Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday Comments, August 31

Boy, isn't it good to have Corrie back!

Lines of the week:

  • Jerry to Mel "I'll be two minutes!" (four hours later...and Where's Darryl? )
  • Steve to Claire "How are you ever going to get your hands on a man? Get your mum to knit you one?"
  • Stape about Sally "She's not actually that bright"
  • Becky on Sally's offer to lend Claire advice on clothes or makeup "Sally, i didn't think you had a sense of humour"
  • Liam "It's a dirty Irish video. Lepreporn"
  • Fiz to Sally "You Bitch!" THWAP!!
We pick up right where we left off two weeks ago with Sally knocking on John's office door and Rosie on the other side with her tongue down John's throat. But you knew they wouldn't get caught, didn't you? In a quiet school and an old wooden door, you'd think Sally would be able to hear Rosie's voice quite clearly from the other side. Sally used the whole thing to suck John back into more lessons. And the spineless git can't say no to her either. No wonder Fiz is getting suspicious though she shouldn't have been so wound up with John driving Sally home since Rosie was with them. Sally seemed quite delighted that it seemed like there was trouble in paradise and smugly stuck her beak in between a tentative kiss. I'm really *really* hating having to watch Rosie laying it all out on a plate for John and the other boys in the classroom and having to suffer the really really terrible acting of almost all of the people in that classroom and that includes Rosie. Fiz's questioning of Kevin has now put a spark of suspicion in his head too, and no wonder, with Sally's history. What was up with Rosie's hair? Literally, up! She's having a lot of fun flexing her muscles and leading John around by the whatsits and he's acting no older than poor sap Lee, him that Rosie's using. Still, it's all worth it just to see smug Sally get a smack from Fiz even if it isn't strictly waranted. Why is it though, that it's the woman that gets the slap? John should have had one too if it was actually what it looked like which it wasn't.

Some people wouldn't like to take advantage of generous relatives but Sarah has on qualms. Aw Jason kept his speech to read to Sarah. He might not be too bright, but he's a good lad. Too bad she's turning into a nasty vindictive cow. yes, yes, i know, it's understandable, but only to a point. It would be fare more productive to just ignore David altogether. It would be nice if Jason adopts Bethany wouldn't it? Well, David has noticed some sort of spark between Becky and Jason. That will be his next plan of action, i bet, to drive that wedge between Jason and Sarah.

Lol Vikki won't listen to Human League because she was thwarted in her quest to fly to the UK to see them when she was 14. That was the fastest cup of takeaway hot chocolate i've ever seen made! I don't think Becky did more than snap her fingers! Does Roy keep hot choccy on the stove steeping hot like he does a teapot? Where does Michelle get off objecting to Steve taking a half a day off to play golf with a mate when she's perfectly capable of disappearing to Ireland at a moment's notice or going off to the shops? Mind you, he doesn't really have to ask permission. Seems like the emasculation that Karen started has been well and truly completed by Michelle.

seems that it's a week for couples reconciling. Jamie and Violet are back together and all loved up after he had umpteen beers to shore up his courage and they are just too cute for words. I can't blame Vi for being a bit reluctant though. Not everyone loses their boyfriend to his stepmother. Claire and Ashley ended up back together after Claire's disastrous night out at the singles party where she snogged Kevin Webster in a drunken pity party. I'm glad Sally didn't take it seriously and it was fun watching Kevin squirm. Paul's still slacking off and making it look like Tyrone and Molly aren't keeping the place clean and now Jack and Vera are back.

Boy, someone peed in Sean's cornflakes! He gets asked about the baby and because he's been told to back off, he gets snarky and takes it out on Marcus and Jamie who's curious to know whether Violet has said anything about him kissing her the night before. Um Sean, that was the whole plan, the whole deal. You were to be the donor, not a full time dad. You may have changed your mind, but Violet hasn't. Don't be so surprised you got what you agreed to but we all know he's always wanted a child, a little family of his own. Terrible timing, though, just when Sean decides he wants to push to be more in the baby's life, Vi and Jamie get back together and Jamie will take Sean's Daddy role. Ouch. Nice to see Marcus so supportive though. But Sean has had a knock back now, and is threatening to get legal access and he wonders if finding out his right is going to make things better or worse? Duh. What do you think? So who do you think is going to annoy you more? Sean whining about the baby or Violet selfishly smug with Sean? (Yes, i know it's going to be Rosie and John on the top of that list but who's next?)

I'm a bit insulted for all of womankind when Lloyd suggested that Claire could only pull if she had a boob job. If Claire is going to have a conversation that she wants kept fairly private, she shouldn't do it in the middle of a small crowded cafe. Claire looked quite nice though a bit girl next door-like. Maybe that's why she wasn't attracting too much attention at a singles night at the club. I'm a lot happier about Claire and Ashley getting back together than Vi and Jamie but then with the Peacocks, it was inevitable. I don't understand why Claire felt the need to tell everyone, all and sundry that she kissed Kevin while she was drunk if she's that embarassed about it. She may think the facts would be better coming from her, and i understand her telling Ashley, but what makes her think Kevin would have gone round to everyone spilling the gossip? He didn't even tell Sally!

Seems a bit of rivalry between Doreen and Rita over Norris. Rita didn't want him but she seems to be resisting the fact that he could want someone else so soon after she turned him down. Is Rita right? Is Doreen just playing with Norris' affections? Or is she jealous? I'm betting that she knows her friend well enough even though they haven't had any contact before now for decades. Liam still seems to be making puppydog eyes at Carla though dating Maria hot and heavy. David's got a court date for driving without a license and one whinge, what does Gail do? persuade Jason to stop working on the list of chores for Sarah and go play with David. Which of course, causes contention between Jason and Sarah so the day wasn't a complete loss for young master Platt.

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