Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sunday Comments, December 9

I'm back! And on a fortuitous day, too! Happy 47th Birthday Coronation Street! Over at Corrieblog, i've posted the episode summary with a few pics of the very first episode that appeared 47 years ago on this date. I'm back from my hols and had a lovely time with my fella, walking the streets of Paris, London and Manchester.

Lines of the week:

  • David to Tracy "Have i got 'muppet' across me forehead?"
  • Tracy to David "So... how's school?"
  • Dev "I'm the boss!" (I'm sure Amber lets him think that!)
  • Liam to Leanne "I'll take you anywhere you want" (yes please!)
  • Steve to Vernon "You should be on a stage... in a cage"
  • Liam "Tribunal and homophobia." Carla "Majority and shareholder!" Liam "Nut and case."

Leanne is sure spouting a lot of jargon about property development and profits and losses. Who on earth owns Number 7? Blanche did and Danny wanted to buy it but she didn't sell it to him as i recall. Something is telling me she did sell it to someone to raise the money for her Polish hip. Now Leanne wants to buy it and rent it to Jamie. Talk about conflict of interest! She also seems interested in Liam, too. Somehow i don't really buy her tales of making a mint in property sales.

Vicky already seems to have got the measure of those cows that are treating her like dirt. Seems like the wages she's getting are dirt too. *tsk* Oh Peter's back for a bit and Janice is back too! Did you find it strange that the television seemed to be behind the dining room table at the Barlow's? Surely it used to be out in the main room anytime we actually saw it. Maybe it was just the angle.

Tracy is still stringing David along. She managed to get the keys to Charlie's flat to take David there but hey, there's stil a security camera watching the door and she doesn't know about it! I bet that comes back to bite her on the backside since she's not supposed to be consorting with witnesses. She nearly had to follow through on her empty promise. God, i don't kno whow she could stand it, being there with a smirking smug teenage boy. Desperate times. (and where's his tan coming from?) David actually looked scared to death and even Jason could tell something was up and now Deirdre has her suspicions too. Tracy always seems to put that little extra detail too much into her stories, doesn't she? Saying that David is traumatized is one thing but wetting the bed?

Deirdre is starting to see behind Tracy's lies i think though she isn't quite ready to admit it. Destroying that tape which is evidence, could get Deirdre banged up again too. I don't see why it's so unbelievable that Tracy might actually "interfere" with a spotty 16 year old when she was perfectly willing to interfere with her grandmother's boyfriend who was close to 80! Tracy's pleading not guilty. Of course!

Can't blame Michelle for being upset with Sean. It's causing so much trouble in the pub between Michelle and Sean that poor Jack had to change the barrel in order to get his pint. Sonny didn't waste any time either did he? Michelle dumps him so he might as well go back to Sean? "We could be good together" What??? two days before that he was proposing to Michelle (obviously to cover up his fling with Sean) Selfish scum, that's what i think and that's what Sean told him too. Poor Michelle. Seems she gets all spikey when she gets dumped instead of mooning and crying. Makes a change at least. Poor Ryan thinks it's his fault but he found out the hard way.

I still don't understand why Sean when knocking on Sonny's door after he tossed Sonny out the day before and that's bollocks that "Sonny" was playing games with him. Michelle, yes a lot more so. And i really didn't buy that the kid would jump into a powerful Porche to get his own back. Obviously it's brought back pretty bad memories for Michelle who lost her partner to a car crash and it's *really* touched a nerve with Paul because Paul and Liam are keeping a secret about when Michelle's husband died. Paul was the one driving, not Dean! and Holy Crap, did Paul overreact to Sean or was he justified? I know he's got a right to be angry with Sean for Michelle's sake but attacking him and firing him like that was a bit much. Still, the strike was effective.

I still fail to see what Liz sees in Vernon. He's really a waste of space. He's going to offer drum lessons in the upstairs of the pub??? Where? In a bedroom? It didn't take her long to start making eyes at that new drayman, did it? both of them complaining to the other about their respective partners. There lie dragons, i tell yer! Dev is trying to get himself back out in the dating scene again. But somehow i think his charm is falling a bit flat. Is he getting fat? Maybe a little but he looks fine to me. Dev the charmer though, probably could use new duds for confidence. I laughed at him and Peter both wearing the same shirt and getting all fussy about it like two women at a ball. Sean said they should get a peephole but it looked like there was one in the door when he opened it to Joanne.

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