Sunday, 23 December 2007

Corrie Sunday Comments, December 23

Lines of the week:

  • Fiz "Les likes his food like his women, fast and cheap"
  • Janice to Leanne "You are the nearest thing to a daughter that i've got" (you mean, besides your biolgical daughter Toyah?)
  • Deirdre "There are too many questions"
  • Deirdre to Tracy "I know you better than anyone in the whole world"

Tempers are wearing thin at the Barlows' house. No wonder. With Tracy's temper and the stress levels rising, and her guilt trips aimed at Deirdre, number 1 is going to bust wide open, starting with Deirdre's panic/anxiety attack. Peter shows as much sense as he always had presented with a pretty skirt. Of all the women, wouldn't he know better than to stick his tongue down his sister's most recent rival? Course he wouldn't. Bloody right, Tracy, it's all your fault, more than everyone knows yet but Deirdre is going to get it out of her if it's the last thing she does. If Deirdre was called for evidence, why wasn't Ken? Tracy expects her mother to "pull a panic attack" in front of the whole court? She thinks testifying is a positive way to tackle the panic attack. Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower!!

In a rare two-handed episode, we see Deirdre and Tracy lay it all out on the table. Deirdre wanted Tracy to be honest with her. But it took a half an hour to drag it all out of her. Deirdre reckons she knew Tracy was lying all along. Horse hockey! She was naive and believed everything Tracy told her up until the stories started not adding up. Even after all the truth was bared, Deirdre still wanted to believe that Tracy was making it up, ashamed at being battered. I'm glad Deirdre threw it all back in Tracy's face. All that history, even Samir! A few more truths came out than expected on both sides. They really tore each other up. Now Deirdre knows the truth, all the ugly details of it. Shouldn't have been surprised at the lengths to which Tracy went to exact her revenge. I am surprised Deirdre didn't have another panic attack though, the way she was sucking on the ciggie and the wine glass. Even at the end of it, Tracy sat on the stairs and cried. Guaranteed that her mother would hear, one last little guilt trip. And still she thinks Tracy isn't a bad girl. Some excellent performances, though. All three of them, Ken included. I don't normally rank William Roache in the list of great actors but now and then he can really pull out a blinder.

So the trial begins. Jason's testimony was iffy but Maria's managed to paint Tracy with a bad temper though also painted Charlie the same. I'm surprised the defence didn't ask Peter *why* Charlie beat the crap out of him. It would have shown Charlie as being really jealous, good for Tracy's case. Ahh good they pointed out that there should have been blood on the statue. They should be able to tell which hand she hit him with from the angle of the injury. Mind you she did pick it up with both hands but even then it would have come from one side or the other. that would determine which hand was holding it. If she only used her right unbloodied hand, she could only really have hit him effectively on one side of his head. Was that the side that was injured? Still, it came out. Now they have to see if she can lift that statue with one hand even without adrenaline. And the expert says he had to be sitting down. Well he was in spite of the "possibility" that he could have been hit standing up then fell back. Will Deirdre be able to lie on the stand or won't she? Stay tuned!

Derek the drayman seems to have an odd looking upper lip, kind of like there's a moustache missing. Love Molly and Amber winding up Dev! I think i like Doreen but she certainly brings out the worst in Norris. Mind you most people do that anyway. The Actress that is playing the judge is the real life wife of William Roache. So Claire has made a new friend in this Casey.

So Leanne just got into hooking by accident? She was going to shag some guy who gave her money so she thought oh why not? Now Janice is going to have to carry on the lie as well. You wouldn't think Janice would have jewelry good enough to sell for 400 quid. Janice is in a hard place, really. What can she do about Leanne? Not a lot. Leanne lost her bid to buy number 7... to Liam! Obviously these Mortons are a cheeky, shifty lot and that grandfather? No taste in clothes. His shirts and ties clash horribly! He gives me the creeps, i'm telling you. Good god there's another Morton, 6 year old Finlay! Dear me, they're like rabbits!

Boy, Anne Kirkbride's mouth area is really showing the effects of all those years of smoking, isn't it? Well one thing about Rita having Doreen under her roof, at least we get to see a bit more of Rita and her having a good time. Candice is getting married in Greece! Aww!

Notice that Corrie is only on four times Christmas week, with two on Wednesday (Boxing Day) and two on Friday!

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