Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Comments, September 13

Lines of the week:
  • Roy "You love me so much, Hayley, you want to leave me"
  • Hayley "I thought i was working for a school, not a harem"
  • Carla to Tony "Did no one ever tell you that confession is good for the soul?"..."Why, whatever crimes are you hiding?" (you don't really want to know)
  • Michelle "I know I"m asking a lot" (you sure are!)
  • Len Windass "We are silent, we are deadly and we are tidy"
  • Steve "Who's in charge here?" Liz "You are, now go fetch the pies"
  • Becky to Steve in a hotel room "I don't usually do this sober"
  • Steve "I have my own mind you know!" (and everyone tells you how to use it)

Who would have thought Roy would be so dramatic, describing their empty house as a shell, etc. A ha! So we find out that the reason Hayley wanted to go back was because of a crush on this Olaf guy who seems to be flirting with everyone, but not her though she thought she felt a spiritual connection. Then she got upset because her mate Tilly hit the nail spot on. Even Becky tore a strip off her and called her selfish. After all that volunteering? But yes, in a way, she was being selfish because really, although doing good was part of the motive, it was more about her than the charity work. Roy, the most unselfish man on the planet, was willing to give her up if that's what she really wanted. He described his imaginary day as the brightest ever, once he knew she was going to stay! Then completely understanding, or at least giving the impression he was, after she confessed her crush. Doesn't that man just break your heart sometimes?

Julie certainly got prickly and defensive when Hayley came back into the factory and heaved a sigh when Hayley didn't want her job back. Poor Hayley really is all at sixes and sevens. Now she doesn't know what she wants to do, but she needs something fulfilling. Charities? She worked with one before. That's when she brought Becky back.

Wow, that didn't take long. First Tara finds out that her ex boyfriend shagged her mother and then an angry Amber spilled the beans about Dev and Nina! I don't think Dev deserved Tara as his road to happiness anyway, not after his affair with her mother. She certainly didn't deserve him! I can't blame Dev for being angry with Amber, after all, and it's probably just as well she's going to Finland. They can both use the break. You know, if it wasn't so ludicrous, i would have found Dev's attempt to make kebabs and milkshakes funny. But it was utterly ridiculous. Nobody sticks their face right in a blender nor does anyone stick a knife in it when it's still plugged in!! Dev would have made blender cocktails at least to know that much.

Norris is in a passion, now, to unearth who this Mary Taylor is, the woman that keeps beating him out. In the meantime, Norris wasn't too happy to have to share Emily again (with Jed), as usual. He's met Mary now and he actually seems to fancy her! Wasn't he pleased with himself, too! Why would Fiz bring a belt back to Maria from her hols when Maria has an ever expanding waist?

I'm already hating the Windasses. At least that maniacal red head and his uncle. Tit for Tat, they cleaned out the Platt kitchen in retaliation. Dev can be very patronizing, don't you think? He was that to Amber when she came in angry that he bought the kebab shop and he was basically showing off for Tara.

Oh crap, Michelle's parents are coming and Michelle's organizing an anniversary party for the day of the court case! That's going to be a bit tricky, then. I wonder if Michelle is going to invite her son Alex to his grandparents' anniversary? Thought not. Seems like that story has been dropped like a bad smell. Michelle is always pushing Steve around, have you noticed? He's starting to, though he might not if he didn't have somewhere else to be. And if she's got him doing all the party planning, what is she contributing? Didn't help that Daddy Connor got all cozy and family-ish with Steve, with Becky staring daggers, compounding the guilt. What to do? Lie in court and help a mate? keep the girlfriend happy and not risk getting banged up for perjury? What's a boy to do? And i wonder what was the straw that broke the camel's back? The endless lists and orders to be chief, cook, bottle washer and bouncer at the party? Roy telling Steve that Becky was terrified? Talk about desperate measures to get away though, getting Graeme to punch him!

Anyway, Steve did the "right" thing (I use that loosely) and Becky got off, much to Hooch's chagrin. Now, by rights, Becky should have been found guilty because she was guilty of most of the stuff they charged her with though not the assault which would have been the main jailing offence i think. However, Steve's now saying he really has a thing for her. Where the heck did that come from???? Especially when he said he actually meant it? Did you see that coming? I didn't. Mind you, Steve always had an attraction for women who were edgy and loose cannon-ish. Becky and Karen would be an even fight i think. Now there's a fly in the ointment, because Blanche witnessed the whole thing. Free drinks for all!

Carla's back and she actually seemed happy to see Tony! I think the big bank withdrawal probably spurred her on to return but she accepted his explanation. I suppose she figures she hasn't got any future with Liam so she might as well have Tony. She does love him just not as much as she loved Liam.

Maybe Ashley didn't take Kirk back on because he was a crap butcher but he did promise him he would when things got better. All this wandering around by that reporting, someone's going to take her up on it, you just know it.

Fiz is back. If you missed it, here's what actually happened in South Africa. I'll tell you what, though, Steve enticing Graeme to punch him was brilliant!

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