Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Comments, January 24

Lines of the week:

  • Tony to Luke "You had to go back for the rabbit" Luke "I always go back for the wabbit!"
  • Julie to Kirk "You're warm, and loving and loyal" Kirk "If i had a tail, i'd make a good puppy"
  • Rita to Tina "Go easy on him. For once, it's not his fault"
  • Ken "Deirdre's my wife" (FINALLY!) and "When i'm with you, i wish i was single" (pig)
  • Martha "I mistook caution for integrity" (got it in one)
  • Umed to Dev "You are a nutcase"
  • Tom "I go for the unobtainable ones" (like Maria)
  • Ken "I think Peter's turned a corner" Blanche "Let's hope there isn't a pub on it"
  • Julie "I think i need a man" (but not in the way you think!)
  • Headmaster "I prefer child initiated conflict"

Very good stunt work and effects with the fire at Peter's flat!! But at first, there seemed to be an awful lot of smoke for just a few flames! Poor little Simon was still smart enough to call someone for help and Tony and Luke saved the day! Luke even went back and saved Leanne the "wabbit"! Do you think Ken being neglectful of his family yet again and not being there for this crisis is going to make him realize what he's doing? Seems so and he FINALLY admited to Martha that he was married. (Did you want her to smack him one??? I sure did!) Peter's wake up call was pretty profound too but i reckon he's still got a long row to hoe! It's not going to be as easy as he thinks.

One short insight that Ken realizes how judgemental he is and he thinks he shouldn't be like that. It won't last. Ken has admitted his real situation so Martha rightly doesn't want him around anymore. He's told her all the truths and she's shocked and appalled. I don't like her one bit, she's too perfect, but she doesn't deserve this either. (and neither did poor little Eccles!) He says he didn't set out to deceive her but he did from the first day he met her.

It didn't take Dev too long to get busted, did it? He's a terrible liar, isn't he? Made copies of the exact three that were sold? Coincidence? She storms out, he thinks she's left him so what does he do? Shag someone else who also happens to be someone Tara knows. They were on a break, right? Well she did say it was over and they were finished! It could have been pushed under the blanket (so to speak) but Poppy let the cat out of the bag which wasn't her place to do. She claims Tara is a mate. Since when?

Rita and Colin seem to be getting closer don't they? She's organizing a surprize birthday party for him. Hey, what were the sleeping arrangements in Number 5 anyway? Kirk and Ches used to have bunk beds and i thought Fiz has the old master bedroom. But then Kirk and Julie probably had that so did Fiz sleep on the other bunk? She must have because Kirk offered Fiz the big bedroom back.

My gosh! Kirk actually acted like a responsible grown up! He talked honestly to Ches and the told Fiz Ches was bunking off school straight away. Chesney is "hating school" and Fiz found out why too, Ches is being bullied again and the headmaster is dating the bully's mother! That's really going to make so much of a difference. Sheesh! Chesney wants to leave school and the head master's attitude got Fiz digging her heels in and now she's got to figure out how to get Chesney schooled at home. I hope they don't make him into yet another troublemaker. Oh dear heavens. Fiz has turned to Prisoner 666! (Who knew you could get a prison visiting order in an hour's notice?) And i don't know about you, but that smirk on his face when she left? I wasn't the least bit surprised and i don't trust him one inch. And yes, of course Fiz still has feelings for him but very mixed ones, too, i should imagine. This is not going to bode well, mark my words.

Poor Kirk, even he could see Julie was unhappy and he started to realize that they really were a bit too opposite. I like that he was the one that did the ending of the relationship and that he pointed out that she often treats him like he's not good enough or like he's stupid. Fiz would often do that too but she was a lot nicer about it :) You know, it was one of the most realistic yet touching breakups on telly i've ever seen.

Lloyd's back. Liz's gone to take care of Andy. Joe.. Tina... Tina... Joe... Blah blah blah. Very clearly Joe likes his feet under Gail's table. Capital L Loser!

Poor Mary lost her mum. Norris barely touched her arms when he "hugged" her. What a pathetic hug! Norris could be a good friend to her if she didn't fancy the pants off him! But he was good support after her mother died. I'm sure Mary loved her mother but i am also sure she's probably relieved of the responsibility. All the stories that came up seem to indicate her mother was a bit of a millstone around her neck. Now there's not mother involved, Mary has a clear road and she's hoping Norris will join her on it. He says he will. I have my doubts. He's only going because he's been usurped in Rita's life by Colin.

How late does the corner shop stay open? Simon was in bed ages before Peter's cig started the fire yet everyone was still in the shop (when Tara discovered Dev's subterfuge). Laughed at Graeme drooling over the remains of the fire, breathing in the charred smell but wishing he'd seen it. You forget he was an arsonist, don't you!


nwtrunner said...

I always go back for the wabbit - was one of the best lines I've heard for a while!

Norris and Mary on the World Tour - one can only wonder what frivolity will ensue.... Love Norris as a character - right back to the Derick and Mavis days.

I'm going to have to start keeping my own "favourite lines" each week to compare!

Tvor said...

There are always usually plenty of lines. Some week's it's hard to pick just a handful!

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