Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 9

Lines of the week:
  • Nick to Michelle "Why are you being so hostile?" (um, take a guess!)
  • Lauren to Darryl "What do you want" Darryl "Something cheap and tasty" Lauren "That will be me, then" (don't think i'd want to call myself *cheap* and tasty but what would you expect out of her?)
  • Blanche about Harry "He's like Henry VIII with a shave"
  • Norris "It's like the man falling out of a hot air balloon. Halfway down he thinks to himself, so far, so good"
  • Paramedic to Jack "50 years and Never a cross word eh?" Jack "Nothin' but!"
  • Carla to Maria "Violets.. they're meant to represent fidelity!"
  • Harry "This story is like a dirty version of Cinderella" (and just as distasteful)
And so we must go through the process of loss. Jack took such good care of Vera, making sure she looked ok for when people would come to see her, her loved ones and even the paramedics. Interesting to see the various reactions, with Molly being the most emotional. I was a bit surprised there weren't tears in the Rovers, though, among Vee's oldest friends. Quite effective, the church bell ringing as they took Vera away. I think the saddest scene was Jack sobbing that he loved Vera, while standing in the yard by the pigeons. Saying the words he never could say to Vera while she was alive. Difficult to get him to the point where he could make funeral arrangements. If he does, it means it's real. Lovely little scene with Liam in the back yard. Norris seems to think bad diet contributed but i think once Jack had his heart attack, the cooking methods probably did improve, much to Jack's chagrin. Reluctance to organize the funeral is probably just because Jack didn't really want to accept it, i suppose. Imagine! It was actually Blanche that told Norris off for saying something inappropriate! Usually it's her gob that fires off at the wrong time! Terry sent a card and didn't take the price off the back. Here in Canada all cards pretty much have the price printed on the back. Can't remove it! Wonder if Terry will show for his mother's funeral.

What was all that about the white shoes with the bookies? That really seemed a bit grotty didn't it? Same thing with Carla down on her knees in the hotel supposedly like a cat. Liz and Vernon are back from honeymoon and Vernon wasted no time putting both feet in it, albeit unkowingly, as far as Ryan was concerned and just typically prat-like where Vera's death was concerned. Wonder how the honeymoon went? You wouldn't think Lauren would have her hair done in a back street salon would you? Liam is always so good with Ryan, isn't he? Uncle, father, and good buddy.

Michelle is nearly out of her mind looking for Ryan. Nick, who's been stalking Ryan and who shattered his world by telling him the truth, wonders why she's so hostile? Oh let's see now...But then Nick's not shown himself to be the sharpest tool in the box has he? Just a tool! Lauren isn't helping either by saying she left home at 16 and didn't speak to her parents for a year. I doubt they wanted her to anyway. Well tit for tat. Ryan was the one that told Alex about what was going on and it didn't sit any better with him. It seems one of the main reasons that Nick is so hot to get to Ryan is because the son he raised doesn't like him. Well he's not very likeable at the moment so i can't blame him. Nick blames the whole situation for breaking up his marraige. His ex-wife added that it wasn't the only thing anyway. Probably him being a prat in general. They say they'll go with whatever the lads decide to do. How much you want to bet Nick will still be skulking around putting pressure on Ryan as well as Alex? He won't get the chance. Ryan figures the test will prove Michelle is his mother but aw we've seen, it is what it is. Awfully fast for dna tests to be taken and come back though, just a couple of days? Sometimes accelerated time on television can be a good thing. Endless weeks of Michelle scriking would have been appalling! Now we will have to put up with endless whinging about Michelle thinking she's not a good mother if Ryan does want to get to know Nick and Wendy. Can't she just understand it's curiosity? She *is* his mother in every way that counts. Ryan of course, probably thinks that if MIchelle meets her *real* son, she won't want him. But he's still a kid, he's bound to think that no matter how much they reassure each other. If everything works out in the best way, both boys will have two families to love them but stay with the ones that raised him. So you can pretty much predict what's going to happen. Michelle has spent weeks lying to Ryan about who he is. Now she'll end up seeing Alex and spend weeks lying to Ryan about that, too.

Liam is going away with Carla and i'm surprised Maria didn't decide to go with them! What it really comes down to is Maria has to trust Liam no matter that she doesn't trust Carla. And Liam, he's as bad as every other male on that show. Rather than call Maria and tell her straight off that the hotel messed up the booking (so far as he knows) and he and Carla have to share a room, he didn't say a thing, making it 10 times worse when Maria finds out. Because she will, you know, and she did. Carla sure did everything she could to make sure Liam got all hot and bothered under his dressing gown and Maria got hot and bothered under the collar. And I'm telling you, if my parents couldn't go to my wedding, i'd change the date! I'm surprised she didn't already know about the cruise but i guess her parents aren't like mine who would have called me up as soon as they had booked, all excited!

I might have known Vikki wouldn't be selling scanty sexy knickers lol If Kelly's bag really were a designer bag, chances are it would have been better made. Now Kelly is going to try to steal some of Vikki's thunder selling knickers. I bet Kelly wouldn't be all that credible to sell sensible knickers though. Darryl fancies Lauren who's probably going to lead him up the garden path by the nose with his cojones firmly in her handbag. Didn't take her long either. One date, she's out shopping and manages to get Darryl to pay for her kebab. Gail's not quite sure what to make of Tina and David. I think she doesn't want to rock the boat but it's a totally new experience. You'd think after raising two kids already, talking to them about sex would be a bit more comfortable for Gail. Instead she's leaving condoms discreetly on the coffee table. And why Tina made such a big deal about it, since they'd probably already used one (or more) with their encounters already. She doesn't seem like the type that would take the chance. I laughed at Gail, letting David know she'd be back at 10, wanting to give them enough time.... for themselves. Um. He's 17. They could have time for themselves about 5 times over!


Anonymous said...

What is with Lauren? I don't know if it is the way the character is written, or the actress playing her, but it just isn't working for me. It is a shame because I think the potential for a great part and great storylines are there. I really liked the interaction with Molly and Jack about Terry being contacted for the wedding. When she finally turned it back on would Vera want him there, Jack didn't need to speak, but with such a suttle expression, he spoke volumes. Fantastic and believable stuff!

Tvor said...

Oh i know. Lauren has to be the most annoying character ever. Some over the years have become annoying after awhile but this was instantaneous from that first step out of the taxi. And yes, Jack knows Vera would want Terry there even if he himself wouldn't.

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