Thursday, 7 June 2007

Set visits and Corrie art

Oh wow, i'm so jealous. But in a good way, of course. Corrieblog has a post that directs one to the photos and story by someone that just got a VIP tour of Granada. She has been in contact with the actress that plays Yana Lumb and was invited to the studio, lucky girl! She seems to have been there several hours and got the chance to meet lots of the actors!!! I was quite happy with our tour of the set though we didn't get to meet anyone. I couldn't complain about that though, just being backstage on the inside sets was thrilling! We did see a few from afar but no hands were shook nor photos taken. Deborah is from the Toronto area and she and her husband also met up with a bloke that's been an extra at Granada for years. He's been to Toronto for a ping in the past so that's where she got to meet him. He didn't get them in the studio however. Here's the link to her photos and the first one contains the description of her Corrie holiday.

The actress, Jane Tunnicliffe, is also an artist and has an exhibition on currently in a gallery in Manchester. She's done cariacatures of various Corrie characters, that look like a comic book panel. I'd have loved to have seen that. I must have a look on the gallery website or on ebay and see if i can order some of the artwork. Should check in at the gallery when i go over. The show won't be on but they might still have prints or cards. These are the original paintings. Doesn't look like there are cards or prints though... oooh just found her own website and i think you can get cards and prints through there!!! Yay!

A couple of the card stores in the UK are going to be carrying Corrie-themed birthday cards too, made i think by Hallmark. I emailed them but they never did get back to me that i noticed. I wanted to find out if they would be available here. Guess not. Graham will be sorted to pick me up lots and i'll get some when i go over too. I must remind him. Some for me and some for ping prizes. Hmm... What great items to get autographed by one of the actors!!

Apparently you can wait outside the studio gates and often the actors will stop their cars and greet you, sign autographs and let you take pics. I really might give that a go next time i'm over (November). I think the dinner hour is the best time to go, apparently. I'm not sure if it's the main gate or one round the side by where the actors' parking lot is. I guess we can scope it out.

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