birds of a feather and all that. She stands up to him and challenges him and plays him at his own games. Looks like the End Game is coming. Stay tuned.

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MYM said...

I can't resist the spoilers either...but that Tracy, she's diabolical!

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