Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Comments November 21

Lines of the week:
  • Tyrone "No fear... no fear...."
  • Kelly "Sorry to break up Nerds Aloud..."
  • Sophie "Good as gold? Dad do you actually know how old we are?"
  • Gail about Joe "He's just in a slump" (which has lasted most of the time she's known him)
  • Joe to Gail "When it comes to the male of the species, you're the equivalent of Tutankhamen's curse!!!!"
  • Joe "I can explain" (pathetic but it worked)
  • Michelle "she might be a brainless slapper but that's Kevin's daughter you're talking about!"
  • Rosie "I'm nil by mouth" Sophie "and nil by brain"
  • Steve "You are MY WIFE ..." (then start acting like a husband!)
  • Kevin "They've been good as gold all afternoon" Sophie "Good as Gold?!! Dad, d'you actually know how old we are??"
  • Gail "I just feel that you've been lying to me!" (Feel? FEEL???)
  • Graeme "I'm not staring. I'm drinking in your loveliness" (yeah, but she loves the attention, really)
  • Dead as a doornail... door knob? Everyone getting them confused!

Becky is acting out but i think mostly she's reacting to Steve being so childish. These two need a course in how to communicate because they do love each other to bits. And first he's spending 1000 quid on golf clubs then he buys a motorcycle and acting like a twit. Rubbing Becky's face in it by flirting with Kelly, her old adversary, really was a low blow. He better be careful. He could get his wish to be single if he keeps on like that! He got bladdered and couldn't even stay on the bike! Doesn't he look a prat in those leathers? I do wonder why Steve went all over the neighbourhood looking for Becky and never tried the cafe! Most obvious starting point, i would have thought. But Finding out that Becky's mum died, not
from Becky herself, though, kind of took him back short. For all her blustering about her non-relationship with her mother and though her mother wasn't much of one, Becky still ended up crying into Amy's bathrobe. It's still a wrench.

Finally she sat and talked to Steve like a grownup. She's even admitted she's pregnant. Maybe that will get the pair of them talking again. But with all the things she said about not wanting kids, is she even going to keep the baby? If she does terminate, i think that would probably drive Steve out the door.

Poor Tyrone. He's just devastated. And all alone in that house, the only noise being his snappy rice breakfast cereal! Kirk's advice was strangely appropriate, though. Use your head instead of your heart.

Sophie and Kevin have made up and Rosie didn't have the boob job. (Who calls their surgeon by his first name?) She was nervous, really. I expect though Kevin went with her, that was probably a rewrite and i am guessing that it would have been Sally originally if the actress hadn't gone off on sick leave. You didn't really think she'd go through with it, did you? And her getting upset about her mum's illness is probably one of the few times you really get to see Rosie with genuine feelings.

Dev keeps working on Sunita but then still doesn't think about anything but himself when he thinks he'll be the one to suffer if a reconciliation went wrong. Of course he tells everyone else he rejected Sunita, not the other way around. Twit. You noticed Mary singing about the Eye of the Tiger with a line that was akin to stalking being sung quite vigorously!

How would letting David rent the salon flat be making it akin to helping Gail bail out Joe? If she didn't, David would find somewhere to stay or Audrey would just take him in anyway. Gail keeps saying she wants David to stand on his own two feet, i expect that meant he should just persuade Audrey himself but wouldn't living in the flat do that? She wants to move and him having a place to stay would facilitate that. She never minded sticking her beak in on behalf on one of her chicks before! What Joe tried to do by selling the house to a broker is basically what you do with an old car when you sell it for parts. Well it backfired on him when Gail found out what he was doing. That and all Audrey's niggling little points. The penny might actually be dropping and she's going to pull the house off the market.

Joe really can be a nasty sod, can't he? He has shown flares of this side of him in the past, too. Quick tempered and vicious tongued. I'm not one to advocate violence but it seems to me after his remarks about David deserving a medal for trying to kill his mother, he had that slap coming. But you know? for her hitting him that hard, he never even flinched let alone have his head jerk backwards even a hair!

What *really* gets me annoyed is how Gail then turned around and blamed herself for Joe's outburst. She didn't lash out at Joe in any way. And she wonders why she keeps getting involved with total losers. Joe keeps scurrying around out of sight of the loan shark and making furtive phone calls to the insurance people. So now you know why he saved that sheet of paper on which she was writing her new married name. Now he wants to go out on the boat with Gail. No money. But he wants to go for a second honeymoon on a boat. He's using Gail's money seeing as he can't pay Ted back what he borrowed from him.

Simon looked cute in the hard hat, the fashion award of the week, I think! Amazing how it seemed to fit his little child sized head perfectly! The bar is starting to take shape and Leanne wants to have a hard hat party before it opens for the publicity. I shouldn't think that would be legal, if it's not sanctioned for occupancy yet by the council permit people. Meanwhile, George is making inroads into persuading Peter to send Simon to a private school. He figures it's an "in" to Oxford... well he can get that anyway if he's smart enough.

Trevor the binman. He *is* rather gorgeous, isn't he? We haven't seen the last of him! Kelly might love motorbikes but riding it with her legs flung out to the sides is only going to have her flying off it! If Becky's mother died living rough and had next to no possessions, A. how did they identify her and B. how did they find Becky's mobile number? Her mother certainly wouldn't have had it if they'd not had contact for years.

You probably didn't notice but the car that Kevin and Tyrone were working on earlier in the week is the same car they were working on 3 weeks ago. See?

And Here's a bit more commentary on what happened in Weatherfield in January (UK timeline, which we're seeing now).

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