Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Comments, August 23

Lines of the week:
  • Kirk "Sun, sea, safari... what's the down side?" Fiz "Me mam will be there!"
  • Eileen "Exterminate...Exterminate" (Playing with the microphone, Dalek style)
  • John "If you think i'm capable of that... (molesting Rosie)" (Well it didnt' stop you from "molesting" her the first time around!)
  • John "I'm not a kidnapper, it was a moment of madness!" (uh huh)
  • Maria to the dog "C'mon stud, let's get you a drinkie" Tom "Cuppa tea'd be nice!"
  • Becky to Hooch "Bitter?" Hooch "For now"
  • Michelle about JD "He's got more hair on his head than on his comb"
Maria is putting the pieces together. There are texts and calls and receipts that aren't all easily explainable. Tony doesn't want her to know the truth because then he's got a reason to want Maria dead. Also, i think he does feel guilty because it's left Maria pregnant and alone, something he didn't plan on. Uh oh, did you see how Tom was gazing at Maria? Has he got a crush?

So now, Rosie's got a hole in the roof letting in the cold and rain and a bit bruise on her head. Did you see the rifles on the wall behind the bed? She should have just shot the window out and that might have alerted someone. Fiz and John are back and he's edgy to get back to the cat but he got sidetracked by a taxi job and that was his undoing. Fiz found out that Lloyd wasn't feeding any cats and when she decided to do it, she discovered evidence of what she thought was a fancy woman stashed away. Fiz found Rosie! John was hot on her heels, dragging the anniversary couple around, horrified!

Rosie heard the door but she didn't hear Fiz hollering for the cat? Rosie must have heard Fiz hollering at John but she didn't holler down? Oh, i suppose maybe she did think Fiz knew all about it. Logical assumption i suppose since Rosie did do the dirty on Fiz. John was nicked and guess what? He's STILL blaming Rosie and everyone else but himself. "I did it for us... you think this is all me?...don't hate me...I'm not a kidnapper" I gotta say the whole storyline was pretty implausible and full of holes. John couldn't have got Rosie into that cab again nor into the house and up all those stairs. She'd have fought him like a wildcat.

Fiz was hollering for the cat but didn't see any evidence like a cat dish or a litter box. Cat? What cat? Fiz stayed in Gran's house for a few days. She'd have seen the cat *and* seen John feed it. He didn't start having to feed the cat for a good 2 weeks after Granny's death. Holes? We got holes! And didn't they drag it out painfully! Fiz on the steps, John stopping her to "explain" before she finally got that door open. Sheesh!!! Give me strength! Now he's nicked and Rosie's home! I wonder if he's going to charge Rosie with assault!

This is either going to change her or make her even more insufferable! And Sally thinks Fiz knew all along as well. Oh come on. If Stape can carry on a secret affair without Fiz knowing, he's a damn good liar, it's not so unbelievable that she wouldn't know what he was up to. And besides, Fiz would never do that sort of thing. She's not that vindictive. And seeing Rosie and Sally snugged up on the bed at the end actually brought a tear to my eye. Poor Sally, it's got to be the worst nightmare. You're supposed to protect your kids and when something like this happens and you get them back unharmed, you must want to wrap your arms around them like Sally did and never let them go.

Laughed at Pam and Rita singing Love is Like a Butterfly while Norris was trying to work out a winning entry to a competition. A year's supply of soup is nothing to be sneezed at. Now, why didn't Emily bring the book over to the Kabin? She had no problem bringing a heavy box over last week. Peter isn't quite sure how to be a dad, and no wonder, he's not got a great example. He seems to be drinking a lot lately, too. Leave it to Ken to tell a 5 year old all about the history of Bonfire night when all he wants to do is see the fireworks. (continuity? Rosie arrived home in broad daylight and the next scene is after dark when Simon should have been in his jimjams and fireworks were heard) Why didn't they just take Simon to the Red Rec to see the fireworks when Peter didn't show up? They were exploding all around so why the pathetic sparklers in the back yard?

you'll have heard that "Les and Cilla" are in South Africa and have sent tickets for Fiz, Kirk and Ches to go. This is a preclude to a spinoff DVD. I have it and will watch it again this weekend and put up a review of it next weekend. It's a separate storyline isolated on its own but it's briefly refered to later so it'll be nice to know what actually happened. (With pics of course!)

Lies, lies and more lies web around Steve and Becky. Dan has his suspicions and he's not that keen on Steve so maybe there's something to worry about there.

D'you know what, i think that Ozzie is as good an actor as any! You know, there wouldn't have been any "fireworks" sounds when they were filming him sitting with Maria, that would have been added in later yet that dog was looking around right in time with the added in sound effects!!!! Someone must have been off screen snapping their fingers or something to get his attention.


Robin said...

Any idea if CBC is going to show the South Africa specil?

Tvor said...

I haven't heard but i'll write an episode summary and post it here next weekend.

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