Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Comments, December 20

Lines of the week:

  • Ken about Martha's character "Fooling yourself to the very end" Ken "We all do that sometimes" (like now)
  • Len to Joe "Everybody's got a price. Yours is dropping by the hour"
  • Ted to Ken "I just feel you should be more honest with yourself"
  • Becky to Steve "Do they all get rings as nice as this?" (um, yes at least one of them did)
  • Blanche "That's the second fiancee to chuck it away. You'd be better off buying a boomerang!" and "And they said it wouldn't last!"
  • Anna "I hope you know your lad's about to commit perjury" Gail "Really? At least mine can spell it!" (The smugger they are, the harder they fall!)
  • Eileen "Rita's Royal R's, it's going to be the talk of the neighbourhood"

Hmm so Len is putting a lot of work Joe's way, 19 kitchens, if he gets Tina to retract her statement. Why on earth they'd be worried about fitting kitchens when the building is only an empty warehouse and there's no flats in it yet, i don't know. So will Joe stick to his principles to see the Windasses go down or will his state of finances win out. Yep...he led Tina into admitting she's lying. So now what? If she tells the truth, Gary gets off and Joe gets work. If he trusts Len's word. Does he get angry at David for putting his daughter in a situation where she has to break the law and lie in court? It must be a legitimate deal. There's a contract. We'll see if it's worth the paper it's printed on. Joe is taking advantage of Tina's admission, now, he'll push her to tell the truth because "it's the right thing to do".... yeah... for his wallet. Well they've all pressured her so much that she's taken off. Will she come back for the trial?

And so we end the week in the courtroom. Gail is all smug but we know the truth. Will Tina show up? Will Gary go down? Tina showed up. Ted told her to her own self be true. So.... truth or lies under oath? Find out on MOnday.

I get so angry that i shout at the screen when Martha keeps ragging on about how lovely and sensitive Ken is and he keeps on letting her assume he's widowed even when there are the perfect opportunities to do so. Ken gets home late. So much for Deirdre's nice evening together. Then he drags Ted into it using him as an alibi. Ted isn't fooled one little bit so he decides to go meet Martha himself to see what Ken is so enthralled by. Ken nearly swallowed his tongue when he saw Ted there. Ted poked and prodded and Ken finally admitted he was lying to everyone including himself.

Does Maria sell LadRags or not? Michelle has a point, LadRags could do really well if they put more effort into it.

Liz is really being underhanded and putting the knife in Becky's back with STeve. She insults Becky non stop and brings in MIchelle to take over Amy, which is only going to confuse the little girl. She finally leaves Becky in charge and look what happens. A bus load of Metal fans eating and drinking the pub dry. Poor Becky only had one set of hands. You'd think one or two of the regulars would at least offer to ferry sandwiches back and forth from the kitchen. Instead, Kelly the B!tch just made trouble for Becky and it made it look all that much worse on Becky in Liz's eyes. And Steve didn't do a whole lot to defend her either.

He's such a prat isn't he? All this sucking up and smoothing over the hurt edges caused by his mother and all the time he's pawning off on Becky the ring he bought Michelle that Michelle picked out. And Liz has some brass neck calling Becky a gobby mare and counting down all Steve's exes. Pot or Kettle, Liz? Anyway, Becky found out and i thought she was going to take Steve's head off. Only she aimed lower. Probably appropriate. His way of making up? Scheduling the wedding... for Friday the 13th! More superstition!!! I'm kind of surprised she decided to keep the ring, calling it recycling. But then again, it's worth 7500 quid, why not? And Michelle didn't want it, she chucked it in the garbage skip! Too bad everyone else seems to be against the wedding, as well. Even his mother, which was expected, but also Lloyd who, when he didn't think Steve was listening, agreed he didn't think it would last.

Eileen finally met up with her old school friend Paula. Paula has been avoiding Eileen so there must be a reason. If so, why would she be on the Street where she could bump into her which is what happened. Paula was 14 when she got pregnant and moved away. Thought she had to be pretty young. Eileen's dad decides to give Rita a flower box. Who knew Graeme was such a garden expert? The problem is Norris. As usual. What business did he have shaking the ladder under Graeme? He deserved to have the compost dropped on him and i bet he blames Graeme when he was clearly in the wrong.

Sophie's got Sally in a spot, you have to give something up for Lent! Booze? And Sally coerced Kevin into it too. Right, and how long did that last? 5 minutes, that's how long. Like they think nobody can smell the booze?

Ah the rigors of filming outdoors. The teenage girls were sitting on the wall while it was snowing! What on earth was Liz wearing? Those black and white patterned tights!!! GahhH! All of a sudden, Ryan is a guitar player and is in a band! When did that happen? He was determined to make a living out of gaming last i heard.

I forgot Michelle was away. Her hair sure got long while she was away! Extensions, no doubt.

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