Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sunday comments, January 20

Lines of the Week

  • Janice "Far be it for me to be insensitive" (HA!)
  • Paul "What's done is done" (he's making a habit of that)
  • Liam "I've never let ignorance stop me from discussing anything"
  • Sean "My head's hurting, must be from all this concentrating"
  • Jason to Eileen "You're more selfish than anyone"
  • Bill about Cilla "The only blokes who watch her every move? Store detectives!"
  • Gail "What harm could a little shed do?" (uh oh, i think you'll be sorry you said that)
  • Lloyd "Is it Mondays. Is it women? or is it me?"

They must have put a camera right on the ground and let it go by remote for that shot of the ambulance driving right over it. Amazing how much the factory bees knew about Kasia for someone that could barely speak English. I'm surprised that, when everyone was wondering why Kasia was in so early, that they didn't realize she was working nights too, they must have known she and Vicki and the others had night work all along. And later on they did start musing about it. It just seemed like the continuity was a bit off. Here's hoping that Carla's guilt trip about the insurance for Kasia's family will keep Vicki from telling the truth because Vicki is pretty sharp. She knows that it would mean trouble for the Connors and probably everyone would lose their jobs if the factory was closed. Sally certainly mounted an efficient offensive with Vicki at a "nice friendly lunch" and had Vicki scurrying out in tears. Carla didn't think about how it looked waving a new dress around in the pub with the grieving factory workers. And did you notice the song playing in the background? Careless Whispers. "Guilty feet have got no rhythym...." I thought the upper area wasn't to be used for storage? Yet there are still dozens of rolls of fabric up there. Paul sure isn't very sincere. Working on his video game and then finally confronting the girls and making them feel like dirt because they didn't start up a collection for Kasia themselves.

Leanne seems to have worn out her welcome at her favourite hotel. Thing is, it's clientele from that hotel that called the call girl so really, the clientele *do* want her sort there. I don't know why Leanne was so upset, she must run into this all the time. Embarassment? or maybe Janice's words about going from posh hotels to the street corners hit home. Has she taken to plying her trade outside of the escort service when she's not on an "appointment" or something? Liam seems to be her rebound fella. It seems to me Janice used to have just a one bed flat, because i remember Leanne saying something about sleeping on the settee when she left Danny and stayed with Janice for a bit. I don't think Liam and Leanne are for the long term anyway, their names are too much alike! It'll never work! I think Janice might like a rerun of Leanne and the Underworld boss in some ways. Loved Paul taking the mick out of Liam just like a real brother would.

Mel Morton is in college. Doesn't seem like twin Darryl is. She was secretive about what was in her backpack though. Jerry's ex sure ran down the list of all the electronic stuff missing with out a word about the kids. Even so, i don't think they should have nicked the stuff. She sure gave them up quickly enough. I think they should call her bluff and let them call the cops and then hang the social services on her. Les and Cilla's place is finally looking decent after all the decorating they did. Looks like Sophie and Chesney are both in the school play. Sally doesn't seem to be nearly as strident in pushing Sophie like she did Rosie.

Eileen told Claire that Holly's mother dumped her but she did omit the fact that Holly's mother now seems to want her back. I really don't trust Miss Thing, the baby's mother even though i'm sure in the long run, she'll get the baby back. How will she know what to do with the baby this time around? The actress isn't very good, either, i'm afraid. I don't have any sympathy for her. The whole situation has driven Jason out and where did he land? Gail's (and Sarah's) Jason called Eileen selfish. I suppose she is in a way because it feels like she's filling a hole in her life with that baby without thinking of the baby. I can understand her being reluctant to give the baby back to a woman that abandoned her in the first place but with social services involved, they'll make sure Emma treats the baby ok and the baby isn't any blood relation to Eileen. Is Eileen going to give the baby back? She was doing all the baby's laundry. Poor Claire seems to be having a bad day with Eileen keeping a secret from her as well as the Barlows, that she's taking the baby and running!

Audrey broke Bill's heart and turned down his proposal. Well not really. He wasn't bothered. Nobody likes an proposal out of obligation anyway. Gail's turning 50... er... 49!! I don't blame her for having a gob on her when her own mother got it wrong. I think it really touched an old sore spot with Gail too, after a childhood of what seems to be neglect at the hands of her mother. Leave it to men to think it would be ok to broadcast a woman's age all over the neighbourhood. But Audrey did give her really pretty flowers, didn't she!? David knew that Audrey got it wrong but didn't say a word but that's not typical David, that's just typical teen!

Peter nearly got away from Maria without saying goodbye. But he tried. Get the feeling that Peter has a girlfriend down south? Peter's too old for her anyway. Adam is going with Peter and Denise (Ken's ex) wrote a letter of support. Deirdre thinks all the notes are from people who are basically ambulance chasers and gawpers. Now that Adam's gone and Blanche is away, will Deirdre and Ken be able to stand it with nobody else as a buffer?

Did Vernon really liken himself to a pulsating beast? *gag* He didn't waste any time scarfing the birthday champagne. I don't think Gail's glass even hit the bar before he'd had it. Meanwhile Liz is panting after Derek the drayman and Deirdre knows it.

Lovely little scene between Becky, Hayley and Roy outside the cafe. Claire is still banging on about Tracy's trial. She thinks her testimony sent Tracy to jail and Ken Barlow couldn't stand her to feel that way. He let Claire make the right conclusion and that has given Deirdre even more ammunition against Ken. Jerry seems to be measuring up the back garden. A shed?


Anonymous said...

Once again, I raise my coffee cup to you. Well, ok, still Saturday night, but I will raise my cup Sunday morning in your honour for another FANTASTIC write up. I go on the ITV site and keep with with both England and Canada for the updates, and I was in tears for the Friday one. I think that one will be a brandy episode when we finally get it here, just heart wrenching!

Tvor said...

I downloaded Friday's UK episodes, i couldn't wait 9 months and it was even more emotional to watch in real time! When corrie gets it right, they really get it right!

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