Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 4

Lines of the week:

  • Amber "You're just trying to embarass me!" Dev "I haven't even started!"
  • Carla to Tony "The nearest thing to 'close' me and Liam get is when we're about to throttle each other" *uh huh*
  • Betty to Vernon "Get out of my way you useless lump!" and "Which of his two gears is he working in, Slow or Reverse?"
  • Jason "She slapped me" Eileen "Did you slap her back?"
  • Liam "We don't want a pickled baby do we?"
  • Roy "Some people claim to remember being inside the womb" Sean "'appen that's just showin' off!"
  • Audrey "David. Did you push your mam down the stairs" (get right to the point, Audrey!)
  • Steve "That is the beauty of having sons. They don't want you to wear lipgloss"
Boy, Gail really did take a tumble didn't she? David almost called for help but then he panicked and ran. and ran right to Tina. Lucky job Audrey went to talk to David and found Gail. Only thing is, she doesn't remember and David is absolutely bricking it. I know he didn't really mean to push her down the stairs but he *is* responsible. Tina took him back without much persuading but then she didn't want to break up in the first place. She should have been suspicious when he wanted to leave town right that minute, or at least after she found out about Gail's accident, knowing how angry he was with his mother and the police think she might have been pushed. All anyone knows, and it was Claire again who spilled the beans, you might know, is that she had an argument with Jason and now he's bricking it too! Poor lad, you know he's one man that really would never hurt anyone. Eileen had a good point. Why would Claire be so anxious to help the police after she was dismissed by them over the fire/Freddie incident.

Gail doesn't remember and Audrey now has an inkling that David could very well be involved. But you just know darn well that Gail has the Vera Duckworth Maternal Gene and when she does remember that it's David's fault, she'll excuse him, not shop him to the cops and David will yet again escape taking responsibility for his actions. I wonder if David would have been so contrite and tearful and upset if he didn't have that big bad cloud of guilt over his head and on his conscience. David really put on a good act when Audrey confronted him and told him about the abortion, where he pretended that was the first he'd heard of it. Very convincing. But should he have told Tina? She won't lie for him. Will she? He made a big mistake telling her that it's her fault he's in that mess. See? Still not taking responsibility. And waiting for the police because he knew someone would grass him up. But I think the police figured it out for themselves.

Michelle just needs to give it a rest. She's all over Ryan now that he is getting to know Nick. I bet Alex is giving his parents a brutal time in retaliation. He's certainly giving Michelle the business, not taking her calls. Nick has upped his game, inviting Ryan away for a week at Easter. So i take it that means Alex won't be going. Tony senses some closeness between Carla and Liam, and she just passed it off. All she had to say was that they are family and go back years but she told him about the kiss. He said it didn't matter but it obviously did so what does he do? Spring a surprise dinner party and then propose to Carla. I'm getting creeped out by this guy, he really is controlling and manipulative.

Posh flats on Victoria street. Odd place to put 'em. Dev was a real plonker, embarassing Amber like that in the restaurant. I am surprised Leanne didn't give him hell for harassing her staff! Now Leanne is ready to sell up but Paul doesn't want to. She's looking for investors and thinks Monkey Boy might be touched for a loan. Gotta give her points for being honesty, telling him about her recent past. No luck trying to sell the restaurant to that businessman though.

At least Kelly did finally own up. And didn't i say? She didn't lose her job after all. It was always thus with the factory, even with Mike Baldwin owned a factory. People got sacked all the time and got their jobs back most of the time. You know, Carla is nearly as ruthless as Mike was! Rehiring Kelly to cut her wages and use her for free overtime lol!

I loved Betty giving Vernon hell for just sitting around doing nothing. He thinks he's entitled because he was the "brains" behind the refurb. His next vision is a smoking shelter in the back yard. I suppose it's better to have it there with facilities for ciggy butts than hanging out on the street. Tony's a U2 fan (who knew?) and Steve loves Springsteen (that i can believe).

Fiz sure got a surprise welcome home. I don't know what they would have done without Roy's voice of reason helping with Social Services. Poor Kirk. If he's afraid of the dark at his age, it's no wonder he couldn't handle bringing up a kid. We won't see Chesney come home until next week but it's not really spoiling it to say he will. You knew, didn't you? I won't say how it all works out for those of you that don't do spoilers.


Anonymous said...

The first post of the year, and you saved my butt! Thank you! I missed it this morning, was off travelling, so thank you sooo much for the catch up. So much for remembering to set the VCR....

Tvor said...

Thanks for commenting Lori. I don't know if anyone else reads these but at least i have one faithful fan! :)

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