Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday Comments, May 18

Lines of the week:

  • Casey to Ashley "If he was a real friend, he'd be happy for you"
  • Norris "I'm not really one for idle gossip" (idle, no. Dedicated, yes)
  • Michelle to Steve "I might have forgiven you but there is no way I am ever going to let you forget."
  • Kirk "Nobody's ever led me astray" (No but Molly had a pretty good try at it)
  • Paul "I'm a proper metrosexual, me" Jack "Whatever you do behind closed doors is your business"
  • Liam "I'm just going to shout at the workers. It's cheaper than therapy"
  • Gail "I'm not here for a trim. I'm here for a scalp"
  • Sarah "If he had a life he wouldn't have to make one up"
  • David "I don't do friends. I do enemies"

Ashley sure did lay into Kevin didn't he? He's getting almost as paranoid as Claire. But the difference here is, he's doing it out of guilt. He *knows* he's cheating on Claire and he *knows* everyone will think the worst of him for it. He nearly ripped the ears off poor Kevin who has been there and done that. Casey is well in there and saying vicious and underhanded things. Why won't anyone listen to Becky? She's got the measure of Casey but as pointed out, her own reputation was pretty rough before Hayley gave her the benefit of the doubt. But she's right about Casey and she had nothing to lose by telling Ashley. Kevin could see the signs clearly but others are going to take longer to realize but it won't take long, not with her parading around in Claire's dressing gown. Audrey's figured it out and didn't waste any time taking her turn. At least she was honest and wasn't judging him even if she did disapprove. I think that's because Audrey's probably been the other woman once or twice in her life. It seemed to make Ashley sit up and take notice, though and it looks like Casey is going to up the stakes.

Leave it to Cilla to be scrubbing floors in sheer stockings, heels and a plunging neckline. Did you note the old feller in the wheel chair that was enjoying the view of Cilla's bum? That used to be Charlie West! Now he's Frank Nicholls who used to be a loan shark from the sounds of it. Cilla's now got pound signs flashing in her eyes since she realized Frank has money. She and Frank are so great, trading insults and her giving him an eyeful of cleavage or thigh just for the fun of it and now he wants to hire her as his personal care worker.

Bill and Jason are going to make a bedroom in the garage for David so that Sarah and Jason can have their own room finally? You mean Beth has been sleeping in with the er.. happy couple, all this time? Poor David, though, it makes him feel like he's being pushed out even more than he thinks he already is. This isn't going to bode well for his attitude. And hello? People? Where was it that Richard Hillman first tried to kill the family? Just when you think David couldn't sink any lower... and I can't blame him for wigging out on this one. Sarah got her revenge though. She really made sure Mel knew that David had a crush, turned the screws, then turned away and smiled triumphantly. You know, Sarah's getting to be just as bad as David. Sensibly, Mel didn't go to the film though it wasn't very nice not to let David know. At least Darryl could have texted David. I don't understand why Sarah is so vindictive all of a sudden. They always bickered growing up but she was never like this. Maybe she's just had enough of his antics. And you know what? It'll be her that Gail blames if something happens, because David is the blue eyed boy isn't he? But you know what? if he goes off the rails now, i've a feeling Sarah's provoking him is going to be partly to blame and humiliation doesn't help either.

David is sure showing stalker characteristics, standing in the garden staring at Mel's house, rushing out when she walks past. At least she had the grace to talk to him and she didn't talk down to him either but David has to save face and told Amber he dumped Mel *and* said they were having sex. You just *know* that's going to come back and bite him on the backside and it took about 5 minutes for Amber to tell Darryl and for it to get back to Mel. More humiliation and he deserved it this time. See, if i was Jerry, i'd not have gone to Gail, i'd have shouted the odds at David himself. Still. Gail only grabbed him by the scruff and marched him off to apologize, in front of everyone, because Jerry gave her a hard time. Otherwise it would have been a stern word at home. She should have done more of the scruff thing over the years. overhearing his mother, sister and Gran talking about him. Could have have had any worse a day? No wonder he was feeling murderous towards his mother. Jason at least, seems to be uncomfortable that Sarah is taking such joy in David's misery and he's showing real concern for David and David is even throwing that back. That is one damaged lad and it's probably too late to get him the help he needs. Would he really find a gun and try to kill his mother? I don't think so but Jason isn't too sure.

Rita's back from wherever she had gone (seeing Mavis? i must have missed it if they said). Doreen was brilliant talking to Steve about the Ladyboys of Bangkok. Norris's new friends aren't going to stop nagging him trying to find out which lady he's grown fond of. They think it's Emily but I think it's probably Rita or possibly Doreen. It's quite nice to see Norris having real friends, though. Mel wants to be a copper. Ooh, Jerry finally asked Eileen out though she wasn't too interested at first but she soon changed her mind. I think they'd make a nice couple, actually.

Michelle has accepted Steve's apology even though he never did stop lying by saying he had no intentions of doing more with "Shania" who was the one that told Steve she was a he. You remember, it wasn't that way at all! steve says there won't be a next time. Oh come on. This is STEVE! But it's all back on again with Michelle and even her little revenge make me *yawn*. She's jumped right into the whole committment thing too, back together 5 minutes and she wants him to meet the parents.

Rosie is asking Carla for a full time job and insisting she's not going back to school. Sally is going to do her nut! This time, Sally isn't trying to live her life through her kids but you can't tell a 16 year old that education is important if they've got a few quid in their pocket. She's poncing around acting like what she thinks a grown up acts like and Sally really can see her future. And it isn't the rosy one Rosie thinks it's going to be if she quits school now. But yes, she still knows how to get around her mother but her mother knows how to get around her. Make a financial contribution to the holiday? Heh.

I'm guessing Paul already has a crush on Leanne, Amber definitely has one on David, and Rosie is rapidly developing one on the lovely Liam (who can blame her!) which is probably what's behind her not wanting to go back to school, what do you think? Does Sally think that she can bribe Rosie with a greek holiday? Paul's really trying to ingratiate himself with Vera and Jack by making nice with Molly and shopping for Jack. Is he genuine or is he as slimy as his father? I'm betting on the latter. He saw that Jack keeps spare cash in a Charles and Di tin. Remember, Paul wants to help Leanne out with cash for the restaurant as an investor. He's ordering a fake driving license for himself but in the name of Jack Duckworth. This does not bode well. Leanne is still making cow eyes at Liam. Is there a thawing of his feelings toward her or is it just that he's putting the past behind them. I don't think he wants to get back with her but she wants him that's for sure.

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