Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday Comments, Aug. 5

Lines of the week:

  • Sean "Once they can read and write, they can commit all kinds of fraud that they couldn't do before"
  • Bev to Tracy "Have you no self respect" (says her who's bladdered and carrying an urn around everywhere)
  • Charlie to Tracy "I could see the hate in your eyes just then. One of your more attractive features"
  • Danny "I ain't been this 'appy in a long time" (sopod alert!)
  • Jack "At least we've been granted the precious gift of silence for 48 hours"
  • Jack trying to appease Vera "Why go out for a burger when i've got steak at home" Vera "When did you ever look like Paul Newman?"
  • Bev "I've got a splitting headache. I've had it for days. I think I must be stress or something" (or something)

Nobody trusts Tracy's judgment. Nobody trusts Tracy full stop. Include Charlie in that. He's suspicious of her reasoning to why she wants him back. But she's got a plan. Still, i would have thought Audrey would have been within her rights to refuse to have Tracy as a salon customer, and was particularly surprised that she allowed Maria to do the work on Tracy. Tracy seems to have some plan with Claire, and is making it seem like she's a bit afraid of Charlie. Claire is falling for it too, hook, line and sinker.

Happy Birthday Jack! No fuss no muss? He really did think Vera left for Amsterdam. Vera had a plan, too, to pretend to be going on a girly weekend to Amsterdam and it nearly backfired on Jack, what with the near miss with the stripper! Poor Jack is feeling his age but Tyrone can usually talk him around to anything. Really, though, celebrating his birthday or not really should be Jack's choice. He was pleased, really, that they did make a fuss in the end. To Jack and Vera!

The Connor brothers have a plan, try to get a good deal if Danny wants to sell up and move to Spain. I think brother Paul has a good business head on his shoulders, moreso than Liam, i'd say. Cilla changed her mind so suddenly that something must be up. Yana thinks she's afraid to actually go through with the surgery. More councilling for the Platts. Sarah used Jason to get out of it. Audrey tried. So...two sessions and the councillor has given up and sent Gail to parenting class? or is that in addition to. I really think she needs to have private sessions with David. that lad is screaming for help and Gail thinks she can do it all herself and how is the councilling going to help if they don't tell her everything? Gail needs something to teach her to be so high and mighty.

Oh i see, so Jamie is going to pretend he wants to reconcile with Danny so that he and Frankie won't move away. That's just duplicitous. It's going to break Danny's heart even worse when this all comes out. She's in a panic, running scared from her very newly found feelings for her son, oh, sorry, husband's son. So is Jamie going to taunt Danny with "well you took Leanne from *me*!" ? Maybe that's what it's all come down to. And now Frankie has said she'll marry Danny again. the ultimate running away tactic innit?

I wouldn't expect Maria to pay her share of the leccy bill when she'd only just moved in. Hayley is volunteering with people that have broken the law and who shows up? Becky! Her that got Kelly arrested for something *she* did! We know how clingy she was with Kelly, something tells me Hayley has a new best friend whether she likes it or not. Hayley doesn't trust Becky and rightly so but Hayley's also a soft touch for a sob story and she's going to be sucked in, mark my words.

Why do any of you like the character of Norris? No, really. why? because he makes my skin crawl most of the time aside from the occasional good line. If i were Ken, i'd have taken the Prawn Cocktail and well... Norris would have had a new tail made of prawns. stacking papers in the bag is of a professional nature? He is jumped up, pompous, and self important, and Yay for Ken for telling him off! Bev was sober for once (for a short while) but not very happy that Liz was finally taking over. And Steve stood up for Michelle and insisted she stay on. Why is Liz so threatened by Michelle anyway? It can't be just because Steve fancies her. Kelly's going to get bladdered on her share of 50 pounds? that's between how many? 4 or 5 of them? So that makes about 3 or 4 drinks each. She's a pretty cheap drunk.

Was Bill always like this? leading Kevin out to drink and flirting outrageously? He doesn't seem to have any compunction to reign it in even though he's supposed to be a married man. Telling everyone the way to a happy marriage is to be in different countries? That's pretty disrespectful. Funny seeing Audrey drinking a pint and having pork scratchings. Really slumming it! Was Deirdre really wearing a flouncy skirt and knee high boots (or was that black tights)? What did she look like! Nice to see Gail and Sally having a friendly coffee and discussing the day isn't it?

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