Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sunday Comments, January 6

Lines of the week:

  • Foreman of the jury "Guilty!"
  • David "Whatever i say everyone automatically thinks i'm lying" (um, because you usually are)
  • Steve "You know i'm going to have to buy her her first bra!"
  • Janice about Joanne "She should have told me!"
  • Dev "Mine is bigger than yours" Steve "It's not the size it's what you do with it" (golf clubs!)
  • Janice "We need to take action" (haven't you already done that?)
  • Dev about Jerry "Not only did that man kiss the Blarney Stone, he snogged the very life out of it!"

She's going down!! Absolutely no doubt in my mind that she would be found guilty. 15 years and Deirdre is going to beat herself up every one of them. Steve is now a single father. I wonder if we'll actually get a storyline where he finds it difficult. Nah. We didn't get it with Ashley, we won't get it with Steve. Tracey would have gone to prison even without Deirdre's testimony. Liz at least probably would be good company for Deirdre. She's had a son go to prison too. Claire's going to get quite a shock when she finds out that her bezzy mate stitched her up and sucked her into her nefarious plan. And Deirdre is now going to lash out at everyone and Ken's going to get the worst of it. Deirdre just isn't going to accept completely that her daughter is a monster and made Deirdre believe what Tracy wanted her to believe. Even knowing the truth, Deirdre seems to still be blocking it out and blaming herself. And even those crocodile tears as she was led away weren't very convincing. So the morning after, it's all over the newspapers. Why wasn't in the papers before that? You only saw it i think, the once, the day after the murder and not one photographer on the street. After Richard Hillman's escapades, the street was thronged with press. This shouldn't have been any different.

Tracy really is sticking the knife in where Deirdre is concerned. Nothing Deirdre says makes any difference. There's no way Ken and Deirdre could possibly afford any more big legal bills. Tracy turned on them some quick when she found that out and then tried the sympathy card ramped up with Amy guilt on top of it all. She's a supremely selfish cow and she deserves to be banged up alone for 15 years. I bet Tracy won't remember her parents' anniversary (will she remember it's also the date her father, Ray, died?) Blanche is gone on holiday, Peter will be gone and Adam with him. It's just Ken and Deirdre and all that guilt and smoke. Deirdre needs to get angry at Tracy, really angry. And not just at Ken which is who she's taking it all out on and i resent her calling him the Voice of Reason! (even if he is! ;)

Poor Steve is in a panic over raising a daughter in a pub and what Amy's future is going to be like. Steve has told Amy that her mommy has done something a little bit naughty. Can you see the panic in that child the first time she is naughty?

Sarah certainly seems to have completely gone against her brother. She doesn't give any quarter does she? Gail has her doubts about David's testimony and knowing about the security tape adds to it but he still managed to talk his mother round. He really knows what buttons to push. Peter's still sniffing around Maria's skirts but I see he really hasn't changed any. He turned around and took off back down South and didn't even tell her, and left the day after he spent the night under her sheets. Bill's buying Charlie's builder's yard? I thought he already did! Will Sally let Kevin invest? No i guess not. I don't suppose they have much money after all those school fees they're paying. But Audrey won't mind and Bill will take her up on it. See i wouldn't want paying back if the business was a good one, i'd rather have the income!

There's another little fallout from the murder. Just when Jason was starting to really like the baby, as we all suspected, the baby that everyone thinks is Jason's, isn't. Charlie was using Jason's name when he was out on the pull though the girl did remember Jason as being at the club that night too. I wonder if Charlie did that a lot or just when he was out catting around on a girlfriend. (and where *has* the baby been in the past few weeks? we've hardly seen her until the last episode this week!) Eileen's going to have a hard time giving up that baby now. I don't think Jason will.

You just knew that Leanne's survey was going to show that the house was just fine. She just enjoyed winding Liam up. As sure as houses, they'll end up together. You can see them sparking off each other already. Vernon's drum school was short lived, because of Amy moving in. Why isn't Sally all agog pushing Rosie on the stage now that she's auditioning for the school play?

Is Kayleigh old enough to be babysitting her little brother? She's old enough to be shoplifting. Guess she gets that from her Granddad. She's definitely not old enough to be left alone with a younger child. So Mel and Darrel are going to be turning 18. Guess they've both left school at 16 without going to do their A levels.

I'm glad to see Vicki standing up to Janice, face to face. Someone needs to offer Janice double and triple shifts and see if that stops her complaining. Except it wouldn't, would it? Ah so we see what's behind Joanne's vitriol against the Poles. She's an illegal immigrant, herself! Oh heck, Janice called in the immigration police and boy did she get a shock when Joanne was shopped! Why would anyone have their passport at work with them? The factory was open on Good Friday though they mentioned that they were doing overtime. I'm surprised the immigration police showed up. I can't think Janice knew they'd show up the day after she made the call and most places like factories are likely closed on a day like Good Friday so did they just arrive on the off chance? Joanne wondered how a child could break the law, well they can't. But she's an adult and has been working. She could have started the paperwork herself as a refugee from a war zone. Paul's hands are tied, though, more publicity might shine the light on Carla's night workers who may or may not be legal.

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