Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday comments, November 23

Lines of the week:

  • Lauren "When did you lose your sense of humor" Sean "round about the time you became really annoying!"
  • Michelle about Ryan "I don't like lying to him" (then don't!)
  • Becky "Why can't I make me happy?"
  • Steve to Michelle "Decide on your cover story and I'll lie without flinching" (cos, he's good at that is our Steve)
  • Gail to Jason "All packed for your guilt trip?" (snork. nice one, Gail!)
  • Fiz about Becky "if she was in the ring with two hungry rotweillers I wouldn't know who to put my money on."
  • Drunken Liam "Ladiesh, ladiesh. No fighting over me. I'm not worth it." (you can say that again!)
  • Steve to Michelle "Can't you just forget about Alex and concentrate on Amy?" ("Who?")
  • Jason after being thumped by Becky "It's alright Roy, I probably deserved it." Roy "I didn't say that you didn't."
  • Maria "I can't believe i'm so lucky" (aaaaghh! DOOM!!!! DOOM!!!!)
Michelle really is a piece of work isn't she? She's handled this thing badly from the get go and Alex didn't even know that Dean, his bio father is dead until Michelle had to tell him, which brought it all back to her as well. Even so, I think Alex is a sneaky little git, too and he's manipulative. He really knows how to push Michelle's buttons. Ryan finally knows that Michelle has seen Alex and he's not happy at all. It's going to be difficult for him, thinking he might lose his mother. Alex doesn't really want to know his parents so it's not quite the same thing is it? Michelle finally came clean with Ryan and is turning around and lying to her parents. It never flaming ends with her! The Connor seniors seem quite nice. I"m sure they'd take it all in their stride after the shock wore off. They'd just celebrate having a second grandson! Clearly they don't like Carla. No surprise there. And Mama Connor can certainly hold her own against Carla the witch. Michelle is so obsessed she has put everything and everyone else on hold, including little Amy's birthday! Have i mentioned yet this week how much i hate Alex and i think he's a little manipulator just like his erstwhile father, Nick?

Odd that there was a stag do for Liam and nobody organized one for Maria, not even her so called best friend Fiz. It was all thrown together very last minute. And the thing is, Michelle is right. Carla would stop ragging Maria if Maria wasn't bothered but that makes it all the more fun for Carla. Like any bully, she feeds on the vulnerable and weak. She probably wouldn't even want Liam all that much if it wasn't winding them both up so much. Why on earth would Michelle ever tell Carla about Liam calling her name while unconscious. I can't believe she'd be so stupid and so disloyal! It's not as if Carla was her best friend either! Carla took full advantage of a nearly naked and very drunk Liam (drool) but Maria managed to manacle her man who had no idea which woman was what that night. (And Claire sure enjoyed her eyeful!) Liam really did look horrible the morning after. I bet they filmed that first thing in the morning and told him to stay up late the night before! Aww the factory bees made him special boxers and gave him a little celebration. I bet Carla knows they'd never do that for her! Anyway, she'd had enough of everyone getting up her nose and she's gone to see Liam. What is she going to tell him?

My god Violet is enormous! Surely she's going to pop any minute! Lauren continues to stir the pot. She's either scamming Darryl for money or she's winding up Sean about the baby. I hate her. I really do. Another reason to dislike Bookie the Younger. Betting his father he could shag a factory girl by week's end. I'm glad his father outed him on that one. Mind you, with Kelly, he was definitely in there with more than a chance. Steve has Ninja Turtle cufflinks???? Becky sure made mincemeat of David in the pub! Wasn't Jerry cute with Mel when she came to show off her uniform

Kevin's adding to the problem if he's going to take Rosie out to a movie once a week and not do it with Sophie because he has bought Rosie's pretense that she was too scared to tell them about what she was up to instead of the reality, that she was playing it from all sides and enjoying seeing everyone squirm. That's all right though, the factory girls are really taking the mick out of her and she's got this righteous on thinking they're just being mean. oh ya think? ?

Oooh Jason and Becky up a tree!!! I think Becky's had a crush on him for awhile but she's held back. She only went with him because he assured her that Sarah was history and then he turns around the next day and regrets it and regrets it so much, he flew to Italy to see if Sarah would take him back. Becky should have known better. You know what the problem was, don't you? Red wine! Classic Corrie ploy. If red wine is involved, rumpy pumpy isn't far behind. Instead, she takes Jason's attempt at getting back with his wife very personally and decks him! Becky is a marvel, though isn't she? Every now and then she reveals a little snippet about her past and you can understand why she's a rough patch of road. She would seem to have had a very hard life to date. And Yay, another fight on the cobbles between Gail and Eileen! I was hoping Eileen would put a head lock on Gail to stop her phoning Sarah and spilling the beans because Jerry got in the way. She did a number on that hanging plant though didn't she! Jerry was the one that made Gail see reason about telling Sarah. I suppose he did learn his lesson interfering in what's-her-name's lovelife, her that tried to date Lloyd. Jodie, that's it. If anyone tells Sarah it should be Jason if he's going to see her. If he went there and didn't say anything, then it's fair game. Well there you go. Jason got a split lip out of Sarah's anger and Becky added a few bruises for good measure.

Don't forget to watch this week and see the wedding. Will Carla do something to stop the wedding? Will Maria and Liam wed? Will Ozzy be taken away on the honeymoon? Will Michelle forget about the wedding to see Alex? All this and more on Coronation Street on CBC this week.

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