Tuesday, 31 July 2007


My friend has been hollering that at the screen a lot lately when she watches Corrie. Why? The antics of our favourite bully boy, Charlie Stubbs, that's why. She doesn't do spoilers so all i could tell her was "Just wait until you see this week's show!" which was, by the way, the one we saw last week where Charlie played bobbing for apples with David's head and it all came out about his fling with Maria. And what about that thing he does, hands on a woman's face, all "gentle but firm" but getting his face right up to hers, speaking quietly. That's very aggressive, and it's scary, is that.

Every now and then, Charlie lets slip with a snippet about his childhood and we get the feeling he was abused and unloved. Sometimes you wonder if it's all put on for sympathy but sometimes i think it really must have happened. He mentioned something while he was torturing David and there's no reason he would have been playing the (false) sympathy card with him. It's like he was taking it out on David for what he'd been through as a kid. I think he was abused and he's mean and nasty because of it.

But i'm not excusing his behaviour. He's a piece of work for whatever reason. He's an abuser, a bully and a control freak. I think he's as damaged as Tracy is because she's clearly not normal and has gone way past the realms of "selfish" in her own right. She loves Charlie, actually loves him. Or she did. I didn't think it was possible for her to love anyone but then she and he are like two peas in a pod. She gives just as much as she takes. She stands up to him most of the time and he doesn't get that often. I'm surprised he stood for it this long but i guess he likes the challenge.

Does he love her? doubt it very much. He likes the challenge. He likes that someone else can play games and be as nasty as he is. Tracy's probably good in the sack too though that doesn't keep him from sampling other wares that are on offer. Just because he can. Pig.

Aw that's not fair to pigs. They're mostly quite nice animals, aren't they, even if they do like to roll around in the mud. Well, maybe he is a pig. I know his bacon is going to be well and truly fried once Tracy gets her vowed revenge.

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