Sunday, 23 September 2007

Sunday Comments, Sept. 23

Happy/Merry Christmas!
Lines of the week:

  • Bev "Just this once i'd like to do something my way" (she's like a mack truck! what's she talking about?)
  • Betty on Steve's off to shower with him "I've half a mind to. That'd teach him!"
  • Michelle to Sonny "Yeah, i'll come" Sonny pointing to Vernon "D'you have to ask your dad?"
  • Sophie to David "Your gran was bitter and twisted. Now i know where you get it from" (yes, well there is that!)
  • Gail "I don't want Sally Webster casting aspersions on my napkins!"
  • Vera "I can't believe it! I'm actually having a nice day!"
  • David "More sprouts anyone?"
  • Audrey "We didn't plan any of this" (that's what they ALL say)
  • David "I thought I was going to be the main event but you totally eclipsed me"
  • Blanche "What's that" Eileen "The rest of the turkey... It's a *baby*!"

Steve's having a hard time connecting with Michelle. Can't get anyone to work for him or babysit for him and by the time he got there, she'd copped off with someone else. Why didn't he call her? He's so useless when it comes to women no matter how suave he thinks he is. So now Michelle has a hunky new fella and Steve misses the boat again.

Now why didn't we see or hear Tracy fling a plate against the wall to back up her story to Claire? Tracy managed to get rid of Amy for Christmas but oddly, i think she rather regretted it in a way. So now she's threatening to sleep with someone else, and letting Charlie know that she might do it. It's all for appearances though, right? And it's Christmas Day and David's Birthday and Claire and Ashley's anniversary! He shot down Sarah's pressie before she'd even given it to him. Sally's supposed to be Gail's friend. Yet she still can't help herself sticking her nose in the air over the dinner. There's an awful lot of tinsel and tat decorations aren't there? they just seemed to appear overnight! The Duckies seem to have had a successful holiday for once. Laughed at Molly training Jack like a dog. It's working, too!

At least Bev and Ashley made peace before she left and Fred's ashes were scattered altogether. And Audrey and Bev made their peace too. Happy Sweet 16, Rosie! I see she's still gaga over Craig who hasn't forgotten her yet. The pub doesn't have any liqueurs out front? Oh well. maybe i guess. I still don't believe that Liz, who's worked in wine bars and pubs for years has never heard of Kahlua. Sean has worked in fancier bars and should know how to make em, as well as what's in em, but it looked like they were very strong! Talk about odd drinking partners, Janice and Norris!

So the secret is out. Sophie found Ivy Tilsley's diary in the attic of Number 5. And did you notice the bits Rosie and Maria read were at the very start of the book? Yet it was about Curly and Kimberly/Gail's near-abortion which was in the early 1990s. Did Ivy write the diary back to front? Other stuff Sophie came up with was a good 10 years before that or more (Susie Birchall flirting with Brian? Vince St. Claire? both in the early to mid 80s) And don't you think it's an awfully small book to carry 10 years worth of secrets? I really don't understand why Sophie has never heard of Ivy Tilsley. She would have heard that Tilsley name for years around the Street, Rosie should have known for sure. She and Rosie grew up as playmates with David and surely Granny Ivy's name would have come up a few times over the years. David sure got a shock, finding out about Gail's near abortion. One more block of wood to add on to the chip on his shoulder. One flash of sympathy for him, i thought. Mum and Dad split up, Mom marries a killer, Dad moves away, now he finds out his mother wanted to abort him. A kid doesn't understand that the maternal instinct would have kicked in and he was just as wanted as the other children. Is it any wonder he's out of control? He sure didn't pull any punches when he revealed all at Christmas dinner! And why stop there? Why not spill the beans that Bill is shagging the black widow in front of Maureen? David really is a little s**t isn't he? What Audrey said was shocking but he did push everyone to their limit that day. Gail should have thrown him out or told him to go live with his father.

Les and Yana spent a chilly night in the bath full of mushy peas. Ewwww. It looked like there was more peas in the bath the further on the evening went and by the end of the night it looked more like plain water than thick mushy peas! That was a good revenge but unfortunately the reason behind it is contemptible. When you think Cilla couldn't get any lower, she does. Blanche was the only one that doesn't believe that Cilla's ill. Wants to see a doctor's note. Cilla didn't waste any time getting away for her holiday either. Alone of course.

Gail really looked like she was hearing way too much information when Audrey and Bill were flirting there just before Christmas. Would have been nice to see David wish Rosie a happy birthday seeing as his is the next day anyway. Didja see Gail's face when she saw Maureen? And David's face?? And Audrey and Bill both went particularly green. Why didn't anyone offer Maureen a plate of dinner? not likely she had any. Bill's excuses to Maureen were particularly lame. He missed her? He loves her anyway? it stops now? He's lucky Maureen didn't stop it now with the carving knife. I don't believe Bill when he says he'd always been faithful. He didn't show any reluctance at all with Audrey, none. You would never guess it was the first time he'd broken his marriage vows. So Maureen decides to wash her hands of the whole mess, husband included. What does Bill do? Well he's got to suck up to Audrey of course. Instead of sucking up to his wife. He didn't even try! I chuckled at the confrontation between Maureen and Audrey though, with name calling flying back and forth. Audrey and Bill say goodbye in the pub. I'm betting if he's staying in Weatherfield, he won't be long until he's got his feet back under her table. Audrey's voice kept going out. You can tell which scenes were filmed on the day she had laryngitis and which ones where she was better.

Oh eck!!! Someone's dropped a baby on Jason! Then Sean went running down the wet cobbles with silly slippers on and a Santa hat with funny hair on the sides of it! So she met Jason last Christmas and this is the result and Jason has no idea or memory. I wonder if that means it was someone else using his name? That's my first thought but then if he was drunk enough, he might not remember anyway. He's that thick he doesn't remember last week let alone a year ago, even sober! Every Christmas, someone has a disaster and this year it's the Platts, Websters and Grimshaws. I think Eileen should definitely get a dna test or at least a blood test.


Pantagruelle said...

I think Jason needs to get a DNA test too. It's been a long time, and hard to remember, but wasn't Charlie going out on the town cruising and picking up girls about a year or so ago, and didn't he say to one of the girls that his name was Jason Grimshaw??? It's hard to remember that far back, but I do seem to think that when Charlie was still with Shelley he picked up a girl at a bar and lied about his name.

Tvor said...

I don't remember Charlie doing that exactly but it's certainly within the realms of something Charlie would do. It was longer than a year though since he was with Shelley so that particular time couldn't have resulted in the baby. However, it means he has been known to do it so he probably never stopped.

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