Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Comments, October 11

Lines of the week:
  • Rosie to Carla "You're gonna sack me" Carla "Oh no. But i'm going to make your life a misery"
  • Mary to Norris "When people are attracted to one another, age is irrelevant" (I wonder who she's talking about! ;)
  • Ken to Peter "You're poison! You wreck everything in your life! Get away!"
  • Ken to Peter about Simon "It seems to me you need him just as much"
  • Norris about Mary "If she sees me as anything, she sees me as a Renaissance Man" (Good old Nozzer!)

Peter apologizes for getting drunk, with a drink. He uses Simon to blackmail Leanne who's got a soft spot for the little boy. But he's definitely developing a drink problem and she's right to be wary. He made an utter twit of himself at the school play. Love Blanche, she shouts at the onlookers, defending her family and she's heartbroken at the prospect of Peter's behaviour and how it will affect Simon, but she's the first one to insult Peter for his drinking. I don't know. If i was in Leanne's shoes i'd be dropping Peter like a hot potato after his drunken performance on the street. Gotta say though, that must have been one long shave and shower for Leanne to have time to go in a cab and return with a bear! Peter's poured his booze down the sink. Wonder how long that will last.

Rosie is going to be a tabloid queen. No surprise there, is there? And she looked pathetic chatting up Gary at the bar, even more than usual. She celebrated her birthday with champagne and Gary! Still, Sophie is always one to cut her sister down. Rosie's blathering on about giving her expenses to the reporter and Sophie pipes up "Oh the one you gave your bus tickets to?" Talk about having no taste in men at all! Gary Windass? Well, at least he's about her age!

I laughed at Steve, Lloyd and Eileen with the pie wars! lol and it ended up in a weight loss competition between the men. Thing is, in the UK timeline, the actor that plays Lloyd does seem to have lost quite a bit of weight. I think Liz and Lloyd would make a good couple. I can well imagine his first full on exercise class would nearly do him in! I don't think Steve would have even survived it!

I utterly fail to believe that Amy Barlow could have landed a part in the play. She never speaks!!! Carla's coming over all cheery, must be the Christmas season. She's letting them have a party, usually they have to convince the bosses to let them. And it looks like they're getting their lottery money! Ray! Now Vikki could afford to go home but i suppose it's a bit last minute.

Carla certainly put Rosie in her place. Quite firmly. It's too bad she can't sack her, due to the fact that it would raise too many questions. Meanwhile Maria is spiralling into madness. Not just what everyone thinks, either, she's obsessed and frantic and out for revenge. This kind of behaviour isn't good for her or the baby and she could end up in a straight jacket if she's not careful. There is more than one way to depilate a feline. She should be biding her time, gathering what evidence she can, calmly. Hysteria doesn't look good in court. Kudos to Carla for telling Maria and Michelle (some of) the truth. Even Audrey doesn't believe her and that's a bit out of character after what she went through at the hands and mind-games of Richard Hillman.

Jed seems to be intent on persuing Tony with Maria's help, and hooking up with Mary, probably that just to wind up Norris. I hope that when the truth comes out, and it will because murderers can't get away with it, that the police inspector has the grace to apologize for not believing Maria. I know there's no provable case but the police could be digging a bit deeper. Jed is blackmailing Tony and he's intent on getting compensation for his house. He isn't scared of Tony but i think he should be. He's got most of his courage out of a bottle. What i can't figure out, though, is this.. Tony asked Carla if she'd want to go to a film. Yet there he was down the ginnel paying off Jed! And then,... and THEN, Jed couldn't leave well enough alone and Tony throttled him in the factory with one of Carla's nightgowns and stuffed him in a big chest. He almost got caught by the factory party guests. Imagine it! The booze is sat on top of the chest that contains a dead(?) body. Tony is wearing Jed's Santa hat. I think this is the first time they've ever had the factory Christmas party at night though, usually it's in the afternoon. Now Tony has a body to get rid of....

I like Mary more and more. What a great character! I see Emily is still bringing Norris' packages to the Kabin rather than let him get them when he comes home. His newest food hamper is all Polish delicacies! Now Norris has shot himself in the foot and has to forswear his turkey for Polish ham.

Steve might be laying off the bad boyfriend game but he's still the same old Steve. Meanwhile Poppy has a job behind the bar and has been given rank over Michelle. That's pretty low, really. Liz didn't even ask her if she wanted the Assistant job.

Colin is most definitely full of horse hockey. He's worming his way into Rita's affections because you know darn well Eileen would never wear the same sort of perfume that Rita would. There's Joe evicted out of his flat. Business must be really bad! Joe's not wanting to tell Gail because he doesn't want to impose. It's an ego thing as much as anything. Even though Joe and Kevin had a chat, Joe really hasn't made any mates on the Street yet.

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