Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sunday Comments, December 19

Lines of the week:
  • Mary "Google ganglions, Natasha"
  • Connie about Jackie "She's a bit full on" Jack "You ain't seen nothing yet!"
  • Gail: "What on earth has he got us all into?" (No, YOU have got you all into it by not going along with the plan.)
  • Carla: "I'm just the lowly cleaner" (Even in marigolds and a tabard, she still looks too posh to be a cleaner!)
  • Jackie about Molly: "She's done up like Joan Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party." Tyrone: "Don't be weird, or any weirder than usual."
  • Jackie to Molly: "You're a plate faced slapper with elevator knickers." (she is, you know. The slapper bit at least) Molly "It takes one to know one" Jackie "Exactly!"
  • Lloyd to Liz "And I thought bitter only came on tap"
  • Molly about Trev "That's a bit of all right?" Sunita "You're not wrong, kid" Dev (churlishly) "He's a binman"
  • Jackie to Dev "How does it go? Prices up, knickers down"
  • Steve about Liz giving Ciaran the glad eye "Can't leave her alone for a minute" Becky "She's an optimist, i'll give her that!"
So Joe's fingerprints fingered him as the dead body. (Does anyone else think the writing on the boat makes it look like Gail Farce? seems a bit appropriate!) Anyway, he's dead for sure now. David actually seemed upset to have to tell Tina such an awful thing. He hated Joe but i'm sure he didn't want him to go away in this manner. Gail and Tina identified the body. Horrible thing for anyone to have to do let alone a teenager. For Gail, it must be old hat. (sorry!)

I laughed at David pointing out to Gail that she would probably be better off doing the exact opposite to what she thinks is a good idea. He's probably right. But no, Gail insists on finally telling the police the truth. You know what that's going to sound like, don't you? David makes matters worse by throwing away Joe's mobile. So Gail's running around the house looking for the phone. I"d have rung the phone if i couldn't find it and knew it was in the house somewhere. It sounds so strange, though, hearing David defending Gail, and being worried about her getting into trouble.

So did Simon hit Josh or just push him? Is George trying to manipulate things to get Simon? You bet he is. Yet Leanne, though she seemed suspicious, fell for his "vacation" trick. Will they come back from Spain?
Carla has her hair changed a bit, she's got bangs (a fringe). Kind of suits her. And she's certainly made an impression on Trev who's made more than one set of eyelashes bat! He *is* rather dishy, isn't he? Plot Device alert! There's no way anyone would have left a coffee spill on the floor of the factory all morning, Hayley or Julie wouldn't even if the others would. It might be dried on but Carla looked like she'd been scrubbing the paint off the floor when Trev came in and though she was the cleaner.

Molly has been living in the flat about a month. Wouldn't she just walk over the road to the Post Office counter and have her address changed? Andddd Jackie's back!!! Poor Connie thought she was doing Tyrone a favour telling his mum. Her Royal Pinkness is back! I gotta say i love Jackie Dobbs! She's horrible and awful and over the top and great in small doses! And she's got Molly's number, too. Tyrone really does believe that Molly just stopped loving him. That part is true but there's soooo much more to it. And Tyrone must be messed up, he thinks Jackie's changed.

Norris is on high gossip alert, between this new fella Audrey's been seen with and the police visiting Gail. As soon as he scurried into the pub, Audrey wanted to know what he was hoping to find out! LOL!

The Aunties farce continues. Sunita darns socks? Sounds like an excuse to me. She probably needs a little alone time. Liz asked Lloyd who the aunties were. She served them "vegetarian" hotpot 24 hours earlier. Well it looks like the inevitable, Dev and Sunita will get back together but instead of going slowly like she wants, he's telling the children, telling his friends, bringing her flowers... Dev... ok, flowers are too much. How about a holiday to Disney instead? I think it's more than just enthusiasm, i think he's a control freak. Or just highly selfish and self centred.

Gary's friend has his eye on Rosie. Trev's brought two adorable kittens home for
Janice only she's allergic. It must be love! Ciaran just can't help himself flirting and you'd think he wouldn't flirt with Liz who's plainly falling for his patter. You'd think he'd have learned from the upset he went through with Bev. What did Becky expect Liz to do, with her swinging the lead and Steve running around waiting on her, Liz is doing it all herself though Michelle is supposed to be working there. We've not seen her much until she has to share bar time with him. Funny, that. Ciaran is a lovely addition i think but Trev... Phwoar!! :))

I laughed at Gary and Quinny making fun of "old fashioned" names. Oh dear, Quinny's soldier brother has been seriously injured in Afghanistan. I bet that makes Gary's toes curl. Quinny's reaction was quite good, shock, disbelief. Wait, there's seagulls in Weatherfield? Imagine it. David advising someone NOT to lie!

And that's the end of February (in the UK). You can read more obvservations about the month's events here. Be warned there are a few upcoming spoilers.

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