Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 28

Lines of the week:
  • Gail "Was i a bit hard on Jason?" Audrey "No more than usual"
  • Mel about Lauren "There's nothing like Class. And that is nothing like class!" (you got that right!)
  • Leanne to Monkey Boy "But will the pizza be as cheesy as your chat up lines!"
  • Kelly to Vikki "Why didn't you deny it?" Vikki "Why didn't you tell the truth?"
  • Gail to Tina "It's all right to be frightened" Tina "Not today it isn't" (tough little kid isn't she?)
  • Steve to Lauren "You'd better get a top from Michelle. We haven't got a license for that (showing her bra)." .... "Flippin' ought to get one though"
  • Gail "I did it because i love you!"
  • Kirk "What am i gonna do?" Becky "I'd start with a new identity!"

Finally. Alex is gone, and left in an almighty strop. On then was Michelle all over Ryan begging forgiveness. Alex is gone and he's still obsessing Michelle. Now Ryan decides he does really want to get to know Nick and Michelle is wound up. Maybe she thinks that Nick and Wendy will take over Ryan the way she took over Alex! I think Ryan has a bit better head on his shoulders.

Don't know why anyone thinks Chesney would be in any better nick if Cilla was around. And Claire is crossing over from being a caring neighbour to sticking her nose in and look at the trouble she's caused. Granted, Kirk is a bit out of his depth. Poor Kirk, he felt so bad! And they took the dog!!!! There was no need of that! And Claire didn't think they'd take Ches away? What did she think they were going to do? Wonderful stuff getting Roy and Becky involved. You can tell Becky's had a rough life and doesn't have a good view of Social Services. Let's face it, Fiz and Chesney don't either. They've been in care their fair share too. Poor little Chesney just breaks your heart doesn't he? I loved Becky coming up one side of Norris and down the other, though even though he wasn't the one that contacted the Social. Kirk didn't have the nerve to tell Fiz so she's sure coming home to a surprise. I expect Fiz will end up being Chesser's guardian and the social will be happy with that as she's pretty responsible.

David must be wondering why his girlfriend and his mother are all pally all of a sudden. Gail's very good about that subtle pressure though isn't she but Tina knows what's going on. She said that she was conflicted about advising Tina to a termination after Sarah but Sarah was too far gone the first time to have one and the second time, Gail did actually encourage it. It all blew up though and look what happened...David's jealousy got the better of him,and he dumped her before she could dump him because he jumped the gun. He really did show up his immaturity. Then poor Jason got the wrong end of the stick because Becky got the wrong end of the stick and when that all kicked off, (excellent confrontation between Jason and Gail!) David figured out what happened. We all know he's got a hot spot where termination is concerned and it shouldn't be surprising that he snapped and shoved Gail down the stairs. Now, he's got every right to be angry and totally pissed off with his mother for keeping it a secret and helping his girlfriend behind his back. He hasn't, of course, got the right to be violent but considering David's past and instability, it's no surprise either. Gail sputtered and uttered futile excuses but really, even though she had valid concerns, she never should have kept it secret.

How sweet is Jack? As much as Paul has disappointed him just like Terry has, Jack can't see him in trouble. Maybe he thinks there's still hope for Paul to turn himself around. Looks like Sarah is cutting off Jason well and proper. I see Kelly is still nicking knickers. What is it about Underworld? So many people do things that would be firing offences yet they either keep their jobs or get hired back on. It wouldn't happen in real life. Liam figures out someone is stealing seconds and they do know Vikki is doing home parties. I'm surprised they don't know Kelly is as well since she's been gobbing off about it, or she was at first when she thought she'd make her first million by 35.

Dev is only ticked off that Amber wants to work in the restaurant because it's Leanne. Why shouldn't she work two jobs? She would make more money as a waitress anyway, with tips though if the restaurant isn't doing that well, it's debatable. Tony is investing in a new development. Posh flats on Victoria Street. Now, posh flats that Richard Hillman invested in caused him so much financial trouble that he ended up being a killer. How much do you want to bet this is a rerun storyline? Would *you* buy a posh flat in a backstreet of Weatherfield? The neighbourhood is hardly going upscale, is it?

Ah so Tony wants to buy out Liam's share and he didn't tell Carla about it first. Maybe she doesn't want Tony as a boyfriend and a partner. Liam has refused anyway but i don't blame Carla for being angry. That seems to be typical Tony. He's pretty ruthless. Anyway, Carla and Liam said they'd just let the staff overhear them talking about the theft but then they turned around and confronted them straight out and sacked Vikki. Will Kelly come forward?


Anonymous said...

Wow, the last post of the year! I got my New Years Wish, NO ALEX in 2009,, (blowing party favours, ringing bells, banging pots and pans together).
Have a fantastic New Years!

Tvor said...

Well i wouldn't quote me on it but I think there will be very few appearances at least.

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