Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday Comments, December 13

Lines of the week:

  • Steve to Liz about Becky "We're engaged." Deidre "Never a dull moment round here!" Steve "And she's moving in. Today."
  • Sean about Jason's broken heart "What he needs is a good cry!"
  • Kelly about Julie "I've seen nightlights brighter than her"
  • Ashley about Josh "I bet he'll voice will crack before mine does" (*snork* lickle "in" joke there?)
  • Michelle about Becky in a wedding dress "She'll look like a whippet in a frock"
  • Tony "A helium balloon tied to a pair of high heels. Rosie Webster" Luke "Two helium balloons?"
  • Ken "That 'We' that i'm never part of!!" (Because it's really all about you!)
  • Blanche about Ken's behaviour "I hate to say it, but i feel another novel coming on!"
  • Janice "Tony's nose is put that much out of joint he's got to go into another room to blow it!" (LOL i have to remember that one!)

It's bad enough that Michelle didn't know that the "other woman" was Becky, her friend, but seeing that Steve gave Becky the ring he'd bought for her? That's low. Mind you it's a fuzzy area. Michelle never did want the ring and chucked it into a garbage bin. It's not as if she wore it for any time before the breakup. It's a perfectly good ring. But morally, yeah, probably not the best idea Steve's had, is it? Becky took a thumping from MIchelle but she only gets one "get out of jail free" card and the next time she tries it, I am sure Michelle will have lost a few of those hair extensions to Becky's claws. Leanne decided that since Steve would be so uncomfortable if Michelle got a job in the bookies, she'd give her a job! You know, i really like Leanne. I always did. I got wondering why she and Steve never got together. They aren't that different in age, especially now that they're adults. Ah well. Just mates.

Liz Hates Becky. We get that. But even if Becky gives Amy too much breakfast and gives her pretend kiddie coffee, is it really a good idea to take the kid away from her breakfast altogether?

So intimidating Tina didn't really work, Len decided to try it on with Ted but he's not afraid. It gave Tina the shakes though she's not backing down. The more he pressures, the more she's determined to dig in her heels. Then Len turned around and arranged to have Joe's lockup robbed but made sure he was in the pub acting all Jack the Lad and loudly buying rounds for a firm alibi. And i wouldn't be saying out in public about putting the pressure on Tina until she changes her mind. Ted was, as ever, The Voice of Reason and the first real one on the show. (don't get me started on Ken bloody Barlow!) Poor Tina, more and more pressure. As the day in court gets closer, what is she going to do? But Gary's right when he told off his family. The more they interfere, the more Tina digs in her heels.

Then Gail spilled the beans about Joe's situation to Jason and Joe didn't like it. He doesn't like his dirty washing aired in public. That's because he looks like a loser. I'm beginning to think he is! He's got a quick temper if nothing else. Were you surprised that Len was behind a big kitchen refit job? What kind of deal is he going to offer? Stay tuned next week and see!

I feel terrible for Julie being under that kind of pressure from Tony. Mind you, if they were in a union, he could never get away with that. Even so, i'd be going to a tribunal so fast Tony's head would spin because if he sacked her because she wouldn't sack anyone else, that's very much unfair dismissal. And nobody is going to defend Julie. That's kind of unfair, too. She volunteered to get sacked but he still tried to force her to do it. I'd be quitting if that was me. Then i'd go to a tribunal. And get a solicitor. Anyway, guess what? She did tell Tony she'd be the one that was sacked (you get benefits in that case, you don't if you quit), and she was saved by the bell, so to speak. Luke Strong, appointed by Carla to run the factory (she has the majority share, remember?)

So Luke Strong. He's definitely going to be a thorn in Tony's side. Tony is NOT impressed by his appearance. I wonder if Luke Strong is really who he says he is. Does he have an agenda other than winding up Tony? He certainly enjoys doing that. He's making friends with the workers too. I think he's working up to a good cop-bad cop scenario lol Tony thinks he is a spy. He could be. I don't know. He *is* cute though. A nice bit of eye candy to look at. Mind you, Tony is easy on the eyes too. He comes across as too good to be true, though. Should we trust him? Tony certainly doesn't.

Liz and Lloyd on a dinner date with the Barlows? Ken, of course, wanted to go to Martha's play. after all Ken didn't even bother to go home when he returned from Peter's, he went straight to the barge lady. Of course she would have given a Tony award winning performance seeing as she's perfect. Honestly, she's so annoying because she comes across like the perfect woman. Ken's soul mate. I don't trust her. Does anyone else think she could turn into a stalker or scam him for cash or something? And if Deirdre thinks it's embarassing that Ken doesn't even want to be there, she ain't seen nothing yet.

He certainly got jumpy with the Beatles song Martha My Dear was mentioned and it turns out he's been playing it over and over all week. Just mates, he says. Blanche was a hoot, moaning about being shut in the cellar. And Ken balks at painting Blanche's room which would only take a couple of hours and kicks off that he's tired of everyone else arranging his life. Cripes! But buying wine at a corner shop in your own neighbourhood when you aren't going to be sharing it with your wife is an amateur's mistake. Ken's no amateur when it comes to cheating so it's kind of odd he would do that.

Graeme made a passable Fred-immitation. Poor Ashley first thought he was possessed by Fred's spirit and then though he was making fun! But why on earth was Fred's hat so filthy dirty? It wasn't when Fred last wore it and it's been hanging in the shop. It can't be that dusty in a food shop.

What a contrast, Steve and Becky all over each other, full of emotions and there's Roy and Hayley barely touching in public but you know Roy and Hayley are devoted to each other. It's nice that Sophie has a best mate to kick around with and it looks like it's going to be a foursome, Sophie and Ben, Sian and Ryan. Poor Chesney looks to be the gooseberry as always!

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