Monday, 11 February 2013

Corrie Canada weekly awards - Feb. 4 - 11

Not even on my worst enemy award: Steve would love for Tracy to be distracted from him but he's a nice guy. He doesn't want to purposely inflict Tracy on anyone. But maybe Rob and Tracy deserve each other. 

Dangling on a string award: Tracy's already got Rob dancing to her tune. "forgot" her wallet/purse but kept a credit card aside to shop with while she makes them wait and gets Rob to put her bags in the car. If he's that stupid to fall for it, he deserves her.

Not my responsibility award: Kirsty still won't take any of the blame, putting it all on Fiz. Then blaming her father.

Deirdre Barlow I Didn't Do It Award: Tyrone Dobbs.

Catfight in the Cafe award: When Sally gets on her high horse, anyone's a target. This time it was Jenna with Mandy defending her chick.

Living in a dream world award: Tracy Barlow. What do she mean what has she ever done to Steve!!!???

Lines of the Week:
Kirk "This is not the way i imagined it last night!"
Steve to Rob "I wouldn't recommend a date with Tracy Barlow to my worst enemy"
Peter "I'm just relieved it's not me who's in the spotlight for once"
Ken "I must be getting old. Nothing shocks me anymore"
Tyrone "You beat that love out of me bit by bit"
Tyrone "When I get custody of Ruby, we'll be a proper family. I won't let anyone take you off me" (Bye, now.)
Chesney to Fiz "When it comes to picking fellas, your track record is the worst ever!"
Sally to Sophie "You need to look more for the bad in people"
Gail "Is it the rota?" Nick "No. It's the Elgin Marbles"
Tracy to Steve "We can retrieve it (the marraige) if you can tear yourself away from that  poisonous homewrecking cow" (yeah, that'll win him over)
Fiz "John was complicated. Tyrone is simple"

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