Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Ay yi yi!

Dear heaven. ITV has launched their new website, including the Coronation Street section. I've seen a preview version of it and i have to say. Unimpressed. I'm not even going to put the temporary url here because i don't want to subject anyone to that horror. All they provide is a java form to submit comments. And it doesn't work. You just get an error about it not submitting to the database and to try again later. No email address.

So what's all wrong with it? Just on a quick run though...

If you are not in the U.K. forget about seeing any of the streaming video or video clips. You can't have it. Sorry.

You are forced to have Internet Explorer. So if you use Firefox or Safari or anything else you will have to suck the Microsoft big one.

They only have a "selected" group of characters from the show. They've got Jason but not Eileen. They have left off most of the kids including Rosie and Sophie but they do have David. They left out Liz who's the landlady of the pub, for pete's sake!!!!

In the old site, they had a "catchup" link with all the visual updates in one place with a drop down list to pick a date. Now the archive will go back 30 days but you have to go into each episode for a brief narrative update and find the link below that will take you to the visual update/ screen cap highlights. Now you have to go in and out of each episode if you want to catch up with more than one.

Stupid stupid stupid and i wonder how much they paid to have that all redesigned. Should have saved their money.

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