Monday, 11 February 2013

Keep Calm and I'll have a Hotpot please, Betty

Keep Calm and I'll have a Hotpot please, Betty Paul Langan is, first and foremost as far as we're all concerned, a Coronation Street fan.

He's also a teacher working with children with special educational needs and is a local historian in the North East.

But hey, back to the Corrie relevant stuff - Paul is an artist and has created a fan website of his work called Corrie Art.  This fab "Keep Calm" poster forms part of his work and there is loads more fun stuff to look at over at his website.

Paul's just created some new artwork of the Rovers Return, accurately based on the measurements from the new set.  Note the extra window (which has been commented on before on the Coronation Street Blog) and also that there is now a step to get in to the pub.

Visit Paul's website Corrie Art to view art inspired by Coronation Street and follow Paul on twitter @corrieart

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