Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 10

Lines of the week:

  • Leanne to Paul "It's all right you paying for it but you don't like you're little brother getting it for free?"
  • Gail about Jason "I know his heart's in the right place. It's just his brain. And everything else"
  • Leanne "I know about Spanish property but it's a different game over here" Paul to Leanne "I think the *game's* the same anywhere"
  • Deirdre "Don't you talk about a defenceless old lady like that"
  • Blanche to Ken "You should be careful on that high horse, Ken, it's a long way down"
  • Michelle (after snogging Steve) "I was just going to make a sandwich. We got any tongue?"

Paul didn't spill the beans to Liam... yet. But Leanne knows it's touch and go. Paul makes out like he thinks Leanne is after the factory again but Carla's suspicions are aroused. It's a tricky situation. You don't want your brother to be dating a hooker but you don't want to get caught out using her services either if you're married. Very awkward dinner party wasn't it? at least for two of them. Paul seemed way more uncomfortable than Leanne though. Leanne returned from her Sunday "date" and lost the curly hair and makeup. I guess she must have showered and changed before going to the pub. Ooh and now Michelle is kissing Steve again. Wonder if she means it this time? And if she does, how long is it going to last? Snogging on the street in front of everyone isn't exactly going to keep it under wraps, especially right outside the Kabin run by Nosy pants Norris. Paul is trying to lay down the law to Michelle as well as Liam about their respective partners. He's got a point about Leanne but what's he go against Steve other than Steve deciding not to pay up the bet. Liz sure isn't happy about it and i never really understood why. Leanne and Carla are making good friends but i think Leanne is a bit out of her element there, too. Why on earth is Steve searching for babysitters when there's a few young teenage girls on the street that would love to make some pocket money. But nobody ever seems to ask them!

So Ken is trying to get to know his son and his son is understandably suspicious, uncomfortable and not a little resentful. Ken's excuses to Daniel didn't seem to hold water. I guess it did seem fairly realistic for the situation, though. The longer Ken's around, the more that lad wonders why. I really love Blanche's nose sticking into all of this. Denise keeps talking good sense to Ken but he's not ready to hear it so now Ken is sleeping on the couch at Denise's. That's a bit too close for comfort. Deirdre is already assuming the worst and holds an old grudge about him not wanting children with her. Even then, she just couldn't stop that sharp, nasty tongue. I guess she's truly Blanche's daughter when she wants to be. She really gave him hell and they both reduced themselves to old grudges and threw all their respective mistakes at each other. That's going to be hard to take back and hard to find their way back to each other after all that.

Confronting Denise is definitely going to make things worse in the mood she's in. I love Denise! She's always telling Ken what he doesn't want to hear. I really hate it when Ken is on his moral high horse (and Didn't Blanche come out with a similar remark!). Boy Rita sure made a beeline for the pub when she saw Denise. Like as not she knew Blanche would come spreading the news or thought she could get the low down from Deirdre. And what does he do but bring Denise into the pub in front of everyone. I have to say though, the confrontation would have been much better out on the cobbles. :) Deirdre really made an idiot of herself and it's just the sort of thing that would push Ken to Denise for real. And does it bug anyone else the way he pronounces her name "Denize"? So we've spent a month listening to Deirdre scream and snipe at Ken and now how long will we have to listen to her sniveling over him? She's only got her own self to blame.

Wonder how Kirk is managing at the kennel. Hmm badly, so it seems. Vaguely pointing to a dog that needed castrating and the vet knackered the wrong won. Oops. I wonder if he barks in a higher pitch now. The dog. Not Kirk. Does Maria still have a part share in the kennel? This could be the end of the kennels. It won't matter that Kirk was overworked. He didn't take due care and he would be successfully sued. You know, after all that aggro Sophie witnessed her mother go through when she thought Rosie had talent, i'm surprised she's not doing the same thing with Sophie and if she's not because she learned her lesson, i wonder if Sophie feels left out and unappreciated yet again. I thought Sally was a no show but then Fiz said Ches went home with the Websters. Wonder why they didn't show Sally stood on her chair cheering? Yet Bill told everyone how much Sally bragged up Sophie's performance. I want to see her not hear about her! We've heard Sophie trying to sing, we need to hear Chesney now. What did you think? Any good?

For someone so dense about men, Maria was sure clocking on to Fiz seemingly attracted to the teacher. Now poor Kirk is putting himself down, having been a failure with the business so what does Maria do? Council him to do something so that Fiz doesn't get away. Well it seems to have worked. Kirk is going to make things happen with an engagement ring. Fiz seems about to make something happen too, with her old boyfriend. Why does Fiz think she's thick? When she came to work at the factory, we were told that she'd passed quite a few GCSEs. And so it seems they did have a physical relationship back then. She was barely 16 and I'm guessing he was not a little older. She's in her early 20s now and he's got to be 30 at least.

Lol i knew what was going to happen when Vera started listening to those ambience sounds, all that water. More golf shenanigans with Steve and Paul winding each other up. You may notice that Les is being talked about but not seen and now is said to be off with an Irish cover band, ZZ Top of the Morning. In reality, Bruce Jones was suspended for mouthing off in public while very drunk, letting out storyline spoilers. Ooh Doreen is on screen again. So by revealing that Paul is in fact a very skilled golfer, how does that get Steve out of paying up his bet to Paul? He might have got suckered, but a bet is a bet isn't it? Darrel just gets more and more odious.

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