Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sunday Omnibus comments, Sept. 9

Lines of the week:

  • Audrey "Bill Webster are you trying to lead me astray?" (pot? kettle?)
  • Audrey "Might as well be hung as a tart as a strumpet"
  • Tracy "No pain no gain"
  • Sally to the men "You're going to be washing up anyway, it won't matter that there's twice as many!"
  • Jack re Sophie "She reckons she's psychic." Betty "yeah, and i reckon i'm a Dutchman"
  • Rita "Go and put kettle on.... NOZ"
  • Gail re Bill "What if his wife comes?" Audrey "I'll jump off that bridge when i come to it"

Audrey and Bill are really annoying me. She's chasing him like a mad thing and he's married!!! Lovely example he's putting out for his granddaughters, spare room or not, and you know darn well he's only using the spare room for storage! Sally's got her nose all up in the air over it too. I'm surprised at Kevin saying "Who Cares" over his father's adultery too, having done it himself and had a wife that did it too. He knows the hurt that will come of it. What on earth is the reason why Bill would stay alone on Christmas when he's got family who would expect him there? Now Sally seems intent on the turkey wars with Gail. Who will Bill and Audrey end up spending the day with?

Norris is annoying me too but at least he discovered who the graffiti artist is, Michelle's son, Ryan. Emily, however, is a star! He might have tossed away the can but it didn't go that far and fingerprints will tell. And you'd think that using a spray can as much as Ryan does would have left a little bit of spray paint on his hands or clothes. And that's exactly how he got caught. If he was wearing it the night he was caught by Norris, why didn't anyone check his sleeve then? It was obvious enough for his mother to notice and she wasn't even trying. Just goes to show you, some kids think they can get away with anything. Smart ar$e and confident but very stupid. Imagine carrying the paint cans around in your backpack but that's exactly what a kid like him would do. I tell you though, Ryan is quite talented. Pretty fancy stuff for painting with a spray can.

Next step in Tracy's plan, use the christening to her favour. I wonder why nobody's mentioned anything to Steve that they all think Charlie is controlling and abusing Tracy with his daughter in the way. And Why was Hayley so hot to have a picture of her and Tracy along with Claire after everything that Tracy did to her and Roy? Why would Charlie think that Tracy should snap right back into the bedroom after he's cheated on her not once, but twice, but then he's the type that would. Or is this just another step in her plan? Did she expect he would turn around and want out of the relationship? Is she doing some fancy footwork to keep him where she wants him? Good God!!! Burning her arm with the iron is quite a drastic measure! But she should have slammed the front door for effect too. (Did you notice she'd put the iron down on the ironing board, went and had a few drinks and when she finally picked it up again, there were no scorch marks from the obviously hot and steaming iron?) I hope the doctor didnt' give her any strong painkillers on top of all that booze she had to shore up her nerve. Well she's out and out lied to Claire now and given her the full "abused partner" line and saying she'll give Charlie one more chance. Calling the women's shelter only reinforces her plan.

Speaking of the christening, i don't think it will be long before Bev is not wanted at the Peacock inn just like the Rovers Return Inn. By 'eck, i bet if Claire's mother has a word with Bev, she'd get the hint quick enough. That woman is a tough nut. Sophie is hearing "voices" that expose the ghosts of the past? Hm..... She sure wound up Jack! Yay! A Betty scene! More! Looks like Jason and Sarah will be back together before long, doesn't it? I always thought the Weathy Arms was within walking distance but Jason and Sarah hopped on a bus. Sounds like Sophie might actually have more stage talent than Rosie ever did but she's being smart and not letting Sally know!

I wonder if the paper Danny gave Jamie is even legal? Yeah, i was kind of thinking it probably isn't. Danny probably gave Jamie the paper to make him think he was going to top himself. Blimey, Jamie's got a few more things to be worried about on top of the business and Frankie, Violet's pregger!!! Leave it to Liz to assume it was Michelle not Violet and suspect Steve as being the father but it's none of her business anyway. And now she's not going to get rid, what's Frankie going to say when she hears that! Wanna bet she takes the high road and pushes Jamie away? I bet Jamie's going to get a shock too. Gosh the actress playing Violet, Jenny Platt, did a good job, i nearly cried right along with her! I really loved the friend-y scenes with Sean and Vi, and you know Sean is just dreading what's going to happen when Violet tells Jamie and finds out about him and Frankie which she will do eventually. I think Violet did have some faint hopes that Jamie would want to be with her and the baby when she told him and was really let down when he didn't make any such noises in that direction. Now she knows the truth and she knows Sean knew, it's all blown sky high. Eileen knows as well. It's going to hit the fan this week, boys and girls!

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