Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunday Comments, May 11

Lines of the week:

  • Doreen about Cilla's new job "As if getting old wasn't bad enough, you have to have *her* looking after you!"
  • Kevin about Sally "Why would i fancy Carla Connor when i've got my own ray of sunshine right here" (huh? Sally?)
  • Claire to Ashley "Marraiges break down over a lot less"
  • Vernon "It wasn't a wasp, it was a bee. A queen" Steve "Were it wearing a crown?"
  • Janice "Sally's knickers loose???? NooooO!!!" (what have i been saying all these years?)

Norris found several kindred spirits at the funeral, in the guises of Angela's ex-husbands, the ones she had after Norris. Why didn't anyone mention Derek, i wonder? Odd seeing Norris with actual male friends, isn't it? He usually hangs out with the rest of the other old women. Looks like Neville runs true to form about some men marrying women just like their mothers. The three of them have formed a club, which greatly amuses Doreen and Rita. The Ex-Husbands' Club. Well more power to them but what's this about Norris having feelings for someone who doesn't know he likes her? Would that be the stalwart Emily? Doreen? (Dislike and love are often two sides of the same coin) or is it the flame wigged Rita? I think his new mates are going to keep the pressure on him until he cracks.

Michelle and Steve are back together. No they aren't. Yes they are. And so it goes. over and over and over. No wonder Ryan was distinctly unimpressed with the news that they were a couple again. Steve of course, never fails to stuff things up by lying and keeping the truth from Michelle so that when she does find out that he would have jumped into bed with Shania, had she been a biological woman, she dumps him yet again. Or at least makes him squirm for a few days. Even then, Steve still didn't tell Michelle the whole truth until he was faced with her and her family backing her up. Thing is, he really did believe he and Michelle were over. This couple gets on my last wick. Lloyd and Jamie, however, were brilliant, keeping up the pressure and ribbing Steve within an inch of his little life about his escapades on holiday. I do wonder why Eileen didn't take her holiday snaps home rather than leave them in the office or in her purse in the office for days for Lloyd and Jamie to get their hands on.

Claire is really getting paranoid, accusing all and sundry of talking about her or laughing about her and even biting Hayley's head off and Casey is really throwing gas on the fire, isn't she? Curled up on the sofa like a snake about to strike. She's pushed Claire out of the house and away from Ashley again and this time, it looks like they didn't have to have sex in the conservatory. Red wine was involved so the end result is a done deal. She stayed overnight and everyone is going to know about it. I'm surprised Becky didn't deck Claire right there when she went at Hayley. Now tell me, I know that Josh is Ashley's son and not Claire's but wouldn't you take both children with you if you were going away? That little boy is going to grow up thinking Claire just doesn't want him around. And Becky, the street's Greek Chorus and general observer already can tell there's something not quite right about Casey, pointing out that Casey seems to be bezzy mates with one and then the other. Claire hasn't made a friend of Audrey, though. Her antennae are up and the red flags are waving. Ashley was pretty rude to her but then he was probably feeling pretty guilty. Claire didn't want Ashley to let Kevin in and then coughed so that Kevin would know she was in there, feet under the table.

David and Sarah are really winding each other up all the time these days. They never used to, not this bad anyway. Sarah told David his shiny shirt looked like a crisp packet so he got his own back by suggesting that Jason doesn't really want to marry her. Jack and Vera's 50th wedding anniversary is coming up, we are reminded. And there's Tyrone out of the country. Does'nt seem right, does it?

The thing is, everything Dev told Leanne was true and she could have done well to take his advice. He was willing to invest but he didn't seem to take it very seriously, calling it a "bit of fun". Can't really blame her for refusing his money in the end but therefore is probably going to make a disaster of this restaurant malarky in the long run. What on earth does she know about running a business let alone one that relies on good customer service? (Ok, but not *that* kind of customer service)

Ah, i see Carla was flat sitting for Michelle. Sally's so proud of Rosie, as she should be. But it certainly sounds like Rosie is leaning towards not going back to school. She's getting to like having cash in hand. Loved Rosie and Sally taking shots at each other, Sally making Rosie seem like a little girl and Rosie criticizing Sally's stitching. You gotta love Sally, though. Janice gets her digs in but Sally always has a great comeback, like her quoting that bit of poetry about a "wh*re" back to Janice. Nice one, Sal! Really, how could Claire have not realized the girls in the pub weren't talking about her? They were talking at the top of their voices and they were only stood 3 feet away. They've really reduced Dev to a dribbling idiot haven't they? What was all that crap about salad cream? Don't understand why Sarah trusts thick Jason to any wedding plans. It sounds like she's planning a posh wedding. With what money? She's not even a fully qualified hair dresser is she?

Cilla has a job as a cleaner but it's really a "hygiene specialist" in a nursing home. She's an odd one though. Doesn't mind displaying her boobs for all to see but doesn't wany anyone to know the actual bra size. David's crush on Mel progresses and Amber seems to have a crush on David, poor girl. I don't understand what the problem is with giving Mel an appointment. If she's got one, there must have been a free spot for it. Mel even seems to be taking pity on him. Really surprised that Tyrone would bother going to his mother's aid... in Spain, no less. Pretty thin excuse to cover for an actor's vacation innit? Tyrone isn't too keen leaving Molly to Paul's helpful hands is he? I'm very surprised Sarah would trust Jason with any important plans or calls to do with the wedding but then she's about as thick as he is.


Ms Mac said...

I remember some of those lines, they were classic!


Tvor said...

Janice's was the best! lol!

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