Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 3

Lines of the week:

  • Steve "How could i get it so wrong" (er. don't you always?)
  • Liz to Vernon "Don't worry about me, i'll keep meself busy" (You and your lover)
  • Blanche "I'm always civil" (koff)
  • Blanche "I"m the closest thing this street has to a diplomat"
  • Fiz to Cilla "There's a first, you going for something real when you could have had fake"
  • Leanne "You!" Paul "You!" and later she admitted "Somebody broke me" ( taht would be Danny)
  • Ken to Blanche "Your presence isn't helping" Blanche "I wasn't meaning to help"

How could Steve have any idea how Michelle is feeling when she wouldn't tell him what the problem was? As usual Steve put both feet into it without thinking. But really, Michelle really does seem to give Steve mixed signals though his come on was bad timing. Then she turned around and told Vi that if you like someone you should "go for it" which is exactly what Steve did and she knew she'd stuck her foot in it that time. At least she finally told Steve what was going on. Well yes, it was Carla that talked Michelle around to not telling Ryan that Paul was driving the car and not his father. So what do they do? Talk about it when he's just in the other room. and now Paul and Carla are at odds and Liam is thinking Paul is going to go off in one of his moods? Who cares? Paul's pushing the marital envelope, though, staying out all night drinking.

Ken says he's got a 12 year old son within 50 miles of there.... Surely Scotland is further than that? Oh dear, Deirdre's getting really nasty now towards both Ken and her mother. I really do think she's having a breakdown. Ken tells Emily that Deirdre is blaming everyone except Tracy. Too right. Then she made some remark about him not doing enough to get involved with what was going on "over the road" which almost sounded as if she was back to believing Tracy was the abused girlfriend like she pretended. But they know that's not true so why would she now think Ken should have done more? As he said, nothing he could have done would have stopped her in her revenge plan especially since they didn't know that's what it was.

I can't blame Ken for taking off. There's only so much you can take and it certainly seemed to shock Deirdre out of her rage. I felt so bad for Blanche though. You know she feels that if Ken is gone, Deirdre will fall apart even more. And she's right, the longer he's away, the harder it will be to come back. Ken didn't go too far, he seems to have found a B&B and he seems to have found something else. A long lost girlfriend and son. He's being pretty circumspect as to what he's been doing too, not telling Deirdre he'd seen Denise and wants to see Daniel. So he must have said 15 miles not 50. Speculation around the net says Stockport or Rusholme as that's the football teams that were mentioned in Denise's salon. And if Blanche could take a taxi all the way there, it's definitely somewhat local. She wrote him that she'd moved back to the area yet even in the last year i remember Tracy flinging Ken's "son in Scotland" in his face. Blanche is just brilliant, though isn't she? sticking her oar in it all at the moment Ken finally sees his son after 12 years or so. She can't seem to decide whether to bicker at Deirdre, at Ken or do what she can to get them back together. Den of Iniquity indeed. *snork*

Doesn't she look great! I always liked Denise Black's acting and her character, Denise Osbourne. So Ken wants to see his son finally though he's been paying into a trust fund all these years at least. We got filled in, how she did let Ken know she'd moved back to Manchester. Maybe all this upset has got Ken wondering and thinking about the mistakes he's made in his life. So now he's going to get a chance to see Daniel again. Denise is afraid Ken will use him to fill the hole in his life and then drop him again. I think there's a very good chance of that. He's got form.

So Odious Morton is living in the shed. Gail and Claire wonder where he's going to the loo. Where do you think you silly gits? Liz is trying hard to get rid of Vernon, gives her more leeway with Dullard Drayman. Jerry pays absolutely no attention to the neighbours' complaints. None. Absolutely no sound proofing at all in that shed either, at least a house has a bit of a buffer. Mel better not lie and say she was driving instead of Darrell because it would get in the way of her new career as a police officer. And doesn't that half give her dad and granddad a start. Now the girls have got Ashley measuring the shed.

Lloyd answered the phone at the cab office, said "5 minutes" and never called out the call to a driver lol Tyrone and Molly are so cute aren't they? I think they have a future together too. They're very well suited. Liam and Leanne are starting to get close. Laughed at him saying she should come back when she was done her meeting. He didn't mind. But if he knew... and you know? Even Leanne's boots and heels look tarty! Liam's got a voice that's made for talking, not singing lol and WHOOPS!! Newest client for "Rachel" is none other than her neighbour Paul. Married neighbour. and she's dating his brother! They both want it kept quiet but i see her career as a prostitute come crashing down soon. And it's not the first time Paul's done this either. Now Leanne is getting closer to Liam and is terrified Paul is going to tell even though it'll put him in a hard place too.

Oh what's this? A blast from Fiz's past? Ok, Youth club DJ and she bunked off school to see him. I bet he was still a fair bit older than her even then. We first met her before she was 16, fostering with Roy and Hayley. When next we saw her, about 6 months later or so, she had left school at 16 and came to work in the factory and started chasing Tyrone. Sophie didn't do half bad singing. Not great. but not too bad. Laughed at Jack winding up Vera with the baby monitor in the pub and then she got her own back by turning it off. But they were pleased to hear that Ty and Molly want to move in together. Celebrating with Tia Maria and chips. That's class!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I realize I usually tip my coffee cup to you, but as I am late in reading your update, I raise my wineglass instead. I taped the omni, but look forward to it. I see 'Liam Conner' is leaving in the fall, so next spring for us. That is too bad, I like Carla, but not with him, and was hoping for a happy Maria/Liam coupling.. oh, ya, its the Street,, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Tvor, I love your blog and the 'lines of the week', but you missed the best one on Feb. 3's omni -- Violet to Sean: "I'd be happy if a dog came and humped my leg."

Tvor said...

That was certainly a good one too, Bunny!

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