Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday Comments, August 10

Lines of the week:

  • Gail about David "Well he's not his usual self" Audrey "You say that like it's a bad thing"
  • Gail to Jason "There's more to you than people think, Jason Grimshaw" (and i bet you never thought you'd hear that)
  • Fiz "Trust 'er (Sally) to go one better than an apple"
  • Jodie to Lloyd "It was beautiful while it didn't last."
  • Tony "Kelly Crabtree reminds me of Big Bird off Sesame Street" (doesn't she just?)
  • Jerry "I can change if that's the problem" (If???? and he *still* doesn't get it)

David's latest trick was letting the neighbours have Sarah's wedding dress and i did have to laugh at it being on the Guy and getting burned on bonfire. But how could Sarah tell? I couldn't. And where did they get the veil? I don't think Sarah had one. If David really were in a suicidal state, other than getting councilling, getting back to work probably would do him good if he thinks he's up to it. As it is, he's probably just hoping to be able to wind up Sarah some more and make a little money. Sarah called the next door neighbours "chavs". Um. Look in the mirror lately? It must be frustrating for Sarah in one way, knowing David has been doing all this on purpose to wind her up and nobody believes her. But biting every time he casts out a line is only making it worse because he just keeps on doing it. I'm still waiting for social services to get involved or the police (he was driving an unlicensed and uninsured car with no driver license). And if Sarah *will* get into rows in the cafe, Becky is going to come over all sympathetic and Jason is going to start confiding in her and then there will be trouble. Sarah was nasty about having her wedding catering done by a hooker, now she's going to work for one at nights.

I'm a bit confused. David is doing the sweeping and tea making and maybe washing hair. Sarah is cutting hair? When did she go to styling school? I don't even remember Maria taking a course either. David is really pretending to be on his best behaviour which shows Sarah up in a worse light. Very, very glad that Sally wasn't put in charge of the factory. She's insufferable enough as it is! And as for Kelly smarming that they all took Vikki under their wing, ticked off because Vikki told them to get back to work, i very much don't think so. Kelly was one of the worst offenders when it came to insulting Vikki.

John handled Sally's admission of her crush well. Rosie is really pushing herself at John and showing herself to be as immature as we know she is. Why she should be surprised Sally had feelings for Stape, though, considering she knows Some of Sally's history, i don't know. At least Stape knocked Rosie back for insulting him and Fiz. But why on earth would Stape tell Rosie that Sally fancied him? Big mistake! Now Rosie has something to use over her mother if she wants to even if Sally doesn't know she does. I really don't see what Stape sees in Rosie. Well, ok, yes, there is that. I guess i never did understand why people cheat on someone they love especially with someone that they don't love and that will ruin them in one way or another if it comes out. So John moving in with Fiz. That's going to make it even trickier to find alone time with Rosie though I'm surprised he's not had her to his place? Is he not living on his own? Ah "shared house" it was. Well it still is, isn't it? Rosie wasn't too thrilled was she? He wants to finish it and she doesn't. I bet she really puts on the pressure now. and when Rosie says Jump, Stape seems to roll over and say How High. Gutless as well as spineless. It ain't over till it blows up in your face on a soap. Stay tuned for fireworks.

A little bit of PR with the poppy selling in the pub. Steve moves Michelle and Ryan in (how many rooms does that pub have??? It keeps changing!) and hopes that Liz and Vernon will move out but L&V hope Steve et. al. will go instead and leave them in their little love nest. Urgh.

There's Jerry being selfish and irresponsible as always and poor Jodie yet again bears the brunt of it. All she had to do was go get Jerry from the beer tent. Couldn't have been that far away. Jerry might appreciate Jodie, but he really doesn't show it. And who couldn't see it coming? Lloyd has had enough of waiting for Jodie to free herself of family obligations and the albatross around her neck that is her father. Even then, Jerry still didn't catch that he was the main reason Lloyd dumped Jodie. See? Selfish! And where did it get him? Jodie-less and that's the last we'll see of her. Boy, when people decide to leave town, they don't waste any time, do they? Now. Jodie said she was almost 30 and Daryll said she's a 32 year old woman. Which is it? the twins are only 19 i think or thereabouts, so Jodie is at least 10 years older.

Norris definitely doesn't like to share his new friends though his friends think he fancies Doreen. I don't think that's the case but perhaps if he thinks she fancies him, he might grasp at the straw. Whatever happened to school uniforms? Rosie and her class weren't wearing any. I suppose they're in the A level type course, is it not uniformable then? And of course, Amber is in her class too. She looked like something out of Trends R Us, didn't she? I'm surprised more than just the one other student didn't immediately take against Rosie with a violent dislike! It's probably more likely all about Rosie flirting with the lad than it is her swanning in. I"m guessing this Tina and the lad used to go out together.

Claire and Ashley! Not seen them for awhile. Seeing Violet going off to shop for the baby, i wondered why Claire didn't offer her Freddie's baby clothes. I thought Claire had invited Ashley back? I guess that was just a one night on the couch thing. Sean has absolutely no experience with hormonal women and is over excited about the baby anyway. And it seemed like everyone else but Vi knew the baby was a boy and now she does too. What did Vi think was going to happen with Sean being the dad? She knew how much he wants a child. I can understand her being angry that Sean found out the sex and told everyone and then she found out but she's carrying it on a bit much, threatening to go to a tribunal. At least she backed off that when Sean admitted he tricked Marcus though why it took him and Sean so long to admit it when she'd been tearing strips off them both for days, i don't know.

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