Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 8

Lines of the week:

  • Claire "My husband slept with the woman that tried to kill me"
  • Gail "David, have you been shooting at my shopping?"
  • David to Gail "Trust!!! I don't know how you dare use the word" (well if you earned it, you'd get it)
  • Sean "Marcus. Sonographer. As i like to call him, Ultrasound Man, can see right inside you!"
  • Sean "I'm just so lucky" (AAAAAGHHH SOPOD!)
  • Fiz about Kelly "She's scared off straighter blokes than you"
  • Joshua to Ashley "Did you take mummy's toy?" Claire "Daddy took mine!"

Well the dust has settled on the Peacock crisis. Sort of. Claire's sleeping in the nursery and Ashley's sleeping on the sofa. Why is that? Nobody's sleeping in the big bed! Will Claire ever forgive Ashley? Poor Kirk feels so bad but it's not his fault. You could see Claire was working up to tearing a strip off Audrey for knowing about Casey and Ashley and not telling. Audrey did try to tell Claire but kept chickening out. She just hinted that Casey was making herself very comfortable. It's a hard place to be in, a friend knowing something like that. Nice bit of history there with Kevin trying to help Ashley because he does know how it goes. Can't blame Claire for not believing Anything Ashley says, not at this point in time. Sally's right, Ashley still had a choice and I can't blame Claire for wanting him to leave though i wouldn't call it a full blown affair. It was more than a one off but it wasn't much more than that. I can't imagine the Webster sofa is very comfy. Yes Sally did forgive Kevin... but it took years and they each had other relationships in the meantime.

Eileen has a good point. Casey managed to break up the family in the end after all. She wins. But how long are we going to have to see Ashley's tortured face? Good God, though, Claire seems to enjoy sticking it to Ashley by telling all she comes across that Ashley had an affair and they've split up.

Hayley is getting in deeper and deeper with lies. Becky thinks she's helping but it's not doing Hayley any favours. Hayley still would have lied about the 300 pounds but it would have been so obvious that even Roy would have guessed. Hayley's son's name is Christian but i think CBC snipped that out last week. The PI is back and it seems like he found Hayley's son and he works in a music shop. Hayley wasn't walking *that* fast but i think the fags have Becky's lungs in pretty poor shape. Hayley finally told Roy she has a son. Talk about shock to the system! I think Roy would have been ok and understood why she lied about her virginity if this hadn't been added to the mix along with Hayley lying about it and the private investigator. See, with Roy it's black or white. He doesn't understand the emotional subtleties and quandaries.

Why would Sean even have to say anything about his afternoon off? He could leave work and go to the hospital and Eileen would never know anyway. As nervous as Violet was about the scan, Sean seemed even more so about what people would think. So.. the scan technician, Marcus... Sean was flirting something mad with him and Marcus didn't seem to mind and gave Sean his phone number! Sean seems to be ok when it's him wanting a relationship but what happens when Violet wants one? That's an intruder, a potential daddy. Now that they know it's all ok, Vi won't be able to keep Sean from spilling the beans now so it might as well come from Vi. Eileen was gobsmacked and a bit baffled by the logistics. I can't help thinking this wide eyed optimism is going to go horribly south in the end. It's a soap. things are never smooth and easy. Why would Sean tell the biggest gobs on the STreet about the baby and then tell them they want to keep it a secret? Duh. It didn't take long for the news to spread. But Betty was brilliant, and you know, someone of her generation probably does think all someone needs is to find the right fella/woman. I've heard it from one or two people in real life so it's not that far fetched having a character like Betty say it. It's really not Liz's place to judge Vi but she might be the only one that was brave enough to warn them.

Do you think David would make a good stylist? Gail knew David dumped that parcel. Who else could it be? I don't know about stylist, David seems to be having a good time with the air gun, shooting Gail's ornaments, her shopping, her milk carton. Hmph. It's ok for David to torture Gail, play tricks, embarass her, but when she turns it around on him, he's insulted and tries to make her feel guilty. If David left the phone connection open, wouldn't Gail have heard the air gun shot over it and her own music back into her ear? Gail is right to ask for room and board just like Sarah. I wonder if Jason contributes too? She said everyone who lives there contributes so i expect he must and he didn't like Gail interfering in his pay packet too much. Was that overstepping the mark do you think? I kind of think it was, actualleh. David needs to grow the heck up, that's what he needs. He stabbed Gail right to the heart with his cold remarks. He decides to leave and you know, it probably is for the best. For now at least. Gail feels guilty, just as David intended.

Gail's worst nightmare, the police coming to the door after David has run off. Nobody's surprised that David decided to accuse Gail of being physically abusive. What better revenge on her even if he backed out of it. I think the best thing that could have happened is taking David into care. David thinks Gail let Richard almost kill him. Erm. and everyone else, her included. I hardly think that's a fair accusation. Oooh he makes me want to spit nickels, does David. I am really surprised he'd do something to upset Bethany, though.

Jodie seems to be chomping at the bit to get some time to herself. I"m sure Jerry does take full advantage. Kayleigh says someone spiked her drinks. You'd think as soon as she started to feel the effects, she'd have stopped drinking. That's where her excuses all fall apart. Looks like Jodie and Lloyd might be trying for a date or two but i don't think it's going to be easy. About as easy as Eileen and Jerry trying to find some alone time. Sally really is keen on this English course isn't she?

Hmmm Looks like Liam is getting interested in Maria. I wonder why Gail always thinks it's a private place to talk, in her kitchen. 6 feet away from the living room. Wouldn't it have been better to walk outside with the police? Kirk actually talked a bit of sense to Tyrone, warning him against talking too much against Paul. Tyrone just comes across like a jealous and petty person. His instinct was right, we know that, but nobody else does except Leanne.

Corrie's back on weeknights this week starting Tuesday with a double episode!!! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I love the little side plot of Betty being so absolutly clueless about Sean being gay. Betty Driver does that to a T!

Tvor said...

Betty always steals the show. I think she did know Sean was gay but seems to have the same mindset that others of her generation have in that they just need to find the right girl! (for the men, i mean)

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