Sunday, 10 August 2008

CBC rant

So we're at that point again. Falling behind another 2 weeks because CbloodyC suspends Coronation Street during the Olympics. Which are on the other side of the world. So they're broadcasting live all night and in the morning and broadcasting the highlights at night. So if it's repeat broadcasting anyway, Why can't they show Corrie at 7? It's not as if they're broadcasting live???? It really pisses me off. Well, CTV has the contract for the next two Olympics, 2010 and 2012 so this won't happen again until 2014. That's another thing. The Olympics used to be every four years but the Networks make so much money out of the ads during the Olympics, i guess that's why they decided to spread them out to every 2 years. Each set of games is only four years between, but they alternate. So the next Summer Olympics are 2012 (In London).

In the meantime we go through Corrie withdrawal. I'd say they should broadcast it on the web only but that isn't fair to people that don't have computers and the internet. Philistines ;) And we fall a further 2 weeks behind for about 9 and a half months behind being the total by the time we return to Corrie at the end of August. (25th)


nwtrunner said...

Well, I like both the Olympics and Corrie - would be nice if they could still show the Sunday omnibus on the telly and put the vids up on the Internet, which is pretty much where I watch all me Corrie these days.

Just found your blog - looks like fun and it's now on my "Favourites" and will be visiting regular like.

Tvor said...

Thanks nwtrunner! i did watch it on the net during the NHL playoffs but i didn't like it as much for some reason. odd because i also download the UK corrie and watch that on the computer and don't mind it at all.

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