Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday Comments, October 25

Lines of the week:

  • Lloyd "Is it hot in here or is it me?" (Surrounded by DD cups, i wouldn't wonder he's a bit warm!)
  • Pam to Darryl "There's no shame in cross dressing these days!"
  • Eileen about Liz "She's like Madonna and her girls before a show!"
  • Molly to Tyrone "It's not about me punishing yer!" (yes it is!)
  • Jack about Ty's shirt "I've seen more subtle shirts on Nelson Mandela!"
  • Molly "Multiple choice. A. Get rid of her! B. Get rid of her or C. Get rid of her!" Tyrone "Is that a dig?"
  • Blanche to Jackie "At least Deirdre looks like Deirdre, not Dracula's daughter!"
  • Becky to Steve "Darlin the world is littered with lads like you, full of promises and when it comes to it? Cowards!"
  • Liz to Steve "The ruins of your three marraiges are owned by the National Trust" and "I know what I'm doing... i'm going to have that on your tombstone because if anyone doesn't know what they're doing, it's YOU!"

They kissed! They scored!!! But could Liz have worn a lower cut dress to that party????? I do like Liz and Lloyd together but Steve is going to go spare when he finds out! They agreed it was a one off but you could tell it wouldn't be the end of it. So now it's all a big secret with them running up the back stairs all the time. Meanwhile Vernon is sending anniversary cards, talk about not letting go! They keep stealing away for sessions and now, Steve is sitting in the room and Liz is hiding behind a chair. Can discovery be far away? I think not. He could smell his mother's "cheap sickly" perfume and he recognized it! it was funny though, he recited the whole argument that his mother used on him earlier. The reveal is going to be Monday, mark my words.

A bit surprised Steve and Lloyd shut down the cab company on the busiest night of the year. I know neither of them wanted to work but even so...And now Michelle is making plans to go to Ireland. She's not actually asked STeve though, she just assumes he'll go. Becky seems to have her eyes opened. She doesn't think Steve will ever have the guts to leave Michelle and it doesn't look like he will, it's true. He just doesn't want to be the bad guy. Michelle is finally getting a clue, though, figuring Steve is going to break up with her but Liz can see right through her son. She suspects he's got another woman no matter how much he protests the opposite. And the way he protests? It's very clear that he's lying, at least to his mother and she got it in one. Becky. That was confirmed when Steve was complaining to Lloyd and she was hiding.

You can tell Molly really wants to get back with Tyrone but wasn't quite ready. I really think she overreacted to the whole situation. She should know how persuasive her Auntie is, it should be Pam she's not speaking to. Let's see....oil...blow torch ... Kaboom! Now that was odd since she'd already warned him that it was volatile and then she goes at the lock with a torch? I'm Not sure Pam and Darryl are as good a double act as Tyrone was but needs must and where did it end up? Feathers flying over the smoking cludgie! Happy New Year! She's ok but the pigeon coop is a write off. Hope the birdies are ok! Now Molly refuses to believe Tyrone had nothing to do with this. You know, with that attitude, maybe it's better that they do break up. It's gone beyond, now.

But just when it looks like Ty is about to put his foot down, look who's back! The bad pink haired penny! Yes, Jackie Dobbs is back. If anything can get Ty and Molly reunited it's going to be them teaming up against the mother-in-law from hell! She's so horrible but wow, i find her a scream. She can really tie them all up in knots can't she? Her implants exploded? Surrrrreeeee. If i was Jack, i'd have left her in the back yard. Well it worked. Molly finally melted and the wedding's back on. And quickly! The hen do is next week and the wedding shortly after! I guess she didn't actually cancel it though she was "breaking up" with Ty. It's still bothering me that she believed Pam before she was willing to believe Tyrone.

Dev is so annoying. I can't stand it. i just can't stand it. He can't use the groceries from his own store because Tara's too good for it? He's that far up his own backside! I suppose cooking a nice meal for New Year's is just as nice as taking her out. Probably nicer since most restaurants are madhouses. Now Amber's sabotaging the flat so Tara has to keep coming for help but it backfired spectacularly and he's been reduced to a gibbering idiot. No change there, then. They made up and he's ticked at Amber. She's turning 18 and Tara is still going to Edinburgh. You know, she sounds just like her mother when she's angry. I hope she does but i have a feeling she won't and we'll be lumbered with this storyline for awhile yet.

Have i said lately that i just love Blanche? Between snipes at Peter and Jackie, she had me laughing all week.

And you know, Tina keeps looking at Gary, answering the door quietly and listens to his bragging that she wants him, she really wants him, doesn't she realize she's fueling the fire or does she actually fancy him like David suspects? Joe might have tried to man handle Gary but i just can't see Joe as a hard man. He looks too cuddly. Certainly not enough to scare Gary.

Peter seems to have fallen off the wagon. He's leaving rambling phone messages and hiding how much he's drinking.

That's it from me for a few weeks. I'll be on my vacation and probably won't get to watch the show some of the time at least.

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