Friday, 29 June 2007

Corrie comments, for the week of June 25 - 29

Lines of the week:

  • Tracy to Charlie (about lying) "That's all you ever think of doing!" Charlie "you too!" Tracy smirks.
  • Fred "You've only yourself to blame, you know, you've had first choice.. of me!" Audrey "It could have been me. And i wish it was"
  • Bev about Fred's hands "Invest in a pumice stone or you're dead meat" Michelle "I'm sure she meant to put a "darling" on the end of that"
  • Audrey "I thought I could do better because I'm a vain shallow old woman."
  • Fiz "It's like having a flaming Dalek in my ear! Indicate! Indicate!"
  • Audrey to Gail about David "You've got to say what you mean and mean what you say" (foreign concept to Gail, i'm afraid!)
  • Fred to Ashley "Look the problem in the eye" (Fred needs to take his own advice)
  • Betty to Norris "Surprising what you can pick up during the war" Norris, wryly "I bet"
  • Bev "I'm so happy!" (aaagghhh! SOPOD!!)
  • Fred "Get us a scotch and threat!"

Charlie is still trying to talk his way out of everything. She came on to him? And Tracy is more upset that she was made a fool of? Can see what's coming. She's just going to make him beg a little more and then go back to him in the end. And isn't he good? Even Tracy got sucked in by Charlie's smooth lies and manipulations. By God, if you put him up against Richard Hillman, it would be a dead heat which one could out lie the other and get away with it. He's such a piece of work. Gets Tracy back in the house and goes off to Maria. I can understand Ken and Deirdre's worry but unfortunately, where Tracy's pushing 30, there isn't much they can do but let her make her own decisions and pick up the pieces later.

I have to say, Sue Nicholls has put in a blinding performance this week and last. I am absolutely blown away. Every emotion shows on her face even when she says nothing. She's finally realized she loves Fred. But is that only because he's marrying someone else? I wonder. Surprised Bev didn't figure it out. Using the Square Dealers as an excuse for one of his meetings with Audrey? He hasn't mentioned them in years! Wasn't he flummoxed when she finally admitted her feelings? I can't imagine how he must have felt. Guilty, and probably having more mixed feelings than you can imagine. Part of me thinks she'd always been "the one" for him but he never asked her again because he thought (and she thought) it wasn't what she wanted. As she admitted, she thought she could do better. We all know Audrey was always shallow and she's finding it hurts to admit it to herself too. So *Now* she tells him! one week before his wedding! What to do, what to do!!!! Well Fred certainly made it clear in front of everyone how he feels about Bev and implicitly telling Audrey that she's not the one for him, yet his private feelings, the ones he spilled out to Ashley, are eating him up. Ashley has a point. Just what i've been saying. Audrey only wants Fred because she can't have him and she's being cruel and selfish.

I gotta ask. Do you think Bev is acting like she's just hit the jackpot? I wonder sometimes if she loves Fred's bank account more than himself when she seems to be a bit offhand with him at times though i'm sure she does care for him and vice versa. He won't back out, he's too honourable but as we leave the week, he's left the church at the last minute to go see Audrey because she couldn't bring herself to go to the church!!! He said he was going to marry Bev but will he let Audrey down easy or elope with her to Gretna Green!? I have a very bad feeling about this. Bev even uttered the Soap Opera Phrase of Doom! Do NOT miss this coming week!

I'm not surprised Bev is sucking back the champagne on her wedding day. Blanche might have a point about the bride drinking the profits of Fred's pub! An awful lot of hats with frippery things on them. What on earth was that on Rita's hat? I'm not sure i liked what Bev was wearing. That thing on her head, indeed her whole outfit, looked very 1950's didn't it? It was ok i guess. Liz looked a bit like a dog's breakfast, i must say.

Fred is always wonderful with the little ones, isn't he! David needs a quick kick up the jacksy as Danny would say. He sure was shocked that Gail actually took all his toys away (fully her right since she paid for them all). Looked like they were at a stalemate, and he couldn't even get round Audrey when he figured out they were stored at hers. Maybe Maria can sweet talk him back to school? Ooh Claire's coming home! That was less than the 28 days they suggested, wasn't it? I would expect they'll have someone come in and check on her. She missed that early bonding with the baby so it's going to take some time to create that but i'm sure it will happen. Poor Ashley is still walking on eggshells and it took a few stern words from Fred to settle him down.

Websters are going to Paris but Sally was underwhelmed by the reaction of the kids! Craig and Rosie don't want to go. Will Sally put Rosie under the eagle eye of Rita? Well what else did Rosie expect? I think that was partly instrumental in why they made their plans to run away to Berlin. Sally of course continues to have blinders on, thinking that her girls now respect her and think of her as a friend when Rosie is actually talking about her mother with contempt because she's so uncool and planning to run away!

You should never be taught to drive by someone that loves you. Trust me. totally cracked up at Betty's command of Hungarian flummoxing Norris's phrase book. Even though Craig is staying with Roy and Hayley, his hair still looks like it needs a good wash!

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