Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 18

Lines of the week:

  • Vernon "Let's get some chuffing work done! I'll come up with a cunning plan" (that precludes the assumption that any of them have a clue between them)
  • Blanche "That house is shaking so much the smoked haddock jumped off the table" Builder "You should have killed it first"
  • Carla to Tony "That was untypically nice of you" Tony "You never know when you might need a favour"
  • Deirdre to Dev "Someone once described you as charming and witty. Hold on.. .it was you!"
  • Lauren to Eileen "I give it (the rent) to you as soon as my brain gets going" Eileen "That'll be a long while won't it?"
  • Steve to Vernon "Is Jerk Chicken named after you?" and (about Vernon wanting to get rid of hotpot) "If Betty gets wind of this she'll clean the gents with your head. While I watch"
  • Paul to Leanne "I wanted you. for the rest of me life"
  • Monkey Boy to Leanne "He loves you? *I* don't even love you!" (and your point is?)
  • Gail "Did you push me, David?" (gulp. will he or won't he?)

David rescued Tina from Audrey's grasp just in time eh? And he's doing anything he can to make sure nobody prompts Gail's memory. Will Tina manage to keep schtum? She's not a liar like David and isn't very good at it. Gail thinks Coffee will help better than tea, because caffiene gets her mind racing. She's been drinking tea non stop so what does she think is in that? Guess the coffee worked though, she remembered what happened with Jason. It won't be long now! It must be frustrating. It's odd seeing Gail and Eileen be so civil to each other when they really don't like each other all that much. But of course, it's because Eileen wants to clear Jason. Gail never really thought Jason pushed her. When Gail was trying to get down the stairs, and David was behind her, i thought for sure she'd have a memory flash. But she is starting to remember. Gail knows Tina knows what happened and Tina's running for the hills. David's let his mother down yet again, pushed her down in fact though it wasn't on purpose. He really didn't mean to but he also didn't call for help. I bet She Who Wear's Blinders will make more excuses for the lad and yet again let him off the hook. It's no wonder he's so screwed up.

So the guys that Vernon hired to do the smoking shelter turned out to be worse than the ones he asked to paint and paper the pub. So what are they doing? knocking through another door to the back? And i bet they didn't get planning permission either and Deirdre working right next door (she that works in the planning department). Uh oh. Vernon's bored with hotpot and wants to make it a gastro pub? If he's bored with hotpot, he must go! That's sacriledge! Did you notice that when Harry grabbed Amy from in front of that car, the car swerved in the same direction as Harry was running yet it didn't hit him? And what kind of grandmother lets go of a small child's hand while standing in the street! Liz, if there's a handsome red blooded man to chat to. And yes, i do think Harry's handsome and i like the character too.

Leanne played Paul like a fiddle! She stuttered and hesitated and prevaricated and pretended to back out and he got sucked right in. She's lurkign around corners with Monkey Boy, surely Paul is going to figure out he's been had. She's really walking on July ice. Now if we can just get the fella that plays Paul to take a few acting lessons, this story might even be easier to watch but eye rolling and chin scratching just isn't cutting it for me. Harry could be the fly in that ointment, seeing as he knows Leanne and MB are playing games of some sort. Amber was underfoot too, carring her crush on Paul on a platter. Oh he really did it though. Let a pot of olive oil boil and catch flame. Wouldn't it have been better to let it go more slowly so he'd have more time to get far away before the smoke detector went off? Well it's done now. Leanne has an alibi for her whereabouts. Paul is smug and she's nervous. Not a good combination. Leanne is a very good liar and she's used to handling men, let's face it but ewww just the thought of slimy Paul.... just... ewww....

Harry seems to have suspicions that Monkey Boy is involved in the fire, he's not but he knows what's going on but he still corroborated the story that Leanne was with MB which of course she was. Leanne told the police she was with her "boyfriend", even though she keeps telling Paul that he isn't. now is Paul going to hear that? Well he didn't have to did he, because Dan didn't leave when Paul was coming to talk to her and Dan didn't help matters did he? Paul knows now. Is he going to shop her to the cops because he'd have as much to lose or more, since he was the one that actually lit the fire. And he's an owner as well so he has as much to gain financially from the insurance. Paul's really bitter now. Dangerous.

OH ugh Lauren's back and swinging the lead as usual to get out of paying the rent and taking money from Sucker Morton to pay it. Marcus is back too! I do like him especially since he can't stand Lauren! Eileen must be doing well though, collecting rent from Sean and Jason and Lauren when she bothers. Tina took Gail out for a walk/roll and you could see the rain coming down!

Maria found just the right words to convince Kirk to go to Cypress, Fiz needs some time with Chesney. Carla doesn't laugh, she literally cackles. Becky and Roy seeming to rubbing each other the wrong way since they've been roomies but she's flirting like mad with the builders. It seems like Scrabble will be the instrument to keep the peace. Michelle and Steve are going off for a few days? After she's just spend months not working because she was running around after Alex. It's a good job she's shagging the boss or she'd never have a job waiting for her. Tony is an investor in the new buildings, he must be a very major one if he can dictate to the foreman.


Anonymous said...

Does Gail have a catheter? I was thinking about that this morning (ok, apparently over thinking for a tv show,,lol) but since the bathroom is upstairs, thats a LOT of tea and coffee going through her!
As for Eileen,, omg, how does she control herself from strangling Lauren? The sooner that charactor disapears, the better!
Overall though, a pretty good 2 1/2 hours! I just hated that it ended the way it did. David is sooo good at being evil, the look, the tone,, the finger,, haha. At least this time Gail confronted him at the bottom of the stairs!

Tvor said...

Gail can get up and down the stairs, with help. She insisted she stay at hom rather than go to Audrey's and that the kids would help her.

lol yes at least Gail was in no danger of falling down the stairs again. Though David never meant to push her down the stairs, just away from him.

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