Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday Comments, August 16

Lines of the week:
  • Tyrone "I haven't got an imagination" Pam "Do you want me to get you one? Not new, like, but in good working condition"
  • John to Rosie "It wasn't all your fault" (Hurray! He finally admitted it!)
  • Rosie to John "You got any other secrets you're keeping from me?" (oh if you only knew)
  • Teresa about Dev "You think i couldn't take him in a fight?" (no doubts there)
  • Dev "What do I tell Tara?" Prem "You're a good liar, Alahan, you'll t hink of something"
  • Deirdre to Blanche "You can't go round accusing people of being the devil!"
  • Peter "Let's give grandma and grandad the surprise of their lives"
Boy Tony's really laying it on thick isn't he? Sucking up to Michelle over Ryan. Poor Carla really is broken up over Liam's death and wanted to go see his body. Of course his parents wouldn't want her there. They felt it was an intrusion because she's not really "family" anymore and they never liked her anyway. It probably was a bit inappropriate under the circumstances but i felt poor Carla's pain just the same. Liam's mother is a bit of a harridan isn't she? Trying to force Maria to go view the body. Maria has to do what she feels she can have the strength to do. It is a dreadful memory to have to have. She railed at Carla because a stranger had to carry Liam out of the church but Tony wasn't exactly family was he? Still, Mammy Connor apologized but Carla more or less threw it back in her face. I guess that's one off the Christmas card list for them both.

The funeral was sad, as they all are. Nice little touch having Leanne gaze at the hearse so we will remember that she, too, once loved Liam. Begorrah they even found an Irish priest for the Irish Connor wedding and Maria brought Ozzie along. Not only did Ryan and Liam's father get to be pallbearers and i cannot imagine anything worse than carrying the coffin of your son, but Tony did too! He has absolutely no shame! Even Ozzie was upset, that was actually one of the saddest things of the whole funeral. Carla couldn't face it but why would anyone be upset with her, accusing her of taking the attention away, taking Tony away from carrying out the coffin? Seems unreasonable to me.

I also want to know why half the population of Ireland (i.e. all the relatives) weren't there? It did seem a bit over the top but it was a funeral mass. Not really very "Liam" was it? Ryan's talk was really sweet, very Ryan and it was more "Liam" than anything else. I was waiting for Tony to eulogize Liam, too, but i guess they can't do that as they did that when Richard Hillman eulogized Maxine, his victim.

And Carla, she looked dreadful all week. Couldn't go through with the wedding, not now anyway and she hi-tailed it out. Tony's plans were all for nothing! he pushed and pushed and pushed her too far. He was determined to "win the prize" and it blew up in his face. Now he doesn't know if she's going to come back or not! After everything he did, he didn't get the girl. Yet. Oh... i'm watching this show and every time Tony comes out with another patronizing platitude, i cringe, i swear at the screen, i can't believe the utter nerve of the b@st@rd and I LOVE THIS SHOW! :)))) Boy when it's good, it's the best, isnt' it?

You may have noticed the flower spelling of Liam's name and remember it's been in Corrie at funerals in the past. Someone emailed and asked me if it was a Northern tradition. From what i can gather from various friends, it seems to be a working class thing but not always so, and not necessarily a regional tradition. Some i heard from thought it tacky and some thought it was over dramatic.

Now John knows that Rosie's bank account hasn't been touched. He hadn't thought of that, had he? Engineering it so someone finds it was sly. I wonder if he thought whoever found it would have got arrested, though? I wonder if that will mean anything. It's only raised more questions for Kev and Sally. Gosh i hate Stape SO MUCH!!! If i was Rosie i'd have found something heavy to whack him over the head with. Her wailing and going on was a bit much really. Talk about over acting. Then she figures a pout and a shag will get her out of the room but for once he didn't fall for that but he did nearly fall for Rosie's persuading, so much so that she nearly got away! Why didn't she fight harder or break a window or something? She could have pushed him down the stairs when he was making her go back into the attic. Honest to god. It's not as if he had a gun on her or a knife or something. I can't figure out how he actually got her in there in the first place!

Oh dear. Peter's ex-wife Lucy has died and landed Peter with the baby! Except nobody knew that Peter had been given Simon until he showed up on the Barlow doorstep. Peter had wanted to be a dad back when Lucy had Simon but he never got to be. I wonder how he's going to handle it as a single parent. With the example Peter's had, I'm guessing it will be a steep uphill struggle seeing as right now, he seems very reluctant about the whole business. Already the little boy that plays Simon is looking good. He's animated and interacts with the others, something many of the little ones, like Amy for instance, doesn't do.

Tyrone has already booked Molly's dream wedding dress and Pam still has him working hard selling her dodgey gear. Molly's not going to like that when she finds out. David's learning to drive? that's scary. So Deirdre is going to France with Blanche. Deirdre thought it was a holiday but it was to act as a carer for all the old women!! Becky didn't get charged and the cop isn't happy about it. Hayley's coming home!!

Why on earth would Emily carry a heavy package all the way over to the Kabin for Norris? He lives at her house. If she thought it was important, that's what the telephone is for! Third package that week and this one was a fizzy drink maker. Doesn't sound like something Norris would buy for himself.

Dev really freaked out didn't he? Daddy's little girl is a woman now ! Then he tells Nina that he's tried staying away from Nina though she just caught him on the phone groveling to her. Nina means business, she is threatening to tell Prem. Dev thinks she won't but couldn't take the chance. I think she would but i don't think she was planning to. I think it was a bluff, judging from her face. I doubt this is the first time she's done this and Prem probably just looks the other way. Obviously, that must be the case because when Prem found out about Dev and Nina, thought we didn't see the actual admission, he didn't really seem all that surprised, just angry that his friend would betray him. What a gentleman. He didn't thump Dev, he slapped him. Hard. So he's lost Nina because he can't tell her the real truth. She thinks he's shallow and a game player. that's actually not far off the truth is it! Now he's crying into his beer and hollering at Amber. Sympathy? You got yourself into this mess, Dev, i have no sympathy for you. Should have followed the "Just Say No" rule. Like Prem pointed out, nobody forced him.

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