Sunday, 15 July 2007

Lines of the week:

  • Tracy to Maria "One thing i've got a degree in is copping off"
  • Violet to Jamie "It shouldn't have to be an effort"
  • Sean to Jamie "I feel sick" (you and me both, mate)
  • Norris about Bev "She's going to throw herself on it (the coffin)" Rita "well try not to enjoy it too much"
  • Blanche about Bev "I wondered if she might be going to slur a few words"
  • Audrey to Dev "I think of you as a self-centred patronising womanising hypocrite" (Got him in one!)
  • Bev "Grief. Affects people in different ways"
  • Blanche "If God had meant us to drink out of polystyrene cups, He wouldn't have invented china"

Ashley has to deal with legalities on top of everything else, so soon after Fred's death. Liz could have waited to find out about the pub no matter what Bev says and wouldn't she or Steve have their own solicitors handling their side of the sale anyway? Good God, Bev is drinking in the morning before the pub is open! She'll be drunk 24/7 after the news about the will and the sale of the pub as her on special way to deal with being left with nothing. Good God, Audrey's going to the funeral as well. That could be explosive. I"m really surprised at Rita. Ok, Audrey did have feelings for Fred but she wasn't having it off with him like everyone thinks and Rita should trust her long time friend's word. And what's the deal with everyone crowding on "Bev's" side of the church and leaving Gail and Audrey on their own? it's not a wedding, and that's just childish. The pallbearers didn't seem to be having any difficulty did they? You'd think there'd be a bit of a struggle with a man as tall and large as Fred.

There weren't very many residents at the funeral. Not a lot of people at all for someone that owned a business and was involved in an organization like Square Dealers. Half of the residents that did go hadn't even known Fred for very long but then again, that doesn't really matter. I am surprised that people like Jack, Vera, Steve (considering he just bought the business from Fred), Sally, Kevin, Les (even though he was at the pub after), Janice, Roy and/or Hayley at the funeral? They all knew Fred for years. It's as if Granada just looked around and said, ok, who's not on vacation this week, and who has a current storyline and let's put them in the church and then we won't have to pay for a large place.

Didn't Bev make a spectacle of herself, both in the church and squawking at everyone outside after. Ok, i understand she's devastated but the booze certainly did add to it. She really is a drama queen, i'm afraid. It's actually quite funny when you look at it in the terms of a tv show and the character and her situation. Obviously it wouldn't be funny in a real life situation. Does Dev really think he could give out wise advice like Fred did? *snort* Let's just not go there, k? Bev continued to be heavy handed, taking possession of Fred's ashes and then parading them around the bar. Good heavens. I am really surprised Archie would have done that, knowing Ashley was the next of kin. Very nice having Rita sing a song at the wake. Not very nice having a tipsy Bev carrying Fred's ashes around everywhere,even in the bar. She says Ashley has Claire and 2 kids, well she's got Shelley and a new grandbaby coming. Scatter the ashes on the side of the motorway? Eek!

Maria sure stood up to Cilla didn't she? Sofa in a parrot costume? *snort* Wow Kirk bought Fiz a scooter! *And* she loved it! Violet couldn't lie to herself anymore and did the right thing and finished with Jamie. She was right, he was only making an effort and if they were right together, it wouldn't be like that. I see Jamie still works for Penny King.

Danny and Frankie and Jamie should have left their troubles outside the church. Dear God Jamie kissed her! He kissed Frankie!!! Looked like she kissed him back too! And it chased her right out of the house and to Danny! I'm not sure that was quite the right thing to do either. She should have chucked Jamie out! So what does that say about frankie's reaction to the kiss, then? rebounding to Danny? and excuse to go back to Danny like she wants to down deep? Avoiding some nasty attraction to her stepson? ewwwwww. So she's telling people she's back with him anyway, even if the bedroom arrangements are temporary at the moment.

Wedding fashions: What was Frankie thinking? She went a little over the top, i thought, with that hat and feathers and netting and neckline down to there. she's only known Fred 5 minutes, she's not the grieving almost-widow who, by the way, is wearing her mauve wedding dress. Ken's crack about Miss Haversham was perfect! And so what if Eileen was wearing a red skirt? Sean wore a spiffy black waistcoat. I think he's got one of those for every occasion! Bev made a nasty crack about Eileen's skirt. Has she *looked* in a mirror??? Why would Tracy try to matchmake Maria all of a sudden? does she have suspicions that she's not even aware of yet? Never noticed Roy had classical music playing in the cafe before. Maybe it was a "Sunday" thing. Archie's praises of a naked steam bath seem to have horrified Norris. You know, Sarah is looking more and more trashy lately. I hate that furry jacket she wears. Tracy Barlow had one similar and look what she's like ;)

Full charge to the train station, all hands on deck but where's Rosie and Craig!? As i suspected, Rosie wasn't ready to run away and leave it all behind. Too bad. Craig could have saved some money on that second train ticket. Craig has nothing to keep him in Weatherfield and after all the poor lad has been through, i'm not surprised he's ready for a fresh start. He knows Rosie is going to move on without him... college and university and he probably thinks he'll only hold her back. It sure took the Websters a long time to get to the station but then that's realistic. Most times you blink and the transporter/Tardis has people shifted around in a blink. Well it's done now. I did find them all a bit shouty and Rosie was a bit screamy at the train after it left but i suppose that's typical 15 year old hormones.

Any other time, Maria would be hot for Liam. I think they'd actually make a pretty good couple. Too bad she's had her backbone removed by Charlie, not that she was that bright to start with. Charlie certainly marked his territory with Liam though didn't he? Surprised Tracy didn't think that Charlie overreacted. I don't know if i would bet against Liam in a fight with Charlie. I have a feeling he could fight just as well and as dirty as Charlie would.

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