Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sunday Comments, December 30

Lines of the week:
  • Tracy to Deirdre about Charlie "It's dead simple. I lose. He wins."
  • Jane the solicitor to Tracy "You disgust me"
  • Tracy "Live in the moment, I say"
  • Dev (about his new shoes) "I can play around all i like and never get in trouble!"
  • Norris on the practicality of rubber gloves "I think most homicidal maniacs would find bright yellow a bit garish"
  • Betty "Oh i say. Who'd be a mother!" (don't you just adore Betty!?)
  • Liz about David "She's got that little swine figured out whether he was lying or not"
  • Leanne to Liam "What sort of a girl do you think I am?" Um....

The main focus this week is of course Tracy's trial. Seems awfully soon that Tracy was on the stand. The prosecution case was over quite quickly. Is it odd that Tracy would be one of the first witnesses for the defence? Isn't it more usual for them to be the last? I suppose it's always different from one case to the next. There's no way if Tracy told the truth on the stand that she'd get off easy. She even started off as if she was going to "tell the truth" but it was the lead in to the abused partner case, wasn't it. I think she poured it on a bit too thick though. She seemed to fail the statue test but adrenaline could account for one-handed strength. The thing is, though, aside from her blood not being on the statue, could they tell from fingerprints which hand was used? Making Claire out to be less than mentally competent was mean but typical of prosecution wrecking character witnesses, i guess. Other than the fact that she didn't witness anything specific, I thought she came across fairly well. But that fact is a big one. It could still cast reasonable doubt.

Deirdre nearly didn't make it and she was close to saying the wrong things a few times. Calling her a good mother and questioning her on one short contradiction. I'm surprised she got through as much as she did and then spilled her guts to the solicitor. Too late, she got back on the stand and the prosecution made mince meat of her, pressing all the right buttons. And David! He was cocky and full of bravado. The prosecution made "dead meat" out of him. Cocked up which hand Charlie was supposedly holding the knife, and the bit about her turning the music down. Tracy shouldn't have forced her mother to testify and Deirdre just couldn't handle the guilt. Now i expect we're in for weeks of Deirdre's scenery chewing guilt and if Tracy gets convicted, we might as well all buy earplugs and oil up the Fast Forward button on the vcr. At least Tracy came clean and told David she was only using him. I don't suppose he'll take that well but it's too late for him to get any sort of revenge.

The only person Tracy'll listen to now and then is Steve and even then she keeps trying to push herself back into his life. I think after being married to Karen who was a bit of a psycho herself, maybe Steve is one of the few people who understand Tracy a bit. She certainly seems to be more herself with him than with anyone else. Tracy sure has a lot of nerve making cracks to her mother about telling the truth. I've never seen a pot more kettle looking in my life! She's holding her mother responsible no matter what happens and leaving with Amy. The thing is, people like Tracy, no matter how much they say they've cut off their family, will have it hanging over them the rest of their lives. Why shouldn't David to to see the end of the trial? It's not that odd since he had an integral part in it and as far as anyone else knows, he was supportive of Tracy, not a blackmailing little git. So we hear the closing arguments and we wait. Put yourself in the jury's box. Judging from *just* the evidence and the barristers' speeches, if you didn't already know what happened, would you have said Tracy was guilty or not? Is there reasonable doubt that she was abused and lashed out in self defence? Well, you'll have to wait until Tuesday night to find out what happens.

Janice seems intent on sabotaging Leanne's jobs. Good for her! More foreign speaking workers for Underworld. As long as they're getting equal pay, what difference does it make? Well i don't suppose any of us should be surprised at Janice's attitude. She's like that with almost every new stitcher, regardless of whether they're foreign or not. The Polish workers... They're working both night *and* day shifts? Is that legal? Looks like Leanne has Liam well and truly wound up about the house inspection. Probably nothing wrong at all.

Jerry's ex-wife seems a bit of a prize cow, doesn't she? I don't see why Molly should make fun of Dev's excitement over shoes? Women sure go into ecstatics over footwear, after all. And he sure is getting obsessed with golf, between the shoes and practicing on the computer game. I think Amber might have hit the nail with the club so to speak, substitute for no sex? Again, a car mysteriously appears in front of the house when it's needed but you never see them parked on the road any other time, do you? Ashley won't like that Claire left Freddie with a woman she hardly knows. She gave Claire a bit of a start too, disappearing with Freddie like that. Hasn't she ever heard of leaving a note? It might have hurt Casey's feelings that Claire jumped to conclusions but it should have been understandable.

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